Lithuanian 1992 Shuttle named "Gargamel".



  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Well more work done today,

    As promised the car got delivered by me and my buddy to a local body shop where the rusty spots and all other places will be welded up.

    I decided to get rid of the rear windshield wiper and some other holes in the body that I find useless.

    And she is ready to go!


    Lol I just have to put up a pic of my buddy driving the towtruck to the shop.


    Some of my d16z6 engine parts lying around. I still cannot decide if I will be able to put the whole motor together by myself or not.

    But sure as heck I will try it!

    I will make updates along the way when I will stop by the body shop and while constructing the motor.

    Glad to have it out of the garage and being worked on.
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    I was away on a trip, but now I am back and I did a bit of work today.

    I got some 0 sanding paper, some matte black paint and primer. Basically I decided to try and paint the ugly looking stock interior panels from grayish blue to black.

    Here is the result:

    P.s. The not so shiny peace is the only black OEM one I found in the car. The one on the right is painted by me.




    As you can see I also took off all the parts from intake manifold. I decided to take that nasty piece and try and make it all shiny and nice again.

    I know it will take lots of time, but I really wanna try doing it.

    Oh and I found my missing side-skirts so welding can start soon I think.
  • drfinkdrfink Wagonist
    Little late now, but the dash harness is a completely separate harness from the cabin harness, its like 3 plugs into the fusebox and one harness plug. You don't have to take anything off except the two grounds.
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Heh I cut some of them wires with a smily face. But that dash cost me good 3 hours of time. Updates coming soon for those interested!
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Since the shuttle is away at the welding shop I have been thinking about many things that should be done to it.

    First, I have decided on making it a color that no one else seems to have on their shuttle.

    And I want to go with this particular color scheme.


    Tadaaaaaa, Spoon Yellow look with black bits!

    I want to lay out the current plan for the car so I can track my progress a bit better.


    - Welding of the rust.
    - Widening rear/front arcs.
    - Painting the body with OEM honda: phoenix yellow - Y56.
    - Finding a great looking front lip.
    - Finding a Ef hatch wing and modifying it to fit the shuttle.
    - Getting the nasty window tint off
    - Making custom stickers (SOHC Vtec, rt4wd etc).
    - Making a final choice on rims - diamond racing 15x8 or rota rkr 15x8 both ET0 or even negative.
    - Blue long lug nuts.
    - Getting 205s or 215s on it.
    - Hood/trunk dampers.
    - Clearing up all the lamps/replacing bulbs.
    - New window rubbers.

    I cannot decide if I should wrap the hood with CF vinyl and paint the pumper yellow OR leave the bumper black and hood yellow?

    - Painting grey interior plastic to matte black.
    - Removing old sound insulation.
    - Spraying inside with new sound deadening material.
    - Adding sheets of extra sound deadening - dynamat.
    - Get the new honda oem unit hooked up.
    - Buy new sound system/amp.
    - New rug/matts
    - Refurbished stock seats/door inserts.
    - Redo roof liner with cloth.
    - 70s civic cvcc 2 spoke wooden steering wheel ( I will post a link )
    - Screwdriver instead of oem honda plastic key handle.
    - Redo lighting with led's.
    - Get different pedals.
    - Get new synchro for crisper shift feel.
    - Extended, weird-looking shift knob

    - BC Racing coilovers w/ soft springs.

    - Decide if I need a new clutch.
    - New radiator.
    - Pick up new p29 pistons assembled on old rods.
    - Get the huge list of new stock parts for the engine rebuild.
    - Refurbish the nasty looking old parts into shiny looking ones.
    - Decide on intake - oem box w/filer or growling aluminum pipe with cone filter.
    - Finish gathering the parts for the block build and starting it!

    Oh also, redo the whole wiring for obd and wiring in general for the car.

    Here is what I worked on the other day:


    Made the incredibly nasty intake manifold have that aluminum shine!
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    If this does not get your attention or comments then I do not know what will!


