89 civic wagon! Michhamlin



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    I literally cant even... i'm cant evening....

    Lets go get some Starbucks....

    Hahaha thanks Bill! If I was closer I would go!
  • 2 awesome wagons, been following the brown one on insta
    He is a nice guy! Very custom builder!
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    So stunning.


    Thank you! ��
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    So stunning.


    Thank you! 👍
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    Hahaha thanks Bill! If I was closer I would go!

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    Are you leading me on? ����
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    Are you leading me on? ����

    yes... also that video just makes me laugh out loud for some reason...
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    I'm sure this is my favorite Shuttle now.
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    Damn dude, just damn...
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    I'm sure this is my favorite Shuttle now.

    Hey there, haven't talked to you in a long time!
    How is it going!
  • Update :)
    i purchased single bulb glass headlights and threw them
    the wiring was a little wierd.
    Also took it to my buddy and he did beyond a full tune up for me. Couldn't be happier! (All belts, water pump, oil pan gasket, cylinder gaskets, valve cover gasket, all fluids, all brake pads)

    now to get my AC filled and see if it kicks in!
  • I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I have posted back to my thread. I have some cool updates. Not very many updates as far as the cosmetics of the car.

    I have put some thought into another wagon, possible an all wheel drive where to pop up. I have been really into the AE86 hatchback and been searching for one.
  • I am having a difficult time getting the photo to work...
  • These wheels have been on my “to get” list for a while.

    I have to say it is like a fetish I have for white wheels… and the gold J


    After searching I found a set in japan that was not to expensive but needed a lot of work. The center caps were seized shut. To get the center locking caps off I and to use a C-clap and tie the rim to a palm tree. Getting the rear face bolts off was very scary because I wanted to keep the original hardware. Those were rusted so bad I was going to cut my losses and cut the bolts but my friend had an Irwin set. He saved the day because it worked!!!! I got all 80 bolts off without stripping or touching the M5 face bolt. I found some guys locally who were willing to re- gold each bolt at a really good price.

    They did not look like how they do in the photo, which is very typical because of all the editing people can do.
    After pulling the faces apart, I dissembled the caps to re-key them. This was not pretty because everything was beat up and chewed up. The coorosion was unbelieveable.
    Every cap was this badly corroded.
    These are the back faces
    These are some of the photos I took because just to have record of the manufactured year.

    The bolt plate is the next nightmare to tackle.
    I had them sand blasted along with with the collars and the back locking mechanism plate.
    The end result
    Just kidding my buddy was able to outsource a brand new set in the box…….. Totally beautiful ;)
    So I wanted to go with the original chrome and powder coat for the faces, gold hardware and a dual pattern of 4x100/4x114.
    So far I have the dual pattern complete.

    I can upload the locking mechanics if anyone is interested. I tried to keep good records of this but it gets very busy to document all the changes.
  • These are SSR Challenge Racing Defi Fins. The barrels were were fabricated in may of 1988 and the faces were cast on Halloween 10/31/1988.

    I anticipate the wheels and plates to be finished in the next week or so.
    I was able to find new valve stems with original valve stem covers. Keeping the original face hardware was a major success. i went to my local bolt supplier for brand new serrated locking bolts and picked up some of the screws that were rusted and not reusable.

    As far as the wagon goes, I was able to get it scheduled in for service. I had minor work done to it which included valve adjustment and a new valve cover put on :).
    I got a EDM Rover valve cover. I power washed the engine bay and cleaned it up. I plan to have the AC serviced and the climate control fully function by May. I have a small list of parts that I would like to have. It is nothing big just minor details.
  • I was very late when I had taken the phots but it looks good compared to where it was before. I would really like to get all new hoses. The silicon ones.

    I took the shuttle out a couple times. Nothing to fabulous. I resprayed the fender mirrors because the car is covered in the garage and the cover rubs the paint off after sitting for months. I wish there were no cats so I did not have to cover my car. Also I think I got a bad cover because every time I pull the cover off, the shuttle is full of lint.

    Here are some photos of the SSR Hiro Libra V2’s after they were finished. Very nice on this Integra….
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    Your wagon is sick.
  • Thanks!

    I want to pull it out in a few weekends to have the paint wet sanded and waxed.
    I am waiting for my friend to call me ot pick up the wheels. cannot wait!
  • Got the call that the wheels are out of chrome and next is the powder coating :)
  • Well. New updates......
  • duplicated posts can be a hassle. stupid internet connection....
  • A little update: The wheels are just about done and when I get them, I will put them together and lace them with 165/50/15 just like the Renomas are. The powder coat went south and causes chrome pealing and the powder coat didn’t come out nice. They were redone again and now it is a matter of days; I hope. Here is a photo of the defi’s stripped and bare.


    After being very persistent for many of years, I got it.
    Drum roll………………………..




    The rear shuttle visor!




    I am very honored to have had Joey of stickdiljoe (https://stickydiljoe.com) grab a quick photo of my wagon at a car meet a couple months back.

    Next updates will be as exciting :)
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    Just when I think this wagon cant get any better...
  • Has it really been a year and a half since posting :/
    Not much has changed on the wagon since. I’ll post some photos of what’s going on with it.
    I did have to replace the intake manifold. I am considering converting to multipoint now.
    i think it would be worth it, Let me know if you guys think it is.
    i got a new front bumper. I know those of you who know what it is, will be excited.

    As as for me, I am in school getting my doctorate and it’s so time consuming, I don’t have much time to update here :(
    but I’ll be back on here as much as I can!
  • Mmmmm new updates coming!
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    Awesome car man. It's cool people still post on here and update things. I just got a wagon last year and have been reading tons on here. I'm going to repaint Mine as well and I just got a great idea from you with the side molding delete :) anything else you'd say about repainting?
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    Wow, this is such a clean wagon! Super nice work man!
  • I am trying to update as much as I can. Once the ride is finished there’s not much to update about. Plus life and school take charge.
    What color did you end up going with?
    For moldingless there are 3 ways to do it, the right way; buy the parts or car from japan, the tack weld way and the cheap bondo way haha.
    I personally love the the two tone and the dark silver Rti color.
  • So I got one of my favorite parts finally, but I would be more impressed if I was actually able to the AC unit to function properly.
    Im trying but I don’t know why it’s acting up and not turning on even after adding refrigerant.
    I double checked everything... mmmm.
    i am collecting parts to go multipoint too! Should happen in the next up and coming weeks. So I am excited about that. Has anyone has issues with their wagon going dpfi to mpfi?
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    Cool wagon. I would take it to a good shop for A/C work. Could be a number of things.
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