What has been seen cannot be unseen! This poor wagon. *PIX*



  • So I haven't made good on pictures yet, becuase the wagon has been in my old garage 35-40 mins from my house at the farm, just setting, waiting... UNTIL NOW!!!

    Wow this was a long time coming.
    Got the wagon ready to rock Sunday 07/28/2013 (write that down, monumental stuff).

    Took her out for her maiden voyage.
    Been driving her to work since Monday and she's doing great.
    Will be heading to the gas station after work to put fresh gas in her.

    Might be able to finally get some pix, but wow she needs cleaned up, too much sitting around over the last year and a half, she seems exactly like what you would think on the inside... musty musky blah (I think that's the technicial term)

    Glad to have her back.

    *Saving up to buy my buddy's full AC overhaul*
  • Still driving her, on my 3rd tank of gas through her and I've got good/odd news to report.
    On my first tank I commuted that week to work then Friday loaded her up and took her our of town camping, car loaded with gear, the wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs, oh and two bikes on the back.
    She performed flawlessly, how be it a bit warm in there with all those bodies, haha.
    Filled up after getting home and I'm glad to report 32.7 mpg!!!
    Wow, the next tank through I've driven a bit more aggresively to hear the noises and feel what type of "power" the little ZC single slinger makes, she feels great and I just filled up... 29.5 mpg!
    So this current tank I'm gonna take things slow and see what she does, my expectations are far exceded as when I commuted with her before when I owned her last and she still had her stock motor she was only getting between 24 - 27 mpg, a couple of times I touched 29 but had to really work for it.
  • So are you selling or keeping? Saw the for sale link up above. Keep debating selling mine as I think life is never going to let me have time for it but I just can't. It is in a nice dry garage across town and there she will sit until I can get to it.
  • As it stands I'm trying to focus on keeping her.
    Still haven't put a for sale sign on the PT though I haven't been driving her, just the wagon all the time right now.
    I'd say hold on to your wagon if you can.
    If you have to sell at some point just realize, it's all just stuff and stuff isn't what defines you and is definitely not what life is about, too often I fall into that trap in trying to attach something of a significance to cars, when it's the memmories had in the cars that should be cherished not the cars themselves... *i've had alot on benadryl this morning*
  • Just filled up 36.05mpg!
    I was lucky to get 24-29 before the swap.

    So just to review:
    sohc zc swap, kept the intake mani and throttlebody, but swapped the exhaust manifold for the rt4wd for simplicity
    rt4wd automatic running premium (91+) gas

    Thats way better than I could have hoped for.
    The lowest mpg I've gotten so far has been 29.5mpg just for sake of comparison.
  • Guess I never posted this officially but I sold the wagon in October, since then I haven't missed it, really haven't thought much about her.
    Tried to be content with the PT as cars haven't weighed heavely on me in a long time, it's just a car...
    Well the PT proved we can't live were we live now without awd, 4wd or rt4wd as the PT ended up in a ditch one cold icey night.
    The car was fine, and some wonderful people in a 4wd pulled it out, but something had to be done.
    Fast forward to January 15th sold the PT to a nice couple who were thrilled and bought a 2004 Chevy Colorado pickup, extended cab, automatic 4wd.
    It's awesome, love having the truck, and with this winter it's bailed us out many many times in just the short time we have owned it, but...
    And there is always a but... I've been feeling a little sick, wondering what became of my little wagon.
    Missing it's simplicity, it's history we've shared, the good gas mileage and cheap insurance and no car payment.
    I emailed the guy in Indiana that I sold it to and am hoping to hear back.
    I asked for updated info and maybe a picture, we shall see...
    ... does someone make medicine to fix what I have? :-(
  • drfinkdrfink Wagonist
    Yes they do, it's called a new wagon! Haha
  • drfink wrote: »
    Yes they do, it's called a new wagon! Haha

    Well said, these cars should come with a warning:
    Wow, wagovans are like zombies in that way
    I am also convinced that, like zombies, wagovans might turn out to also be entirely fictional...
  • drfinkdrfink Wagonist
    You got that right. My friend had a 3rd gen 4wd for like three weeks and absolutely hated it and sold it. I have no idea how he managed to resist the wagon fever, maybe he's just one of the few that's immune. lol!
  • A regular Robert Neville :-)

    Man, I'm not hearing back from the guy that bought my wagon, time to step it up and hunt down his number.
  • Found his number... I'm so anxious, doubt he'll ignore a text, phase 2 initiated... if that's even how you spell that
  • Finally heard back from him, he sent a short text message including a pic of him driving the wagon on a frozen lake.
    He said that she's running great, and she has a small transmission leak...?
    I texted him back and haven't heard back...
    So thankful to hear back and to have a recent pic, knowing the car hasn't been wrecked nor sold is music to my ears.
    Finally confessed to my wife I have been missing the car as of recently, she said she thought I might have been, she told me some days she misses her 99 Forester (we bought it way back in 2007 I believe within a week of buying the wagon) made me feel like less of a weirdo.
    Told her, having sold the wagon in October, it didn't hit me until a month ago that the wagon was gone, how's that for a delayed reation.
  • After hearing back a week ago I messaged him a couple of times, he hasn't responded... *sigh*
  • Monday was a hard day, everything seemed to go wrong and in a moment of weakness (possibly selfishness) I sent this text message to the wagon's new owner:

    "Any chance you would wanna sell the wagon back to me?" at 5:02pm on Monday the 24th

    Since then I check my phone constantly and when heading out from the house which I have done multiple times I do it with haste hoping I will recieve a text from him.
    Today I got that fatefull text:

    "Oh man.... I can understand for sure that it means a lot to you. Let me think on it for a day"

    I was so anxious to get to work and text back, I sent:

    "Well u r a good man for even concidering it. Take ur time thinking on it. I understand its a pretty of the wall request and i must seem pretty over the top."