    I almost have all parts I need to start the engine rebuild with 75.5 pm7's and hopefully 12:1 compression.

    Just need to pick the new belt later on and get the old oil pan back from a friend.

    Hopefully this weekend I will start putting the block together!
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    I am picking up a d16z6 on monday for our wagon .Looking forward to see how it fits in yours , give me a bit of heads up for what is involved .Keep the updates coming , great thread .
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    So since there are people interested I will update this thread as I go along.

    During the holidays I have been studying the mighty 92-95 honda service manual to pick up on all the little details of putting d16z6 together.

    That manual is like 1'258 pages long! But hey I thought I should at least share a cool pic of the engine I found:


    And VTEC!!!


    Also, I tried to finish up cleaning and reassembling intake manifold.


    Here are injectors getting cleaned. Also the ends were all nasty.


    Assembly in process and done!

    My eyes are turning onto this now -_-


    And this:


    Take note of the bump it has. Hoping to go from 9.2:1 compression to 12:1!
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    I bet you guys missed me already and cannot wait for the new boring engine work update!

    So here it is!


    It was kind of hard to get a hold of montage paste for the engine assembly.

    I also had a hard time making work space in our garage since it usually is full of random people hanging around.

    Here is the work that has been done:


    92-95 civic manual is a huge help when putting together d16z6!




    Dat Dome!!!

    As you can see I installed the crankshaft, main bearings, rod bearings, all rings, pistons and torqued everything down.

    On to the head work:




    Aaaaand the valves are done! I got them seated in properly using two grinding pastes and a stick with a rubber on the end.

    Doing all this engine work for the first time is kind of exciting, more things to come!

    Tomorrow I will try and get springs and retainers installed, clean the whole head and maybe torque the head onto the engine block.

    I will try and do my best to keep these updates coming!
  • Mad work son! I cannot wait to go mpfi and vtec! I really enjoy watching and reading your build, keep it coming. :)
  • VladiVladi Senior Wagonist
    Good work on the engine.

    I know of a guy who's planning to repaint his wagon in Spoon yellow too and I saw a pic of another spoon yellow Shuttle too.
    (Just saying, in case you really really want to be one of a kind)

  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Oh my lord Vladi this looks incredible! I am so in love!!!
  • greenteagodgreenteagod Moderator
    Yellow good, black hood bad.
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    So I have been working on the d16z6 engine more and more, and I would have done more work but I seem to be missing small pieces.

    For example, a shop gave me the wrong camshaft seal and I have a hard time recovering my wagon oil pan, and the d16z6 one will not work on the car.

    But meh I learned a few things and here is what stage I am at:


    I got sick of waiting for a motor stand to get ready so I made my own "stand" from wood.


    Got the springs and retainers in place, and put the "crab on", torqued everything down up to spec.


    Coated my head casket.


    It was a bit hard to align properly..


    Got everything cleaned, oiled up and ready to go in.


    And bam here she is all proud!


    Then unexpectedly my buddy showed up in a 7 series limo (don't ask it was saturday) and helped me torque down the head bolts.

    Then I finished up by adjusting the valve clearances and recheked everything like 3 times just to make sure.

    Also, the valve cover is away to get painted. Now I will search for the missing rubber seals, bolts, gaskets and other random things needed to get the engine ready to go into the car.

    Furthermore, there is a bonus that I have found in the d16z6 transmission that we bought with the engine:


    A full exedy clutch with the cover and all! Great news for my little shuttle.
  • Makes me super jealous, my wagon is a piece of shit compared to what this will be. Absolutely awesome awesome job!
  • VladiVladi Senior Wagonist
    Lol that Limo!
    I wouldve run an escort service if I owned that car.
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Since monday sucks and you might be hanging around civicwagon rather then working, here is an update - engine is coming along not as planned but work is still being done! Here are two more "artistic" shots.


    and a better one

  • I love engine porn :encouragement:
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Ugh we have been busy for a while now making our garage to have a corner in it that is more like a clubhouse.

