Fasten your seat belts. It's a '94 Beagle.

Hiya Internet peeps.

After about 8 months of looking online i located this Beagle about 650km away at the opposite side of the island, The price was too good so i bought it asap and got in the car with mr. Haydz and took off.
After a 7hr drive, and a cpl hours sleep, we took it for a quick cruise around the block and paid the guy and started the trip back up north straight away. Got it home no worries, Inside fans not blowing, power mirrors and only a couple windows working. After alot of fun got home no problems.

It's a '94 Beagle
with your normal jdm beagle bits minus the front bullbar and side bars.





Stripped out the interior looking for any rust. Gave it all a clean. Seats out and carpet lifted up. was barely anything to fix, just clean.
Painted the valve cover as it looked horrible.

There was a wire taking the low beam from the left headlight and sharing it to the right... Found a Relay by the radiator that smelled like electrical fire, Replaced it, Wired everything back up like it should be from factory and got my lights working on their own relays, power mirrors and interior fans back... Don't ask me how the relay fixed all that...


  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    We get lucky and already know there's an RT4WD Manual at the wreckers down the road... Few hours later we've taken the Gearbox w/Mounts, Shifter + Linkages, Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Clutch + Cable and Pedal assembly, Combined with an ECU in storage.

    Also picked up some EF Civic Hatchback Suspension, and some 262mm Slotted Drilled rotors / Calipers / Hub assembly from an Integra or an EK Civic


    EF Civic Hatchback Suspension


    262mm Slotted Drilled rotors / Calipers / Hub assembly from an Integra or an EK Civic. :

  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Over the last few days we've taken the motor and gearbox out, Converted the car to manual. (Shifter, Dash, Transmission etc, ECU.
    Changed over to the new brakes and installed the lower suspension. Planning on making some top hats soon.




    Check out my stick.
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Had to drill my own clutch cable hole, Just above the fuel filter.
    Grounded some wires where the auto shifter was, Ran a set of reverse lights and done.



  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Still need to get it lower and change the wheels, So glad to get rid of that Auto box as it was just embarrassing putting around with that horrible drone. The Brakes barely clear the rims by 5mm but back to class soon.



    More updates to come when they happen.
  • usdm420usdm420 Band Wagon
    Hell yes! Awesome work so far. Going to be doing an auto-manual conversion as well here soon.
  • t9wagont9wagon New Wagonist
    So clean. In for more
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    About time! :)
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Been daily driving and fixing up little things here and there.
    Purchased some Mugen MR-5's in excellent condition with centre caps. 15"x6" +38 offset and a set of front camber adjust. (Installing today.)


  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Looks a lot better sitting lower and with the MR5's.
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist

    New Alternator & Battery Installed, When i pulled the motor last time i rested it on the alternator, the pulley was wobbling like crazy & shaking the dash n making a horrible squealing noise, Fixed.

    Front Camber as the EK / Integra hubs gave me some mad positive camber.

    As you can see in the last photo, the front has come down but with hatchback springs the rear is just too high. sooo.... Salvaged from the maroon shuttle hit by a truck, some Height Adjustable, RSR Spring & Extended Top Hat rear shocks.

    From left to right 1. Unsure but off the maroon shuttle. 2. Civic Hatchback Suspension 3.Beagle Suspension.


    Think i'll turn up the rear suspension height at least until i can bring the front down, as my main problem is the front are too soft and bottom out as it is. Will need to sort a new exhaust as there's under an inch clearance off the ground. But it does kink down so with a new pipe it could go lower. Good Times.

    More to come...
  • makes me want to import a beagle soon......... digging the wheels and height!
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Having a couple rattles n shakes with the 290,000km motor. Decided to freshen it up while i possibly create a mini-me with the SOHC ZC or find something to turbo... perhaps this,
    Pulling the 4WD gear to clean it up, service. Didn't have time to put this on the 4WD Box but if it runs well i'll concider it. (using int shaft bracket ofcourse)

    Going 2WD so it's atleast not on axle stands for a while.
    This motor's already faster and alot more fun.

    Thanks to Haydz retiring his motor, and being an easy swap.
    OBD-I D15B Vtec running chipped P08. I'm using a boom-slang harness, extending a cpl sensors, dizzy adapter, OBD-I Dizzy and a Hush Performance intermediate shaft bracket.
    Still using the OBD-0 engine loom with OBD-0 Injectors with the resistor box. Plan to run the OBD-I's and eliminate the resistor box, just need to dremel out the tabs so the plugs fit on them.
    We had allready given the D15 a new timing belt, seals and all that jazz less than 1000km ago so it's ready to go straight in.
    Changed the engine mount when it went in the other shuttle a while back etc.
    It's hilarious to use the launch control to say the least...




    More Updates when they happen.
  • MrJayDMMrJayDM Wagonist
    Very nice!!
    Why did they stop shipping these over in the USA in 91.
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Tuuuuurbo. Turbo. Turbo. Turbo it, oww.
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Decided to have some fun this weekend...





  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Not far away now...
    EF9 Conversion, B16a package i picked up for $500.

  • 7___3___27___3___2 Band Wagon
    Dude, I absolutely love this! Nice front lip. Mr5s look so good! Well done. Can't wait to get my hands back on mine
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    a B20B Short Block, Vtec oil lines... Something's brewing... Turning the B16A setup into a B20/Vtec.

  • VladiVladi Senior Wagonist
    Sexy sexy.
  • ChaseChase Wagonist
    Not trying to get off topic here but I am a bit confused
    Is this really a 94? If so, how come it looks so much like an ef and not an eg? I'm from the United States and that generation looks different here.
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Yeah, the EF's went to '91, EG's came in '91 onwards too but they kept making the EF shuttle untill early '96.
  • ChaseChase Wagonist
    Oh wow I didnt know that. Sorry just one more question. Are all Beagles 92-96?
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Yeah, I believe that is correct. Lol No problem =)
    They were electric windows and everything so not round earlier.

    EF's Stopped, but they kept the shuttle line going untill feb 1996. (non beagle too)
    Then the Honda Orthea came out Feb 1996.
  • 7___3___27___3___2 Band Wagon
    Proud to have a final 1996 model!
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Let us know if you ever want to move on ;)
    Or if you need any parts! my garage is too full.
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Purchased a bored out 68mm Throttle Body off an H22A.
    Old one fits inside the h22a one... Sounds amazing, Can hear the vtec now.
    OEM Intake setup wouldn't fit over the throttle body so got some goodies.
    Made a cold air box out of linen stainless steel. Just need to mark/cut the intake pipe hole.
    I know the pod filter / intake wont be adding power but that T/B is nuts.
    For this i had to put the battery in the boot.




  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    Rew the hubs/uprights you can just bolt the rotors and calipers off the eg/dc/ek onto your shuttle ones and not worry about the camber (been there done that) The B series cvs should fit in the standard Ef hubs too. My b20 crx had stock 242mm rotors with b series axles afaik. Looks like you are running a 2wd box? os is it just 2wd exhaust manifold?
    Looks good - Keep up the good work
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    When we attempted to put the 262 gear onto the 242 hub we ran into fitment issues. I think the pad didn't fit between the rotor and caliper. Didn't really have a good go at it, though.
  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    Really, I might be remembering wrong then haha. It has been a while so I could be wrong
  • PoozMcgueePoozMcguee New Wagonist
    Purchased a Beagle Bar (Thanks Chris,) Also test fit the b series gear using the B16A EF9 gear. will teardown and finish the B20 install soon.


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