Fasten your seat belts. It's a '94 Beagle.



  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    NIce! that was quick work
  • mr_sp33mr_sp33 Wagonist
    What'd you run on the 1/4?
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Hah, D15B, Full interior, 17.2's, came back n ran 16.8' on D-15B, also came back and ran 16.2's with the B16A hah slooow.
  • mr_sp33mr_sp33 Wagonist
    Sounds about right. Was that in 4wd?

    I think i got a 16.8 with the stock dohc zc in 4wd haha.

    Looks good too btw.
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist

    B16A Up n Running, Ploppin' about...
  • monster dmonster d Wagonist
    Are you going to make it AWD with the b16 swap?
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    ^Plan to one day if the engine build holds together.

    Purchased a set of Toyo Proxes T1R. 195/50/15.


    Most of the Interior is in, Factory look all round apart from the gauges.



    put in a Skunk2 Alpha half-size radiator, Blox intake manifold and Skunk2 Alpha 70mm Throttle Body 3" Intake, Will do the exhaust side later.


    Other than that, not much to update. Farkin screams though, revs right off the tachometer to about 8,200+? n sounds insane but the small exhaust side has made it a total sleeper.
    More updates when they happen.

  • Looks sick.
  • SylquebecSylquebec Band Wagon
    So i supposed no more 4wd?
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Not on this gearbox, B-Series. Still got the D-series 4wd box stored, After the b20 setup i'm planing on going to a CR-V or Orthea 4WD Box and go that route to get my 4WD/ Manual Back... It's only a 3hr engine/box swap away from going back to D-Series as all the 4wd gear is stored away, Rear diff/Axels are still in the car so just gearbox and driveshaft. but the D have nothing on a B-Series... Working on some cosmetic things too, mid re-paint on the bumpers.
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    looking good are bull bars easy to come by in your neck of the woods?
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    I know where one or 2 are but they are still pretty rare. Get the opportunity once or twice a year to find some.
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    So... 2 years later... In the last couple years a whole bunch of parts have changed and the car's been cleaned up overall, bumpers painted... You'll see this hooning to my local bakery for pies mostly.
    The engine's been a B20/Vtec on a p08 with chrome tune for a long time, using the B20 Block and the B16A head & parts off the EF9 engine/gearbox combo i had in it earlier. It has few bolton things on the intake side mostly. (blox intake manifold / skunk2 70mm throttle body / Intake toob)
    It has had its suspension changed around to some new skunk2 springs / extended tophats.
    Cooling is a half size Skunk2 radiator... some NGK leads n decent plugs, always fed with '98 pump gas.
    The interior has been put to normal. Had some nice spotlights on the beagle bar but broke one so not in pic.
    Innovative mounts for the b-swap. Still has a very short EF9 Cable gearbox S1 i think, short shifter...
    I have plans for a manual 4wd b-series box from an orthea or something later but it's running strong for a couple years so i'll wait till it breaks i guess.
    It's a blast to drive and the torque in the B20 is so nice as a daily driver.

    Cheers for checking out the thread.



    Few pics of the B20 being put together.




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