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    superhatch wrote: »
    The chassis will basically be new, with all new bolts. Interior will be the best I can find on the front half, and the back will be custom rear deck, new carpet, cage, custom rear panels. Engine will be stock B18C5, trans will be CRV with H22 gearset + some MFactory bits, DSS carbon shaft, rebuild VC, rebuilt RT rear end, DSS axles, suspension is going to be a custom bit from an AUS company called MCA...etc, etc.

    So what I am hearing here- is you want to sell the rear interior? like the EDM compartments??? call me!


    This seems like a serious project you are taking on... But also it seems like you know what you're getting yourself in to. I like it!
  • I would love to see the progress on that. Any concerns that acid dip on the THIN Civic metal would be an issue? I've read some interesting things over the years on acid dip issues. But the end result is going to be a unique car for you. Good goal to have!
  • Not sure. I'm going to bring the car by the shop tomorrow and have them take a look at everything so I can get a rough quote and then also discuss my options. Dip and e-coat would be my ideal, but maybe it's something I cant do on the wagon? This is a whole new world to me. :)
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    Acid dipping your car may lead to lots of required metal work to patch up all the voids where the rust was eaten away. Why is it you want to acid dip it?
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    It's been a long winter and long spring where the wagon was slow to come out of hibernation. I went for a few drives but hadn't dug into the garage or my tools for a bit until last weekend. I made some good progress on stuff I had sitting around since last fall.

    Garage weekend 1 included:
    - New rotors
    - Correct prop valve for EX front calipers
    - EX 15/16 MC
    - Dot 4 flush
    - Adjustment of innovative radius rods
    - Install innovative RT4WD kit.

    They sent me the wrong drivers side mount so Im at 2/3 mounts atm but I sent them a video and they sent out the replacement mount yesterday so hopefully that will work as intended. I'm picking up a 2 owner, 62k 1993 Civic Si and so my plans for the wagon have changed a bit in the short term. I picked up an A6 and will do a full rebuild with P29s and a cam but otherwise leave the wagon as is for a while. I'd like to detail and get the Si settled this summer as an OEM+ daily.

    Once I pick stuff up Im sure I'll snag some photos and get them posted. :)
  • I thought you sold that wagon. Saw the selling post few weeks ago.
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    Go go! I drove my wagon this weekend, everything is very messy, but just getting 30 year old design car on the road gets so many smiles. Also, please post some info about that innovative rt4wd kit. Lastly, I will dyno my z6 p29 built motor in upcoming weeks, so I cannot wait to see you make your build. That exhaust mani is so sexy.
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    That a nice looking car! What brand of rotors did you get?
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    Love your plan! cant wait to see everything!
  • Can't sell it. Tried but couldn't let it go. Sold the EG instead.

    Also after a lot of back and forth I decided on a build and started buying parts:

    Should be around 400hp, keeping the RT4WD.
  • ricards2 wrote: »
    That a nice looking car! What brand of rotors did you get?

    The rotors and pads were both EBC. The rotors warped rather quickly though so now I just have a set of brembo blanks on.
  • Looking forward to following the progress!
  • Full parts list below:

    D16Z6 head
    D16A6 block
    Speedfactory no-notch Vitara piston/rod combo 75.5mm pistons
    Golden Eagle block guard
    ACL bearing kit
    ARP headstuds
    Cometic 0.30 head gasket
    Bisimoto 2.4 cam
    Supertech valve springs & retainers
    Supertech valves +0.5mm
    Supertech valve guides
    Supertech valve stem seals
    AEM cam gear
    RC 750cc injectors
    Walbro 255 fuel pump
    Hondata S300 v3
    Rebuilt VC
    DSS front and rear axles
    Ebay turbo kit
    Edit: RC Autoworks exhaust ramhorn manifold

    I haven't ordered the turbo kit yet as I want to read some more reviews about the best kit. Otherwise everything else was ordered today. I'm going to be working on a wire tuck as well and might spring for a rywire D-series engine harness, but not sure yet. I've called to ask them some questions about using an OBD0 block and an OBD1 head and if I would need a custom harness but they haven't returned my calls yet.

    Edit: I also ordered a rear wing from a 91 civic si. Gonna work on fitting that as well.
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    Well I am very excited to hear you are keeping the wagon! We definetly need more of these little beasts driving about the world. Cannot wait to see the progress!
  • Thoughts on license plate:


  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    +1 on RT4WD
  • SPWSPW Senior Wagonist
    RT4WD can't go wrong with that!
  • That seems to be the general consensus among friends as well.

    I do have an old plate off my BRZ which is AIM4APX. Thinking about throwing that on too.

    I also added a Golden Eagle block guard to the build. I was going back and forth on adding one or not, but their design seems to have no drawbacks.
  • Still waiting on rods and pistons from Speedfactory. Originally they were supposed to be in at the end of November. :(

    All the other parts are now in the garage just waiting.
  • and.....we are waiting as well.....:)
  • Some updated pics in a new blog post:

    I'll have another post up today covering detailed plans of the build from front to back including a full parts list.
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    Updates! Nice, I need more of these to get me revved up to work on my own wagon!
  • Impressive work on those updates.
  • Man that was a long winter!

    But the birds are chirping, the grass is growing, and all my parts are back from the shop!


    Work done:

    A6 block
    Bored 0.5mm over and honed.
    Block Guard installed

    Z6 head
    Valve ports bored 0.5mm over
    Stage 1 port/polish
    5 angle valve job
    New valve guides

    Crank balanced and polished
    OEM flywheel resurfaced and balanced
    Crank pulley balanced
    Pistons balanced/wrist pin clearance adjusted
    Rods balanced

    Engine build starts this weekend!
  • Did some work on head assembly today.







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    Nice work! Have you rebuilt heads before? Are you following the WSM or some other instructions?

    Engine build n00b here who looks forward to doing this myself sometime :)
  • This will be my 3rd built from scratch head. Its much easier than that block imo as there are no gaps to measure, torque/un-torque etc. I just follow the Helms manual which is basically the Honda shop manual.

  • So it's been a while since I've posted because I've mainly moved to Instagram, but I do really miss the forums mainly due to knowledge and a sense of history and community. Something I just haven't found on any social media site. Gonna be bringing the build back here for updates.

    So without further adieu:

    Time to start working on the bottom end:

  • This tool made piston seating soooo much easier:

    I got an o ring :)

    And mock up time!

    Mock up with log mani:

    Annnnd installed:

    Now time to move on to wiring:

    And fuel pump:

    Coming together

    Test bumper with test hack:

    And loading up for the tune!

  • So I went in for the tune and had two leaky seals, and my ebay turbo already had some blow buy just after the initial running at idle.

    That prompted me to bring the car back to my garage, tear down the motor again, replace the seals and then think about the ebay components and I decided to replace them all.

    I picked up this refurbed turbo with a 1yr warranty:

    Comp 5858 T3/ .63

    Not pictured but sitting in my garage are:

    Tial MVS-A wastegate:

    Tial Q50 BOV

    ACT Exxtreme pressure plate

    ACT 6 disk sprung from a 87 prelude sI (220mm/20 splines for an 88 trans)

    ACT 14lb flywheel

    3" custom exhaust with Vibrant turbo muffler and expansion chamber

    I'm still deciding on the exhaust header.

    Now Ive just got to get a little help from my welder friend on the exhaust and welding the vband clamps to my charge pipes and I'll get it back in for the tune.

    It's also 12*F outside right now, so who knows when that is going to happen. :)

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