What has been seen cannot be unseen! This poor wagon. *PIX*



  • jchen360jchen360 Wagonist
    Can I have your vents from your donor wagon? lol
  • Anyone interested in parts PM me, i'm not intending on parting out the parts car yet because i'm still pulling things i need off of it, but will concider offers on things.

    PopoCh3n I don't think i have the center vents only the side vents, PM me.
  • Ordered my factory spec rt4wd rear exhaust section, getto ride no more!
    Should be here in a few days and i'll start daily driving my wagon, i cannot wait!!!
  • exciting!
  • Gotta call the wife, exhaust was supposed to be here tomorrow and the shipping said they left it on the front porch!
    Drove my car for the first time in almost two months today!
    She drove great, check engine light came on after 5 mins driving but she's driving fine, i'll get to the light soon.
    Should get my exhaust installed by tomorrow sometime then i might be able to hear my punny speakers.
    Just thought everyone could use an update, I loved driving her again!
  • Found time to install my exhaust friday night!
    SOOOO much better.
    I can hear things around me now!
    Fitament was pretty dead on, not perfect but basically bolt up stock.
    The quality vs price made this a really good deal, of couse old bolts made this a bit of a pain.
    Driving the wagon again to work today without a hitch and no check engine light!
    yay for me!
  • thought i would pop in and throw an update out there.
    traded some stuff and got a set of tokico shocks for a teg on a set of drop zone adjustible coilovers.
    finally time to drop the wagon low!
    but... then a garage door spring laserated and fracture my thumb, so they will have to set for a few weeks i guess...
    got a teg lip, like new for free, it's pretty... pretty big!
    might trade it or sell it to get a vw or accord lip, i'd trade someone straight up for a lip that fit.
    got the garage door un jammed and fixed so this is the first day i've had my wagon in a week.
    she's still driving great!
    I also picked up some chrome exhaust tip finishers to go on her, but need extended screw to tension it right, i'll have to get to lowe's.

    will do some nice shots of the wagon once she's lowered.
  • Filled her up with gas and checked gas mileage... keep in mind she's an automatic rt4wd with original motor and transmission at 224k miles... 29.55 mpg!
    I'm really proud of this car, I did not expect numbers like that that's about 5 mpg better than I thought I would do.
    Oil Change Peopled eventually refused to do my oil pan gasket ( i have a broken thumb and can't work on it for a while) but I did get the oil change and hope to hit 30 mpg just as a random goal for my next tank of gas.
    Also, I finally got my new Windshield and had the back drivers side rear door glass taken out of the parts car and put into my car.
    I am sooo happy, things are really coming together.
    I am gonna get some compound and bust out the old buffer in another 2 1/2 weeks and my thumb is healed and really shine up the paint!
    Then I plan on tapping off the trim and doing a respray of black.
    I need to decide before then if i am gonna leave the bumpers or just go ahead and spray em black too... *thinking*
    Still need to get my springs and struts put on so my car can be lowered, I cannot wait!
    But neither of my buddies' that offered to help me put them on since I got hurt have come through for me.
    May just have to wait until I heal up.
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    ouch :cry:
    dont u just like that :x
    U help them out n hopes of getting some when your in a pinch .... :roll: nah not available today or im not able to to ....

    yeah a bunch of bull :lol:
  • update!

    still no help on my wagon's suspension.
    thinking about selling it the suspension, we'll see.
    i'll have to decide soon, my hand is now good enough to swap the suspension myself.

    definately gonna put the parts car up for sale, decided not to swap to manual, 100% sure.
    I just don't have the time nor the desire to mess with it.

    My little wagon drives great though and I love it.
  • Fixed the broken windshield wiper control arm on the steering wheel collumn with the one i pulled from the parts car before i sold it.
    I also fixed a headlight retainer ring with one from the parts car and replaced the side mirror with the parts car unit!
    I got extended screws to mount my chrome twin exhaust tips to spruce her up and if everything goes as planned the suspension goes on one evening next week!

    only bad is it seems my blower motor is not blowing.
    I'll have to do a bit of investigating... need heat!

    More updates to come!

