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  • mxncmxnc Band Wagon
    awesome cars! where in NC are you? Im in the rdu
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    lol Thanks man, that's really cool to hear. Be sure to check back once the weather warms up.

    What is rdu? Raleigh? mxnc
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    My only photo of Carolina Panthers Star, DeAngelo Williams in my Rat car in downtown Charlotte. I gave him a lift to the tour bus for the Miami game. He was a pretty chill cat. He loved the Rat Sedan! Yeah, he is in there, impossible to see I know.. Oh well. I have a GoPro on the dash at all times now after that though... lol

    Droppin' off some other photos too!!

  • PrennroPrennro Council Member
    Love The Rat! Always appreciate new pics!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Drug her up on the rack today for a proper laser alignment. Shouts out to my boy for lettin' me sneak onto his rack last week, for the morning. (took a while)
    Had to use 2 or 3 boards stacked to get the car to clear the rack's hydraulics in the center. Left some pretty mean scars on her too.. (his rack)
    The little Rat is all squared up now.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Thanks Prennro!!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Smacked my oil drain plug on the road a few hundred miles back..
    It was a brand new plug too, maybe it's head was too large.
    It pulled on the threads pretty good.. and started leaking. I had to replace it with a self-tapping plug.

    Also, when I rolled the car off the alignment rack the front bumper got torn clean off. New bumper mount. :p:cool:
    all better.

    Here is a progression of the recent hood treatment. :encouragement:
  • Post your "after" alignment measurements!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    I neglected to snap a picture.. But I remember them.
    Front Camber: 7.0
    Rear Camber: 7.5
    Front Toe: 0.04
    Rear toe: 0.02
    All square'd up, I'm happy.

    I have a lot of ambitious ideas with the suspension on this sedan..
    We'll see what happens when the warm weather arrives.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    New pics, It was a snowy week here in the South East. So the Rat has been parked.
    I've been a bit busy building the CRX lately too, so no updates to speak of.
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    i love the snow picture .....

    hoodrat sticker is awesome in that spot.......

    and im thinking Scrappy could benefit from that type of alignment ....
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Welp, It happen. I just couldn't wait till the weekend. And looking at it propped up that extra 1/2" was bugging the living daylights out of me.
    Last night I lowered the Rat some more. I ended up about an 1/8" lower than I was previously. I wound up going with 550 lb springs in the rear.
    Arbitrarily, the thing rides 10 times better with the 550's!!! I'm very happy. ;)
    I has no pitchas because of the weather though. :smug: Once I shovel her out of her new snow pit I shall snap some.
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Can't wait to see!
  • Haha I love it - got a close up on that owl??
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Of course! lol Meet Ron the Don, the owl. ha!
    He has flown countless miles on the roof of one shitty car or another.
  • Very majestic...
  • Loving the patch too!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Still no shots of it on level ground, but here you can see it in the snow at night.
    Got snowed in last night and couldn't get the little wagon up the driveway... So I let my boredom fuel this.

  • hahaha that "rat" picture is freakin sweet!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Loving the patch too!
    hahaha that "rat" picture is freakin sweet!

    LOL thanks guys. I'm having a bunch of fun with it.
  • :cool:
    Love the long exposures
  • PrennroPrennro Council Member
    Instagram Grand Master, post that shit, son!
    The "RAT" one is sooo clean! U using an led flashlight? How long these exposures?
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Love the long exposures

    Thanks dude :encouragement:
    Prennro wrote: »
    Instagram Grand Master, post that shit, son!
    The "RAT" one is sooo clean! U using an led flashlight? How long these exposures?

    LOL I try hard not to bore my personal friend's with cars on my Instagram. Especially with such an amazing outlet like this well kept forum.
    Having said that, I'm sure one will make it onto my Instagram shortly. HAHA
    Yeah, I did use an LED flashlight. Exposure lengths varied from 5- seconds to 8- seconds.
    I also managed to finally wrap my head around Adobe Lightroom 4. There is some really cool stuff in there, you could get lost for hours.
  • RoRoRoRo Wagonist
    omg please sell me this sedan! it is so F**KING AWESOME!!!!

    how did you do those light pictures without capturing the person in the shot holding the light !???
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    HAHA thanks man. I spent a few hours personalizing my roof rack today, :encouragement: updated picture when the sun rises.
    I have had people ask about it's availability, It seems they are under the impression that they would get a good deal because it has no paint.. hahah imagine that.
    I'm flattered that you would enjoy owning it. Honestly it runs real good, (it's a HONDA) and the ride is really NOT that bad... After all the tweaks.

    Anyway, the photos were super fun! I was actually the one in the photo, (Helps that I generally wear a lot of black..) lol I've got a remote trigger that I'm holding in my hand.
    In my exposure I introduced light from 3 different angles. These include the dome light in the car, the 20 something-LED flashlight in my other hand, as well as about 300 LEDs set to a soft amber glow (3200k?) just out of the frame to the right. The 300 LEDs I bounced off a 43" gold reflector. And of course we cannot forget the moon and it's light bouncing absolutely everywhere off the snow itself.
    I was only able to harness all these light modifiers in the top 3 photos.
  • When I used to use film I would just slow down the shutter speed and set my camera on a tripod. Being further away and wearing all black does help. Try strapping some LED's to a hoola hoop or something like that; looks pretty crazy.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Finally got the Junker out for a cruise... I noticed the transmission felt a little tight when I left. F*ZK it! I took off!
    Ran around and took care of business, ordered and devoured this burger..... shifter is still feeling stiff..

    Went to the mall, and after about 60 miles of hoonin' everywhere, POP!!!!!!!!!! clutch cable gone.
    Got her rollin with the starter motor and limped 30-some miles home with some RPM matching..
    Rolled all the stop signs that stood in my way.. haha :devilish:

    Here's the new ride height boys! On new, harder springs. Picture of unloaded car (no passengers).

    Yesterday I decked out my cheap-y roof rack with some hemp twine and moldy planks of wood... ;) I like the more earthy feel it has now...
  • hahahahahaha @ moldy planks of wood. JDM as fuckkkk yo
  • FrankzFrankz Band Wagon
    Love the new mods to the rack, the planks are on point.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Clutch Cable arrived, it's in. 10 minute job? Too easy... I love EFs :smug:
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