    So here I am, completely insane asking a prefectly wonderful sane person to do something prefectly insane to feed my insanity.
    I feel a little guilty putting the request on him since he knows the car means a lot to me.
    Maybe he'll want to sell it back to me one day, just not soon... who really knows...
    But if he agrees, I'll talk to the wife and do everything I can to buy it right away... of course assuming the wife's on board.

    He's a smart guy and should probably keep it, but I had to ask rather than continuing to wonder to myself.
  • Man I just got done reading this and have to say good luck and I hope it works out for you.
  • Thanks so much, truth is he said he would think about it and let me know and I told him to take his time... he has taken me up on that "take your time" part :-)
    Think about it most every day wondering if there will be a text message from him once I get in cell phone range.
    May give it another week then contact him, but then again maybe this is his way of saying "Not-choe-wagon-no-moe"
  • Text Message recieved, Mon, Apr 14 5:29PM:
    "Sorry took so long to get back. You are welcome to own it again."
  • Good to hear you'll be getting it back!!
  • Good to hear you'll be getting it back!!

    Crossing my fingers over here, awaiting details so the wife and I can talk about it.
    Still don't know how much he wants for the wagon and what parts he'll give me back of what I gave him.
  • Are you going to nick-name this car "Yo-yo" ?
  • Are you going to nick-name this car "Yo-yo" ?
    I believe I'm the "Yo-Yo", at least when it comes to this particular car, I'm sure my wife would attest to this.
    After the third time owning her I finally named her "Billie", short for "Billie-goat"
  • He gave me a price and told me he would send back all my parts with it.
    He lives pretty far away so I need to work out some details and see if I can come up with a plan the wife is comfortable with, it is my Birthday on Monday :-)
    Problem is she is happy with her car, we bought a truck and cannot have three cars, would have to talk the wife into letting me sell the truck, which is very useful but killing us on gas as we moved WAY out in the country.
    The good thing is I rolled some debt into the truck and bought it for cheap because it had a few problems which I fixed, now if I sell it I get rid of that old debt I rolled into it too.
  • I know it's been a month.
    Life has a way... ya know...
    Found out we are having a new little one, this little one will be our third.
    Shocked at first, but we are both now extremely excited.
    First Ultrasound tomorrow at 2pm :-) Can't wait.
    Wife urged me to contact the guy that has the wagon and let him know we need some time to figure things out and I agree.
    Truck can't take a rear facing child seat and can only seat four.
    Her prius is a big payment each month and about out of warranty which was a big selling point to us when we bought it.
    Need a 4wd that can fit our whole little family, my wife and I, our 5 year old, our 8 year old and the new addition.
    Maybe the wagon fits in there for me.
    Right now the truck and prius are for sale, wish me luck.
  • Again it's been another month, I dragged my feet a little on getting the truck up for sale but hopefully it will be gone soon so I can go pick up the wagon.
    I know this isn't a for sale thread but it's an 04 chevy colorado red 5cyl automatic ext cab with the 6 foot bed, professional bed liner and soft cover asking $9.3k (yikes, don't flag me)
    Turns out my wife is gonna sell her prius as well!
    Looking for something cheaper, so far she is really interested in awd matrix and vibe, not sure she has entirely ruled out a crv or subaru, we shall see.
    Anyway, I know it's a long time in the making but life is so fast passed over here that months are passing like weeks.
    Hope to have the wagon back soon.
  • Just thought I'd update, we have BABY!
    Little boy born Jan 15th 9lbs 3oz, he is perfection!
    Actually sold the truck the day before he was born and replaced it the same day with a 2007 Subaru Outback Wagon with a Manual Transmission.
    Then tore up my foot so the wife has been driving it since I can't work the clutch for the time being and I have been poking around in her 2004 Cadillac SRX awd, nice ride very comfortable and roomy, weird electrical problems though.
    I don't see at this point the wagon benefiting our family and that's what things have come to with a new baby, hope Chad is treating her good and just wanted to let everyone know where we ended up with things.
    Might call Chad and see what's going on with the wagon, might ask him to email a picture.
  • Sent Chad a TXT, haven't heard back, hope the wagon is well.
  • WOW!! Great story!!
    I'll never sell my wagon!!! NEVER!!!!
  • MrJayDM wrote: »
    WOW!! Great story!!
    I'll never sell my wagon!!! NEVER!!!!

    Good attitude, keep it up and hold onto her, looks like you've got a nice one, that's getting more and more rare.
    It's funny you know, wagons with all their faults limitations and failures when compared to more modern vehicles, they are undeniably special to those that pour their time and effort into preserving, restoring and at times even attempting to improve them.
    They have a propensity for creating memories and framing moments that attach themselves to said wagon and once that wagon is gone it feels like a photo album of old family Polaroids that was lost and can never be replaced.
  • It's been a while with no notifications about the wagon, my text or email the guy, maybe he still has her.
  • Miss my old wagon today :hopelessness: I should be ashamed chasing this old wagon
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