    PS - When I stomp on the go button she makes the most beautiful sound! I'm glad I got a factory replacement type exhaust instead of going larger... can't wait to hear that sweet music again!
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    parts cars are valuable .....
  • 3rd4ce wrote:
    parts cars are valuable .....

    hehe, don't remind me, mine is long gone.
    helped pay the mortgage this month and for my daughters birthday so i don't regret it.
    suspension goes on next week!
    selling an integra lip to pay for a lip that will fit my car.
    then buff her up to see if she shines, then i'll repaint the trim.
    Should do a photo shoot to update everyone after that.
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    3rd4ce wrote:
    parts cars are valuable .....
    Should do a photo shoot to update everyone after that.
    man you know it ... keep the pix rollin'.....
  • I'm glad my friend stepped up to get the supension on the wagon, the lower brackets didn't fit the integra struts and he had a set that fit.
    When we got the suspension on, he was all stary eyed in love with it, dragging mudflaps is not my thing, though it looked great.
    Drove it around the block and he worked on lifting it back up quite a bit till i felt comfortable.
    Then we drove it... and I am in love!
    It is soooo much smoother and more comfortable than the stock suspension, i don't know if that's a reflection of how old my stock suspension is or how nice the teg stuff rides but I AM IN LOVE with it!
    I can get two fingers in every fender gap which is what i wanted but this car rides better than ANY lowered car i've owned.
    I am happy and my advice to anyone lowering their wagons, after market teg struts, factory teg front brackets and adjustible coilovers... cheap, adjustable and a smooth ride with VERY little bounce at all.

    Enjoy the pix, these are just quick shots i took at work, i'll do a photoshoot when i darken up the trim somemore (this was right after riding around in rain for two days.) OH! and check out my new factory exhaust and tips!!!

  • Lookin real good!

    Did the tire guy mount your sawblades backwards!? :o
  • fortyfive wrote:
    Lookin real good!

    Did the tire guy mount your sawblades backwards!? :o

    Thank for the compliment!

    Don't think anything is mounted backwards, I bought these with the tires already mounted though.
  • What color should I paint the CRX si rims (sawblades)?
    I wanted to do one of three things:

    1. White, like factory rt wheels (my current vote)
    2. Baby powered blue (becuase I'm insane)
    3. A strong green, like crayon green (but my wife insists she will refer to it as the Christmas mobile)
    4. Black with a red lip (my wife's vote, but she told me she thinks I should do what i want)

    Can I get some feedback?
  • driftin90driftin90 Senior Wagonist
    keep them oem silver. nice and clean. but like your wife said, its up to you
  • Even with such a mild drop my mudflaps like to scrap when I hit speed bumps or bumpy roads... ah, still rides nice, not to bouncy... I'll roll like this until I wear these tires out then I might lift it back up with some Civic Si springs... (the ride height with these wide/flat performance tires looked rediculous, I'll be buying some all seasons when i wear these out with some nice tread)

    I think I want to go back eventually to the ride height of the stock (hense the Civic Si springs, I think that's what the Luke runs in wagon attack), just need to figure out how to do that and have it handle better than stock: stiffer, flatter cornering but stock ride height... maybe some factory integra springs!!! Not sure if that'll work or not, just thought of it since I have aftermarket integra struts. Wouldn't even mind being a little higher than stock when I get all season's on. Hopefully my mudflaps don't take too much of a beating between now and then.

    Also on the wheel color I'm leaning towards white, like the factory rt4wd, but i'm not in a huge hurry so we'll have to see.
  • Wagon is going to my buddy's house to be worked on.
    He's gonna raise it an inch to stiff'n the handling up and give more clearance for the mudflaps.
    And more importantly, he's gonna sodder in the wiring harness for the heat and ac i pulled from the parts car i sold.
    I replaced the blower motor and the switch/relay for the heater and still no dice, so he's gonna keep it for a few days and get the new harness wired in.
    He's gonna take a drive in her and give me his opinion on the cv joints, i think that's the sound i'm hearing when turning and low speed, guess the drop really stressed them.

    -on a side note some lady in a lifted truck hit my car with her door in a parking lot ( i saw her) and she and her husband just sped off... :-( not cool, now i have more dents on my drivers front fender... blah
  • Got the wagon back last night and the blower motor is fixed!
    Finally I have heat and my wiring harness was the culprit.
    So in fixing the wiring harness, my radiator fans should kick on now and my AC! YAY for me!

    As far as the suspension goes the coilover spring perches were seized up and couldn't be adjusted so we went with the teg stock springs on my blue struts and my wagon is now lifted like the Wagon Attack wagon!
    By this point my wagon is pretty out of alignment but I won't scrap anymore i'm sure of it!
    Wasn't near as stiff as I expected, but it's perfect for what i want to do with my wagon right now.

