What has been seen cannot be unseen! This poor wagon. *PIX*



  • No word, any ideas other than give up?
  • The SRX is being totaled may have some cash in hand.
    Wish we could trade in the outback on something automatic for her, and split the money from the insurance company to buy back my wagon and a small Toyota camper my friend offered to sell me... ah, dreams :encouragement:
    I almost hope no one reads my insanity on here anymore :hopelessness:
  • Thought I would update, never heard back from the guy who bought my wagon... maybe one day... got a sweet honda consolation prize though, 1998 honda odyssey, last year made in japan, first year for vtec. The van is clean 70k miles and I'm the third owner, interior looks brand new. I've had the car for a month or two now and it's been really great. Also, the wife wanted a shot at RV'ing and I found a good deal on a 1990 Winnebago Warrior with water damage. We have gutted it and are doing the remodel in the next week or so. This camper reminds me so much of the wagon in so many ways, super neat.
  • Memories, still got the 98 Odyssey, put a new low mileage transmission in and got the remodel on the camper 80% done but have been camping in it.
    Just dropped by for a stroll down memory lane.
  • My son from the pictures is at work with me today (13 years old and I can barely believe it!) and we just went back through the thread... crazy! Never got the wagon back but love remembering... maybe I'll track down Chad...

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