Highly modified 1987 RT AWD

ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
Hey guys, I've had this one for a while and its time to post.
This is my 1987 HONDA Civic RT AWD

Rear speaker pods and cargo cover!
Big retrofitted EF RT front calipers painted gold
Slotted EF RT wagon front rotors
EGRBrakes.com R4S track spec. front pads
Kevlar and stainless steel braided brake lines
15x7.5 PRIME 88' wheels
195/50 Falken Ziex tires
Alpine CM 3907 OEM optional digital cassette player
HONDA Equalizer from 86 Accord
14.5" Classic Nardi wood grain wheel
Wood grain shift knob
Wagon Pro bars
Passenger side mirror
OEM seat under-tray
KYB GR-2 shocks
Vacuum line tuck
Weber 32/36 carb swap; devaced
Pegasus Racing Synchronous throttle linkage kit
Custom exhaust
Custom 4-1 header
Holley fuel pressure regulator
Automatic choke
Quarts Jeco dash clock
3rd brake light
Original OEM roof rack
Chrysler "Alpine White" paint
Color matched bumpers and mirrors
JDM black housing headlights
JDM corner lights
EDM side-markers
86-87 Teg front lip, cut to fit
88-89 Teg front lip (on rear), cut to fit
Reproduced "RT-4WD" logos for doors
Prelude Master cylinder
(and a jar of Grey Poupon Dijon mustard in the back seat)

Here it is the night I brought it home.... got it for myself as a Christmas gift.

Future plans:
Fresh carpet
custom rear springs
new rear shocks
manual AWD engagement conversion

And now on to what HAS been done to this little old wagon.
After just the first day out on the road I knew these would not be enough for this old wagon.

And the car had a huge whole in the floor that I patched


  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    So on with the NEW stuff.
    9" slotted rotors
    those NEW OLD struts haha
    Stainless steel braided and Teflon coated brake lines
    R4-S Race/ street pads
    big gold calipers retrofitted from newer RT wagons

    other things I did while I had the car up for the weekend:
    adjusted the valves
    NEW timing belt
    NEW water pump
    NEW v/c gasket
    refinished v/c

    I thought this tag was cool, took me 2 weeks to track this one down
  • The_HeadThe_Head familEE
    Any plans for the engine?
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    found this cool blanket for $4 at the GOODWILL!
    the seat is still in great condition I just like the feel it gives the car.

    sanded the lettering on my wheels.

    found a big wood grain trucker shift knob, thought it fit well considering how often you have to shift an old underpowered car with short gears like this one. lol
    (catch my little airline JD bottle cap/ radio volume dial)?
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Last week I had to patch up my old driver seat. I was tired of sitting on an ugly seat cover.
    So I laid down some iron-on denim patches for real strength.

    and covered them in stitched plaid shirt that I cut up w/ real working storage pocket.
  • NZ-DB8RNZ-DB8R Moderator
    Please patch the floor properly, such a mint Car otherwise!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    The motor is the stock D15a2
    with 213,XXX original miles on it
    This one is fitted with a Weber 32/36 carb swap; devaced
    Custom exhaust and 4-1 header
    Holley fuel pressure regulator

  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    the floor is more than patched properly..........
    I cut no corners on my ride. That is just the top kick plate you see....
  • jpciiijpciii familEE
    Nice! This makes me want a 3rd gen.
  • unlimited02unlimited02 Senior Wagonist
    looks great... keep up the good work...
  • wow thats beautiful
  • Such a nice 3rd gen!!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Such a nice 3rd gen!!!
    Keep up the good work.
    2x's! Sweet 3rd Gen!
  • JDMWago666JDMWago666 Senior Wagonist
    Speechless! The cleanest 3rd gen I have seen. Great job, keep up the good work.
  • nwWagoRTnwWagoRT New Wagonist
    The OG wagon! I remember watching this wago get built from the ground up over on redpepperracing. He's been trying to sell it for a while now. Best treat it right, this guy put alot of work into it.
    Build thread up to now: http://www.redpepperracing.com/forums/i ... ode=linear
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    haha :lol: just read the end of that thread, thats pretty cool.
    "Back from the Dead" ...too cool
    yeah Dan's a RAD guy for sure.
  • xkenxxkenx Wagonist
    Where did you get those stickers? And looks good
  • liquid927liquid927 Band Wagon
    nice the blanket gives it a good touch
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    xkenx wrote:
    Where did you get those stickers? And looks good
    They were reproduced at a local vinyl shop.
    liquid927 wrote:
    nice the blanket gives it a good touch
    Thanks, I really couldn't pass it up. It suits the car perfectly.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    I finally got my KYB GR-2s...
    This is the third set of shocks that has been on this car in like 2 months.

    Funny thing is, I bought and installed those old Gabriel's that were brand new in the box. But definitely seemed to have been sitting in a store for 25 years judging by the amount of dust on the boxes. Needless to say that over that 25 years the shocks had completely leaked down and were blown before I received them.

    so I slapped the KYB set on with some bump stops that I fab'd up.
    Boy what a difference!
    Now she rides like a Cadillac.
    (Special thanks to 85wagogo for guiding me in right direction. Not even KYB knew that these shocks fit our cars when I called them.)
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    Slick. This was my favorite car at the HondaFools meet in NC.
  • Merked98Merked98 Wagonist
    3rd Gen FTW!!!!! I love mine!
  • This is the car that got me looking at the third gens to begin with.
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    bam-bam wrote:
    Slick. This was my favorite car at the HondaFools meet in NC.
    :arrow: yeah i gotta agree with U....
    :idea: the twin to it also was not bad either.... have any pix of it been posted up here....??

    there was a 100% complete 3rd Gen. wagon in my local junk yard.. if u need any parts..
  • jasnalljasnall Wagonist
    Simply beautiful! I love the color, so clean.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    :lol: Yeah its got a twin.
    Completely stock '85 push button/vacuum actuated AWD

  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    jasnall wrote:
    Simply beautiful! I love the color, so clean.
    3rd4ce wrote:
    bam-bam wrote:
    Slick. This was my favorite car at the HondaFools meet in NC.
    :arrow: yeah i gotta agree with U....
    :idea: the twin to it also was not bad either.... have any pix of it been posted up here....??.

    Thanks guys! I also liked your wagons!
    I know I just couldn't get over the color when I saw the car for sale.
  • cruel handcruel hand New Wagonist
    i really want that silver wagon bro! omg its so hard to find nice 3rd gens i would buy that silver wagon up in a heart beat. looks so clean
  • nwWagoRTnwWagoRT New Wagonist
    AAAAAhhhhh, both are such good examples of clean 3rd gen wagons.
  • 85wagogo85wagogo Band Wagon
    omg sooo clean
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    I didn't expect to do this at this stage in my build but wanted a little different stance for The OG Wagon. I bought a set of Falken 912's for these old 8" wide Prime's. So here is the new look.

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