2000 CRV...lift and A/T's inside!

bought this cr-v back in September with the plans on lifting it for all year around use here in the midwest!

as it sits today:
2000 CRV EX A/T(unfortunately) RT4WD
153k by the end of next week

Exterior Mods from front to back:
Westin Safari Bar and Hella fog lights(need to install fogs)
JDM Fullmark chrome trim Grille
Sparco mud flaps(need to be installed)
35% window tint all the way around
Factory optional cr-v Spoiler
Honda Element wiper arm and blade(need to be installed)

Interior Mods:
EDM center vent assembly with all red hazard switch
4th Gen Prelude front seat swap
Kenwood head unit
LED conversion

Engine is stock except for Password JDM "whale penis" intake

Suspension and tires:
Ironman Lift springs (have since taken off)
Colorado Mountain Rally lift spacers(currently installed)
General Grabber AT2 all terrain tires 215/75/15

day i brought it home





had to test out the awd shortly after the lift was installed. did better than expected





4th gen Prelude seat swap



some trails from this winter of playing around

Jeep Liberty had to pulled out of this ditch, CR-V made it through just fine

Westin bar with and without fogs


Factory spoiler installed and brake light wired up

JDM Fullmark chrome trim grille installed. makes the front end look a lot better i think

height difference between factory and CMR lift spacers

CR-V pullback car from Japan. had to take this pic

and a pic of how it currently sits


thanks for looking and if you have any questions post them up and i will get back to you as soon as i can!


  • driftin90driftin90 Senior Wagonist
    I was just looking at your V on HT. Looking good. How are the prelude seats in your V?
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    good! the factory seats aren't very comfortable and being 6 ft, my knees were too close to the dash for comfort. the prelude seats lower your seat height and allow for them to move farther back
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    hey guys, checking back in now that i have some updates!

    Entered it into a large car show this summer to see what everyone's thoughts were on it. Went over pretty well. CR-V's are still mostly considered grandma rides in my area so working on changing the Honda crowds views on them.

    Found a fellow RD1 Enthusiast member there with his lowered first gen and snagged a couple pictures with it.

    Shortly into August, I finally landed my hands on a set of the factory monsoon window visors.


    Found a set of discontinued tail light guards made by Grizzly that I picked up. They fit the lift build but don't know if I'm going to keep them on.

    Few more shots of my daily...



    Started collecting some rare first gen parts over the last couple months.

    All clear tail lights from Japan. Very few sets were made.

    A set of EDM headlight covers/protectors

    Paid for these very rare JDM mud guards today, should be here after the first of the year
  • I saw those flaps on Yahoo yesterday, went for quite a bit more than all the other sets Ive seen
  • CR-V's taking over the site!!!

    If you dont plan on keeping those tail light guards let me know!

    Looking good man!
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    ya i might sell them. it has snowed a couple times this year and they pack snow in around the tail lights. it's kind of a pain to get the snow out at that point. will probably take them off
  • I miss my '01 RT4WD.
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    only complaint i would have to say about it so far is that i had to basically rebuild the front suspension because of the lift. granted at 155k miles it was probably time, but it's never fun replacing everything.
  • DRMORTYDRMORTY Council Member
    I bought a Subaru Forester XT wagon, but starting to think I might be getting rid of it and finally getting my hands on a CRV.. Looks good.
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    thanks man! honestly, the honda reliability is what sold me on it for a daily driver. i grew up with american pickups (Nebraska thing) and my eg hatch i bought 4 years ago was my first import. i bought a 97 dakota 4x4 with the 5.2 v8 from my cousin to help him out and immediately regretted it. i had been looking at first gen crv's and impreza's for a while. almost bought an '04 wrx but insurance was going to be way too high. decided i would buy one of these but only in Electron Blue, no rust, and under 150k miles on it. needless to say it took me 8 months to find one in my area for a reasonable price. have loved every second of it since i bought it. the "awd" system works actually better than was expected. if it wasn't for Subaru's being expensive to fix when they broke, i wouldn't currently be in this thing. talked my parents into an '08 EX-L CR-V last weekend.
  • EBP_RD1 wrote: »
    ya i might sell them. it has snowed a couple times this year and they pack snow in around the tail lights. it's kind of a pain to get the snow out at that point. will probably take them off

    lucky for me it doesnt hardly snow here! lol
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    well let me think about it then! there's another chance of snow again here today so i may just take them off
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    forgot to post this picture up! buddy of mine told me i had to tie in the stars and stripes and drive around with it on for the 4th of July. said ok and came up with this...


    thought about making another one to hang in my garage since i sent this one to my buddy after i took it back off. it's hard to find crv's in the salvage yards around here though
  • Knowing you those ultra rare mudflaps will be ripped off and sitting in a puddle some where. Haha
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    Knowing you those ultra rare mudflaps will be ripped off and sitting in a puddle some where. Haha
    ha that's why they will only be installed for shows and meets.
  • Mudflaps for show only......serious? They are fairly common on JDM CR-V, I bought a set for $10 but never got around to installing them before some crazy person offered me far more than they were worth and they were sold :p
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    ha they're worth a lot of money here in the states since the crv's are now starting to catch on in popularity. crv owners don't blink at the running prices for factory accessories so i won't lose money on them if i ever decide to sell them
  • i wish the flaps were not red....black would be right up my alley!
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    503Wagon wrote: »
    i wish the flaps were not red....black would be right up my alley!

    they also were offered in yellow but those are way more rare than the red. i would prefer yellow also
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    my importer took some time to clean them up for me! he said with a little stronger detergent i can get that dark color off of these
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    That's pretty sweet.. Cool parts, Cool car.
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    thanks! all i have left is a set of wheels that i need to buy. will be setting money aside to grab those this spring hopefully
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    so they randomly showed up today. my importer, EP Importers, sent them on good faith that i would pay him what i owed today. sent him the money owed this morning and then found out i missed the delivery at my apartment this morning!

  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    i ended up taking the tail light guards off and a local person bought them same day. going to try to find a spare passenger fender so i can try to install a snorkel like a member on our FB posted yesterday. also looking into building a skid plate that fits with my safari bar installed
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    picked up a Fujitsubo axle back from Japan on Friday. was told they are some of the best sounding mufflers you can buy for a honda. got it dirt cheap, excited to get it on and hear it.
  • That thing is sweet! How do you like your tires? Some General Grabber Red Letter tires would look sick on that. Show some poser shots flexing!!!! The subaru's are sweet, google lifted subaru....you're right though, they are friggen expensive, and used ones are hard to come by.
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    i love these tires. they work very nicely for what i need them to do. IIRC the red letter General's are M/T's? if that's the case, they don't make them small enough. Hankook and BFG make M/T's in this size but we get too much snow here in Nebraska in the winter time to justify them. i follow the subaru crowd since an old roommate owned a couple 2.5rs coupes. r/battlewagon on reddit is full of lifted Scooby's.
  • Correct, the red letters don't get small enough, unless you lift the piss/cut metal to make some big ole 31's. I'll have to check out the Hankooks, BFG's are friggen expensive for a 14" wheel.
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    the BFG A/T's in a 215/75/15 are about the same price as the 14's. the hankook M/T's are a couple dollars cheaper than the BFG A/T's.

    Edit: unless you have an H2B swap or a turbo in a first gen crv, 31's are WAY too large for the weak b20
  • EBP_RD1EBP_RD1 Band Wagon
    bit of an update, muffler came in yesterday and put it on after work...looks great and sounds even better. very mellow.

    Video sucks, but we were closing the shop up so i made it quick.
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