    Won't be able to afford new aggressive larger tires for a while but when i do it, i'll get a nice alignment and my wagon will be a fun little rig.

    Just thought an update was in order, no pix for a while, not until i get my new tires.
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    sounds like my kinda spring swap ....
  • Forgot to update again, these updates were done a couple of weeks ago.

    Swapped out steering wheel for one in better condition.
    Now rolling teg fat fives with all seasons, way more practical.
    Swapped out my old seats for crx seats with leather type (read rubber) seat covers.
    I also inherited two lips with the my old crx I bought back, now to figure out which one I want on which car...

    I really need to post pictures soon!

    And yep I got my CRX back!
    Sold it 3 years ago and bought it back :-) making good on another past mistake (actually can't say it was a mistake, my cousin treated her as well as he could and she came back with brand new paint and body work, stuff i would never have had the funds to pull off, so it was meant for him to have her for that time)
  • Took the allergy meds tonight that say: "May cause marked drowseyness."

    Had an idea shortly after they kicked in.
    My sis needs a car with power steering and she has a 2wd wagon, might just swap... then I though, my mother in law just bought a cheap rt4wd wagon but doesn't know how to drive a stick well and has hip problems... I might just swap...

    Oh my what am I getting myself into... I need to call my buddy and see if he wants to help, quick someone talk me out of it... but it's for a good cause and would make the wagon freak'n awesome! Oh these meds are crazy, did I mention I don't take much in the way of medicines?

    There should be an addition to the warning label on this stuff: "May cause marked drowseyness, manual transmission swaps and power steering swaps!"
  • Meds wore off and i'm feeling more sane now.

    I'd like better mpg and don't know about swapping bc of all the work and time involved, if i can get support and each of the other two wagon owners will benifite i'll concider it.

    But right now for my wagon I'd like to give it a good cleaning and pick up a few more mpg.
    I'll be pulling unneeded weight, pulling the roof rack and swapping out rims and tires to 13 ultralight hx rims!
    I hope 13's will fit the rt4wd.

    MPG here I come, at least I hope.
  • pushed the mpg back up above 30 mpg after removing the rack and being more concious of my driving habits.

    I am at a fork in the road with the wagon and I am leaving the choice up to my sister.
    Let me explain:

    My sister loves wagons and crx, so when she came around to needing a car about 2 years ago I helped her search, made a suggestion for a wagon for sale on these forums and we drove down together to pick it up.
    Her wagon has been a great car for her, but arthritist and respiratory problems make it difficult for her to drive her wagon since it doesn't have power steering and is a manual shift transmission.
    I did offer to trade her over the weekend.
    I traded her cars temporarily for her to see what she wants to do.

    her car is:
    1988 civic wagon
    1.5 sohc mpfi only 150k original miles
    light blue exterior
    blue interior (which i love)
    fwd and 5-speed

    If we trade I do have a brand new set of snow tires in waiting for when things get nasty out
    I will be giving up rt4wd, power steering and the ease of an automatic transmission in a DD
    But will be gaining manual seat belts! 5-speed! blue blue and blue! and better mpg in a lower mileage car.
    Her car does have rear quarter rust which mind does not.

    In my mind it's not really whats fair or not, more if she thinks the trade will make her daily life more comfortable.
    I wouldn't do it if my wife didn't suggest it which kinda floored me for a momment.
    I'm very protective of my car and have no intentions of selling, i'm a bit unsettled letting it go, but it is my sister, time will tell.

    I will try and report back in a week or so when we've decided.

    If i trade her I will post up picks.
    I plan on swapping suspensions and stereos, seats and a few other random things and the trade is a straight trade just so everyone is clear, no money on either end.
  • deejonazedeejonaze Band Wagon
    you never gave up on her. you two were meant to be!
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    let the wagon decide :P
    it seems like you know what to do ;)
  • deejonaze wrote:
    you never gave up on her. you two were meant to be!

    a great deal of what happens will be dependent on my sis... to me which one do i want, well my red wago of course, but if it makes a big difference to my sis and she can afford to trade then i have to help her, there is just no other way in my mind...

    Realized this morning she'll have to go though an inspection since she lives in WV (i live in OH) and i don't think it will pass becuase it's cat was gutted 4 years ago or so and would not pass emissions, plus she'll have to pay to get the ac working and she may be loosing her job in the next week.

    This may be indeed to much of a financial burden for her, but time will tell and maybe my parents will help her financially to make it happen

    I love this car, but love me sis more, we shall see, but i need to call her this evening and let her know about the cat.
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