2000 CRV...lift and A/T's inside!



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    Simply amazing in all ways.
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    Chaife wrote: »
    Simply amazing in all ways.

    thanks man, i was surprised on how quiet the muffler actually was. my girlfriend and i ran to the grocery store after i got home from installing it and she didn't notice it so i definitely know it's quiet enough. plus the password jdm intake is noisy, so you can't hear it over that thing
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    Looks great! makes me miss my V a lot...

    they do amazing offroad! here's my old '98..

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    i really wish we had trails around here that i could take mine on, but we don't. all we have are minimum maintenance roads and fields. being from a small town where farming is the main source of income for the cooperative in town, i can't bring myself to tear up a field or MMR's. i mostly drive mine offroad when it's snowing and the ground is hard so i don't tear up fields
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    we finally got a bunch of snow this weekend, so naturally i had to go play in it. ice accumulated on my driveshaft and loop and made it sound like i had a rod knocking by the time i was done. scared me a bit
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    decided to pick up some wheels for this thing with some tax return money. going the same route NZ-DB8R went with the Enkei RC-G4 but in gold. some people said i will probably catch some hell from the Subaru people but don't really care. best looking wheels for a lifted cr-v that aren't super heavy

  • What offset did you choose? Mine are the +50et due to the set being CHEAP! but they only just clear the front brakes and front upper control arm. I did have 15mm spacers but they are illegal here without certification that I dont want to pay for.
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    well i ended up actually having to buy white ones. i went with the +38 offset though to hopefully clear the calipers and control arm a little better. the company told me they had gold but not white, ended up not having ant +50 in either color but had the ability to order the +38. spent a little under $1000 on all 4 brand new
  • Fair enough, the +50 clear fine but the +38 will be better.
    I got my first four for $470 but the 5th was about $520 which is what the RRP is for the wheels in NZ, took AAAAGGGGEEESSSS to get here too haha.

    Get used to cleaning them as they dont stay white for long
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    ha ya, the cleaning thing won't be an issue since the crv gets a bath at least once a week when the temps are above freezing. glad to hear they clear without spacers. a guy in texas i know put the same wheels you have on his and said he had to buy spacers to clear the front calipers
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    wheels came in Friday, coated them in wheel protectant Saturday morning and installed around 1 pm on Saturday. the +38 clears everything very well. spare wheel will be here sometime this week. also have a jdm push bar coming that i found here in the states.

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    Once the nudge bar arrives it will be a blue clone of mine! :)

    Weird that he needed spacers! The back of the spokes are about 25mm away from the caliper, its only close around the outside of the wheel which would be the same no matter what offset
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    ya, the nudge bar i'm getting is only the main piece like yours. congrats on the engagement by the way! i asked my girlfriend to marry me last week. i will try to find a complete bar in Japan and have my importer get the extra piece off it for me. i at least want the side pipes that can be put on

    Edit: wheel are already filthy lol. will be washing it this week sometime
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    slow at work today so i painted the wheels on my battery powered cr-v to match mine

    5th wheel came in today also. mounted the tire on it and installed it a bit ago. needs to get above freezing so i can wash this thing. it's a dirty pig right now
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    I DM'd Enkei on Instagram just for the hell of it shortly after i put my wheels on, they responded back with wanting a larger picture to share on their FB page. RC-G4's must not be popular since they shared my shot lol.

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    JDM bar paid for, should be here early next week! stoked to get it, the front end with just the skid plate looks boring.
  • Love those wheels.
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    Love those wheels.

    thanks. best wheels i could find in similar factory weight. still want gold but these will do haha
  • Bust out the rattle can! You can do it!
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    The white rims on the blue looks good, dont paint them!!
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    ha they cost too much just to paint. i will stick with the white.
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    finally had a chance to run to a local salvage yard and pick up a set of factory rear mud guards. cut them up to make my factory red jdm mud guards fit without the underside of the bumper completely exposed.

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    put the jdm bull bar on last night. now i just need to find the side tubes to mount my Hella's to.

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    no big updates have came along since i last posted. became engaged in February and wedding planning is taking a lot of my extra parts cash. did end up building a sub box for the rear where the table goes though so it's hidden from sight. bought a sub guard so i can lay the trunk carpet down over it and still put stuff in the back without damaging the speaker.

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    Such a badass little SUV
    Miss my old '98
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    snagged the rest of the parts for the front bar in Japan a couple weeks ago. waiting on them to get shipped over here so i can complete it.

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    finally have a chance to bump this thread. the cr-v has seen very little road time lately.

    received this sweet 95 Buick Century for free from my now father in law because the intake gaskets were bad (imagine that) and he didn't want to fix it.

    naturally it had no hubcaps so i bought some aluminum moonies for it. only way to make an ugly car better is to add something equally as ugly to it


    while on my honeymoon last week i received an email from my importer saying my front bar parts had been shipped. showed up Monday.


    after a couple hours at work yesterday, everything was put together and ready to be mounted back on.

  • Looks bad ass! Wish my wife's Cr-V looked half as good, probably wouldn't be selling it then. Good stuff!
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    That thing is coming along nicely! I really dig those wheels! As much as I have crazy and ridiculous accents I'm not a huge fan of the red flaps oddly enough.
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