'91 RT4WD -AK Style- Build Thread



  • interesting, did you use spacers under the rear trailing arm mounts? thanks for the insight, i was wondering "how far is to far" for axle angle.
  • Whoops just figured out what RTA is, disregard my previous question
  • Drunk post of the evening: "this wiring would have been much easier if I wasn't colorblind". Pics tomorrow
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    I did NOT spacer the main pivots, and disagree with doing so. It doesn't gain anything heightwise, and alters the geometry of the suspension swing.

    By "plunge" I mean the side play of the Energy Suspension RTA main bushings.
  • O right on, thank you I'm even more progressiy intoxicated as it is now 5am, so I'll see y'all around 3pm tomorrow
  • DAS UPDATE!!!!!!!

    first off, software update from hrtuning and firmware update from moates


    hulog extreme from moates


    Picked up a Tunerview II from Xenocron so heres a few quick pics of the cockpit


    finally found an air filter that fits


    had starting troubles so went ahead and re-soldered the main relay


    new AEM 320 LPH @ 43 PSI fuel pump installed


    "hacked" the A/C switch to use for the Switch maps function and also run a relay bank for methanol injection and exhaust cutout etc.


    and now for a HUGE shout-out to Sam at Catalyst Marine Engineering for the tig welding expertise.
    modified a new silver intercooler with an elbow from cxracing



    heres the BOV location, decided to ditch the HKS SSQV and go with a TIAL Q 50mm



    and heres the money shot, also installed an AEM 3.5 bar MAP sensor which i (of course) lost one of the pins for the pigtail. its alright though, this rig isn't drivable during the winter.


    still more updates to come, definitely have alot of work left to make this rig reliable
  • And just a reminder that Paul Walker is dead
  • Love the setup with the top mount intercooler!... you should get a hood scoop suby style for the cooler!
  • It's in the works, this is so much more work than I a anticipated, but gotta do it right....
  • Took it for a spin, n traction til 3rd but it was freezing rain last week followed by powder so that would explain it lol
  • Omg the top mount is so sick. I love it.
  • I like the omnipower map sensors, they are direct fit on the throttle body
  • obd0 zc had a firewall mounted map sensor, it was the obd1 d-series that were TB mounted. this AEM sensor is 1/8 -27 npt and screws right in to my vacuum manifold
  • since i got rid of my DIN for the tunerview mount and im a big fan of tunes while driving, i found a company by the name of: Out of Sight Audio. its a small company from Indianna that builds Blue Tooth recievers for classic cars that dont want a modern deck visible. I put one in Lydya and its pretty sweet, theres a loud "pop" when you key-on but after that its all controlled by your smartphone, even the volume.

    and on to other things, found a new location for my vacuum manifold


    also reverted to my previoys BOV because the spring in the Tial i purchased is too stiff for my setup, i forgot this rig is only like 7.5:1, haha it can barely get out of its own way till it builds boost.

    shitty pic, sorry

    time too clean the shop....looks like a bomb went off. \414.jpg
    tuned the AFR's to within 15% of target and must say i need a boost controller, im having too much fun @ 14.5 PSI, by that i mean i need to hide for a few weeks because the cops are MOST CERTAINLY looking for me.
  • also, for the missing pin from the MAP sensor, i used a pin from an obd1 Honda distributor and it works great!
  • finally cut a hole in the hood, just kinda eyeballed it since i got lucky and found another hood from a parts car that doesnt have a hole cut in it for the air filter. this hood is just to keep the snow out while im at work.


    definitly going to have issues with rigidity haha


    in other news my pan gasket blew out AGAIN.........
    prolly gonna pull the engine next time im home and do the pan, rear and front seals and modifiy the PCV system. and get a disc clutch.
  • TerminusVoxTerminusVox Senior Wagonist
    Jaudette wrote: »
    this hood is just to keep the snow out while im at work.
    I lol'd! That's definitely something I hadn't even considered. We don't usually get much accumulation.

    I like the top mount! I can see how that'd probably be a good option in your locale.
  • Accumulation? I didn't even know it snowed down there! Wow
  • TerminusVoxTerminusVox Senior Wagonist
    Well, it never really does what you might call snow... It's not usually dry enough to snow when it might be cold enough.
  • drfinkdrfink Wagonist
    Any updates? And do you have any pictures of the 3" exhaust going in between the t/c and the pan? I had to go with a 2.5" downpipe because I didn't see how it was going to fit.
  • Yes big changes are coming soon! This is my last time In Prudhoe bay for work; just scored a kush job as a mechanic/operator for the local government! So after I finish up my last 2 weeks up here I'll be going home for good. This means a lot more time to work on my rig and ALOT less money to spend on it.

    i was able to fit the 3" pipe because I have an aftermarket front cross member, it's built by a guy named jimfab. Look into fullrace for traction bars since jimfab was done building them last i checked.
  • drfinkdrfink Wagonist
    dope staying tuned for updates. also, my clearance issues aren't with the crossmember, but the gap that the exhaust runs through in between the transfer case and the oil pan. i barely had any clearance for 2.5" piping lol.
  • hmmmmmm, it was a pretty twisty-curvy ordeal to get it through there, ill snap you a pic next time its over the pit. my exhaust DOES hang rather low so im thinking it doesnt exactly go in between as much as underneath.
  • well i took her for a spin today and the oil pan gasket pushed out and is leaking......... she dumped 3 quarts of oil in the 4.5mi loop i did. new gasket will be here tomorrow. im having issues with the rom emulator and the boost scalar staying set, once i hit 11.9 psi it goes off the map and cuts out. but other than that and the cold start enrichment being a little too rich it runs and cruises like a dream. locked at about 13.8 cruising and 11.3 under full boost, still a little rich but better safe than sorry.
  • JaudetteJaudette Wagonist

    heres a quick vid from today, took a few friends for a spin.

    if you watch the launch you can see when the rear wheels engage, the rpms drop in first gear and you can see the front of the car lift a bit.

    im kicked out of the shop for the time being because we are swapping a 7mgte into my brothers '90 Cressida, so maybe next month i can get something done.
  • drfinkdrfink Wagonist
    I wanna see some quarter mile times!
  • JaudetteJaudette Wagonist
    I definitely have a few more kinks to iron out before I take this to the track, but yes definitely something I want to do soon, there has been a healthy amount of shit talking with my dad and brother about who is going to be faster so we will have to settle it sooner or later.
  • JaudetteJaudette Wagonist
    wow its been awhile, been busy planning a wedding, haha game over.

    had a free evening so i kinda picked up where i left off.

    the flipping valve cover gasket started leaking AGAIN so after further investigation i deduced it was the fasteners to blame


    it seems the grommets were bottoming out on the stud before sufficient clamping force was achieved so i drilled them out to accommodate the m8 bolts and tightened it up, problem solved.

    also whilst my fiancee was napping i went ahead and grabbed my skunk2 uca and went about installing the energy suspension poly bushings in them.


    you can see the difference, just for the record, energy suspension bushings do fit in skunk2 uca PERFECTLY

    also here is why i havent had any shop time recently, off topic but totally badass, my brothers '90 Toyota Cressida, 58000 miles on chassis, swapped in a 7MGTE JDM spec from a MKIII Supra.


    also installed a new spring in my Tial BOV and replaced the clutch cable.
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    Welcome back. Like the sleeper Cressida, too.
  • Wow! I want more :)
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