89 civic wagon! Michhamlin



  • benji_ee2benji_ee2 Band Wagon
    Has anyone has issues with their wagon going dpfi to mpfi?
    The only issue I had was some of the depinning you have to do with the wires in the ecu clips, it wasn't a constant issue but occasionally the check engine light would come on for code 9, the wire on the harness side of the ecu clip for the CYP signal wouldn't clip in as far as it needed to go. Your car looks great! love the build :smug:
  • andreas542andreas542 Band Wagon
    Stunning car! Patiently awaiting updates :)
  • ricards2ricards2 Band Wagon
    The paint looks flawless. Nice work!
  • Wow it has been a while since I have been on here. Being in a doctoral program is not easy to keep up with life outside of the program!
    Well some cool updates my thread are to come.
    MPFI conversion was completed, some body modifications and a change in wheel set up from 2 years ago haha. :encouragement:
    Ill have to figure out how to upload photos on here again, but it should be easy.

    Also my 55x pro rep will be at the chornicles meet November 2nd, if you were on the brink of attending but need that push over the edge!
  • There was the annual chronicles meet this past weekend.
    I do enjoy this meet because i get to see familiar faces and chat to people who have been around before me, and have seen my build grow.
    Here are some updated photos!.
  • This one was from a couple months ago after mocking up the RTI limited from bumper!

    The morning after all the evening priors-prepping.



    While posted at the show:











    And finally, i know you all need a new screen save and phone back drop.
    here you go!

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member

    I literally cant even...

  • Where did you get the RTi bumper!? Was it BNIB or just resprayed? It looks amazing.

  • Thanks Bill <3<3<3<3

    It was in my hands by pure accident.

    I frequently will contact friends of mine when I see parts that I know they are looking for. Well, this RTI bumper was for sell and after purchasing it, the buyer fell through. The bumper was either getting trashed, or I had to find a way to get it home for as cheap as possible..... nonetheless....... I decided to keep it and now it is where its at.

    One of my other wagon buddies, does great body work and touch up.

    Unfortunately, this was originally a half black and blue bumper. So it was only stripped down and repainted.

    One a happier note, the lights are the original, and the wiring was in amazing shape.

  • This wagon is beautiful, the wooden Steering wheel and wheels look incredible

  • Thanks! Recently, I have converted the rear drums to disc which I put a video on YouTube about the process. The brake cable station was probably the most frustrating part but after welding part of the bracket to the trailing arm to keep the tension, it works like a charm.

    Aside from that, the wagon sits. :)

  • Juicebox cushion in the trunk ???? Absolutely gorgeous wagon !

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