'91 RT4WD -AK Style- Build Thread



  • FinnyFinny Band Wagon
    This is the best thing i've ever seen!! I want to do this now! Looking forward to this!
  • OMG, this is gonna rawk!!! Keep it coming!
  • Bit more progress today, got the body dead-nuts square and straight on the frame. I used a piece of square stock perpendicular across the frame under the body and put a piece of 3/4 plywood between the body and frame towards the front. The RF body mount is tacked in place and bolted up. For the rear mounts I'm going to build them symmetrically on the frame under where the rear civic subframe bolted up, the I'll build a mount that incorporates both mounting points on the body and connect them with poly mounts. Here's some pics of the rig, it's weird how well this body fits on this frame, check how well the rear shackles fit. That and the torsion bars, steering box and middle cross member fit like a glove........clearly it was meant to be. Since this was a 4wd chassis it has a tunnel and there will be very minimal cutting of the firewall.

    This is going to be a LONG build, I'm in the middle of building a house and this is just a fill in project to keep me busy.






    I got a little high 😉

  • Not too much to report, built the rear mounts today. Mostly dragged my tape all around, she's goona fit great!

    hood put in storage


    definity going to build nerf bars/running boards, I have a set off my f150 I'll make fit, that really tie the looks together. I want this rig to look like it belongs, not like a car on a truck frame.

  • fro08fro08 Band Wagon
    Haha well that was an unsuspected turn of events... Staying Honda powered would be sweet!!
  • 22re, I will leave it up to the moderators to move this thread if need be.
  • Not that my vote matters for much, but I say you do good enough work that this thread is fine just where it is. Keep the updates coming.
  • 1.jpeg

    Home-made sand blaster from hell!! Waiting on some 12/40 coal slag media to show up. Tacked all the mounts in place, need to remove the body and finish welding now. Traded my x-ray certified buddy a cord of wood to weld the whole thing out. Also bought the 4 part chassis coating system by POR15.
  • Nice, would love to see some video of that in action. Gonna do a hopper or suction tube off the back there. Or is that where the air is going in?
  • Air goes in the back, there's a hopper with a feed valve at the end of the heater hose. I'll post when I get her fired up. Got a week of school coming up in Fairbanks so there won't be any progress
  • Hey guys! I'm still alive!!!!! Just about got my house finished so I can start workin on the Toyonda again, planning on an OM617.952 engine for this project. Might be another season before I get rollin but I'm still here! BTW being an adult SUCKS
  • I was hoping that this thread would come back! I second the adult life sucking, mostly. I miss playing all day long and the naps!!!
  • So, lets see, we have a Toy chassis, with MB diesel engine, and a Honda vehicle I don't even know what questions to ask! How does the engine tie into the Toy drivetrain? Still 4wd? Good challenge here!
  • JaudetteJaudette Wagonist
    Hey! Still building my house so funds are short. I have a t56e trans and found a place out by cooper landing that has a 300sd, hopefully is turbo! My plans once I have time and money for this is to extend the rear leaf springs with 60” Chevy springs and then finalize the frame dimensions...... might be another decade though cuz I’m building my shop once my house is done lol!
  • Looks solid Keep us posted. Speaking of which i updated my build thread.What are those seats out of? They almost look stock.
  • The seats in the wagon? They came with it, stock as far as I know. The Toyonda is moth-balled for now..... I’ve been working on somthing a LITTLE different these days. Maybe I’ll post it in the “Everything Else” section. I will say it’s about as far from a Honda Civic as you can get and still be street legal.
  • Got any new updates?
  • JaudetteJaudette Wagonist

    So I was gonna post a pic of my most recent project but I can’t log into photobucket with my crappy internet. No news on the wagon project, this adult thing takes a lot of time apparently, I may post my other build thread in the other section, it belongs in an extreme truck builders forum but this is my home so I’ll bring it here. I’m starting a business and a family so this might be it for me 😞, but I’ll always think of this as my home forum no matter what. Maybe some day I’ll have time for the Toyonda, it would be sweet! Sorry if I was a little condescending or “prickish” in my earlier posts, young guys are dumb!

    Party on Civicwagonforum peeps! Maybe some day I’ll make it back to this project.

  • Oh man! I have been waiting for this to come back to life. I get it, life and family first. Here's to a successful business so one day soon you can back to Toyonda! :encouragement:
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