Highly modified 1987 RT AWD



  • PopPopsGaragePopPopsGarage Council Member
    LMFAOOOO!!!! Close Enough!!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    HAHA no pictures aside from Prennro's rendition. Which is relatively accurate..
    Actually the little guy wasn't in very good shape to begin with. It took me an honest bit to identify what type of rodent he was.
    He must have loved the RT Wagon though, selecting it as his final resting place and all... haha

    No plans to fix the motor before summer. Using my spare time to help build TheGreatBacon's new motor for the pewter 3rd Gen. resto.
    I'm also about to have to move yet again, and I still need to fork out the money to have my blue track slut CRX dyno tuned.
    I also just started a new job about 3 weeks back. Working overtime often (In an effort to get projects moving faster in the future.)
    So many transitions and changes taking place for me. Stay tuned for the other builds though!
  • PopPopsGaragePopPopsGarage Council Member
    Damn bro sounds like you have your plate full!
  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
    Fix the wagon! Then lets trade wagons?!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Went and played around in the snow for a while. Fun when the streets are soo empty..

  • Chaife wrote: »
    The motor is the stock D15a2
    with 213,XXX original miles on it
    This one is fitted with a Weber 32/36 carb swap; devaced
    Custom exhaust and 4-1 header
    Holley fuel pressure regulator


    Thank you for posting pics. I have an 87 RT-4x4 and ripped out the old carb yesterday. From what I’ve read, most all of the vacuum hoses get ripped out so I did. But I might’ve ripped too much out. My question is about that white component near your engine head. It’s connected to the manifold. I ripped it out and now there’s a hole where it connected to the manifold. I still have the part but the hoses are ripped out. Is this something I can delete? Or does it need to be hooked up. Thank you/ I’ve looked everywhere for info but older models do t have that part there.
  • Chaife wrote: »
    I finally got my KYB GR-2s...
    This is the third set of shocks that has been on this car in like 2 months.

    Funny thing is, I bought and installed those old Gabriel's that were brand new in the box. But definitely seemed to have been sitting in a store for 25 years judging by the amount of dust on the boxes. Needless to say that over that 25 years the shocks had completely leaked down and were blown before I received them.

    so I slapped the KYB set on with some bump stops that I fab'd up.
    Boy what a difference!
    Now she rides like a Cadillac.
    (Special thanks to 85wagogo for guiding me in right direction. Not even KYB knew that these shocks fit our cars when I called them.)

    Is there anyway to lift a 3rd gen wagon with the Kyb-g2 shocks? I’d have a mechanic do it so I’m hoping there are spacers available rather than having to fabricate something custom.
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