Shannon the 3rd gen Shuttle



  • SiRge wrote:
    If you re index the torsions.... as lowe as the subframe/sump will let you. Currently his is done with short nuts to whorey the lowering, but we will be re index it in the future, just a little short of time. Shits chaos at the moment.

    PWizz's shuttle has done it legit with bilsteins, re-index torsions and adjustable pan head rod


    I have been busy, I am graduating from my automotive course in 5 weeks and I am getting married in 2 days so shit has been all over the place!
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    I am a married man now so I thought I had better chuck up a pic of the day.
    The yellow car is a 2011 Walkinshaw Holden Commodore 480KW of supercharged V8 goodness and the silver car that work loaned me for a few days is a 2008 Holden Caprice 6.0 V8.
    Driving that was a huge change to the shuttle but the shuttle has WAAAAAAAAAY more character.

    Not much has happened in Shannon's world lately, she got a polish and a few interior accesories but apart from being I reliable daily driver thats about it!
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Went to an Event held in Wellington NZ yesterday put on by New Zealand Performance car magazine called Hardpark, basically you roll in, park up and soak in the atmosphere. It is the second time this event has been held and the turnout was insane but of course I forgot my camera!!

    Here are a few photos of Shannon that I have found floating around, credit to the photograhers :D

    Pretty pleased with the feedback I got about the shuttle, it was an awesome event and I am looking forward to next years one!
  • skitsoskitso Wagonist
    Congratulations on the wedding man.

    And those pics are lookin good. Glad to see your shuttle got the attention it deserved.
  • CIVEILCIVEIL New Wagonist
    That red paint looks so deep that you could swim in it!
  • I love the shuttle and the pictures are great. I think it would look a ton better if you could get the front down to where the back is if not a little lower than the back. I don't know what else you would have to change on yours to do that though
  • i love the look of your shuttle, but when you posted up a picture of the "chevy" caprice, i damn near just drooled to death......more pics of the caprice lol!!!
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    When I re-index the torsion bars I will be able to go lower at the front but its not really possible until then unfortunately. I dont have too many more pics of the Caprice at the mo but I work at the local Holden (GM) dealership so pics aren't hard to come by.
    Here is a super sweet pic taken by the good buggers at NZ Performance car magazine, so stoked in getting some publicity for the Bwarp crew!


    I am the dude with tatts holding the can and SiRge is the dude in the white!
  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    Some more of Dans shagin wagin

  • The wagon looks amazing! Love it!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master

    LIKE!!! 8)
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    New shoes :D

  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    I thinks some 25mm spacers would make these wheels 'pop' a whole lot more. Bringing out to the edge of the guard will make it definitely look the part.

    Unless you opt for a widened type of wheel :P
  • JesseCRXJesseCRX Council Member
    I love what you did the hood. The red and black looks hot!
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    I parked the car at work today and had half a dozen comments on how good the wheels look, so I think these might just stay on the car for a while :D
  • CharbCharb Administrator
    666DAN wrote:
    I parked the car at work today and had half a dozen comments on how good the wheels look, so I think these might just stay on the car for a while :D

    Dont give us too many pictures or anything lol

    Those wheels look great on 3rd gens!
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Pics tomorrow, going to a dyno day and I am sure someone will take some decent pics there :D
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Some pics of Shannon on the Mugens as promised, I think they are perfect. I am missing one center cap and all the wheelnut caps but a friend of mine may know of some that are stashed away somewhere and I will get them if they surface :)


    and these are a couple of cars that were at the meet to day, the NSX is amazing, wide bodied, caged and very angry looking and it isn't even finished yet, the dude that owns it also owns this supercahrged EP3 TypeR Civic


    This FD2R is amazing, it is the car I wanted for my wedding car but unfortunately the owner was out of the country on the big day. My wife saw it in the flesh for the first time today and she fell in love with it too!


    There were so many other cars that I wanted to take pics of today but of course the battery in the camera was flat so it died before I could snap more pics.
  • ef001282ef001282 New Wagonist
    I love this wagon! that black fade decal on the front is awesome.

    when you lowered the rear, what did you do to be able to center the rear axle again? threaded pan hard bar?
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Have a look at Pwizz's build thread, his shuttle has had alot of time and money spent on the suspension and by the sounds of it the ride quality is worth it!
  • AaronAaron Wagonist
    That nsx, good lord
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    So it looks like I am getting an EF Shuttle thanks to SiRge, he found one locally that is super cheap, fuel injected and rough around the edges.
    All things going well I will own it next week :)

    My poor old rusty crx might just have to give up its heart for the new addition, which works well for me because I was going to sell the crx anyway and this way I still get to keep most of it and use it in the shuttle :D
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Turns out I dont have to wait until next week for my EF shuttle, I am going to pick it up tonight :D
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Pics or GTFO! :lol:
  • Chaife wrote:
    Pics or GTFO! :lol:

    agreed! :lol:
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Chaife wrote:
    Pics or GTFO! :lol:

    Pics are coming, it was dark when I picked it up and its still dark this morning. I tried to take some pics but the just look like shit.

    Its a 56i, auto and that slips pretty badly so I am going to change the ATF fluid and see if its any better, if it is then I will fix the other things like the smashed rear windscreen and exhaust leak. If the auto is still fucked then I will start its heart transplant. DOHC ZC and 5 speed from my EF7 crx :D

    Thanks again to SiRge/Geoff, he found it and shared the love with me!

    The best part is, it only cost me $200!
  • NZ-DB8RNZ-DB8R Moderator
    Good stuff! Its a shame I scrapped all my manual ZC stuff, you could have had it.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    So here she is, the newest member of the family.

    Gave her a wash and chucked the Advans on for now, she needs some lovin' but I am so happy with what i have got to start with.

  • Lovin the blue! and the Advans look wayyyy better on this wagon than the 3rd gen.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    The Advans do look good but I need tyres for them so I will chuck some of my other wheels on when i pick them up from my mate.
    I am trying to get my wife to start modifying cars so I kinda want her to have this Shuttle once I sort everything out :D
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