2000 CRV...lift and A/T's inside!



  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
    Looking FAPulous!
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    i suppose i could bump this thread since it's been a few months since i last logged on. front jdm bar is gone, red mud guards are gone, and factory skid plate has been installed.


    really don't have anything else i want to do it. have been planning on removing the lift though, yet it still sits at this height because i love the looks of it. maybe a jdm front bumper in the future i guess.
  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
    what happened to all the THINGS!!!???
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    sold all the expensive stuff. was offered prices i couldn't refuse for both parts so they went to the new owners.
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