    However, I still did a bit of work:


    As you can see I got the belt put on (from the 3rd try to get it to align properly), as well as refreshed generator.

    Also, I had to remove the newly broken oil pump seal and get a new one put in.

    Furthermore, a buddy showed up in the garage and decided to donate a bigger throttle body.


    Here they are side to side for comparison. The new one is from I believe H22 series motor.

    And to get that to fit onto my current intake manifold I had to learn how to trim the metal from the manifold.

    Took me a while but I got it to fit.


    Also got a new cover for coil pack and got that installed.


    And finally a bonus pic of our clubhouse!


    Yes we got a table made from an engine!
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Since killa_ef_uat is KILLING it with more and more updates I need to keep my thread updated.

    I got the valve cover back and gave it a try to get the letters sanded off. Kinda f'ed up in a few places but I hope it will buff out!

    Gosh I still have quite some stuff to do to get the motor ready to go in! But hey, I learn something new every day.





    P.s. I really like the color in person.
  • Looks good!! Especially cause it says vtec lol. Nice club house!
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Ugh since most of the work on the engine itself is done, and only minor things are left, I am trying to accumulate more parts needed for interior, exterior and so on.

    Also, I was at a local show-off event and wanted to share this 4th gen hatch.

    This is how clean I want my car to look, only yellow:


    I have also spotted another shuttle at the event! It looks quite sad, but it seems lowered, has overfenders, a turbo ( guessing from intercooler ).

    However, seeing this one made me decide for SURE that I am not leaving the stock color.


    And now back to my shuttle,

    Welding is finally being done!


    And the most vulnerable places:


    It looks kinda sad seeing my poor wagon laying dead on the side. But hey fenders are next!

    Lastly, a pic of the engine:



    I hope you guys enjoy the build and I will try and make it more interesting!

    Oh, and I got one "random" cool looking bolt that Is a twist on using fingers in the middle of my valve cover, just because one of the oem ones sucked, and I think it worked out to look really good.

    I will try and get a pic of that during the weekend!
  • 2fast2fast Band Wagon
    that green shuttle is mine, now waiting for bodywork and paint job :D
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    2fast wrote: »
    that green shuttle is mine, now waiting for bodywork and paint job :D

    wow that is awesome! Welcome to the forum. I was going round and round about your shuttle wondering what hides inside!

    I hope we can meet some day in Vilnius or if you come to the seaside.
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Oh, and I know only a very few wagons are doing this. I mean I am going frankenstein on it! I want that curvy looks like a girl with nice hips!

    Here is whats going on:




    Wide fender flares from metal coming soon!
  • 2fast2fast Band Wagon
    welded new metal sheets or bended old fender?
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Both I think. I will get more pics when there is more done.
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    A few more things happening.

    I bet you guys can figure out whats up.





    As you guys can see I got a 4th gen civic arm rest in good condition!

    Also, I am getting all the interior stuff reupholstered and I found a fabric that I love.

    It looks like old shirt that my grandfather would wear, and that is just the look I wanted!

    The rest of stuff will be covered in black cloth. I did want to get rid of all the leather.

    And that is not because I want to save cows, but I rather prefer cloth over leather in a old school wagon.

    Furthermore, I asked to redo my steering wheel and try and make it "fatter" more like an bmw e28 M5 wheel with a thick feeling to it.

    Oh and I wanted the wheel to be done in the best leather or whatever stuff they got.

    Current errands that I need to run are:

    -Take the shift boot to get reupholstered
    -Take the dash to get reupholstered
    -Buy NGK BKR6E spark plugs
    -Buy a fat lip
    -Check on fender flares
    -Take the car to the bodyshop/painter.
    -Make a decision on a shifter (if you have ideas please share them)
    -Get a mid wing from hatch
    -Wait for the parts to start rolling in.
  • Coming along nicely, i cant wait to see how the fender flares turn out. Nice armrest too!
  • snowbrdsnowbrd Wagonist
    Where did You find the armrest? I am looking for a while, but nothing found..
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