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    Good work! Keep the updates coming. Love the convenience of instagram/facebook but there is something about forums that keeps me coming back even though its slow around here.

  • Looks really nice! It's great that you're bringing back updates to the forum, it needs it to stay alive! Once I get back to work on my Shuttle I'll do the same.

  • Clutch is on, and trans is back together. I'm a little concerned about the shifter cable and a stage 3/4 clutch pressure plate so I have another on standby just in case.

    Exedy OEM flywheel replacement, 14lbs

    ACT 6 pad sprung race disk 621211, For 1987 Prelude Si (Allows for correct spline match to 88 trans while being 220mm to mach 91 flywheel)

    ACT P/PL MaXX Xtreme H023XX

  • So this is the exhaust thats coming off. Its a mix of an HKS Sport exhaust for the Hatchback (used the muffler and the resinator) and some other 2.25" piping and a flex.

    I cant find any butt shots with it on, but it looks like the EF mounting due to the hanger positions. I'll be putting it up for sale if anyone semi-local to WI is interested.

    Just got my bungs for my valve cover which I got BNIB from Honda. It's actually got some flash on it that I need to clean up.

    And then I just have to cut and weld on this TIAL v-band mount.

    Oh, I also need to make a 3" exhaust. King Motorsports said they could make one for about $1200, but I think I can do it for half that in parts so I'm going to have a crack at it.

  • this build is coming along nicely, i never built an engine before but I'm really interested to attempt it cause i wanna learn too. im not sure if it's just me but the pictures aren't working

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