Shannon the 3rd gen Shuttle



  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    Looks good man, makes me want to pick something up for myself.

    And as for lips, we can sort that this Sunday if you bring it to mine (Y)
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Yeah man I will bring it up on Sunday when we do some work on the EK :D

    I think this wheel is going to annoy me, its just a bit small with no power steering and I have been thinking about going woodgrain instead
  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    Get a steering wheel with one of those knobs that forklifts have.... :D
  • NZ-DB8RNZ-DB8R Moderator
    Could just harden up? :lol:

    You need to try find an older style wheel, to me that doesnt look right being such a modern design

    This could work in its own weird way: ... 618462.htm
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    :D Cheeky bastard

    I think it looks to modern aswell and that wildcat wheel is on my watch list too and I have been tempted to buy it but im just not 100%
  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    Be proud, when you search 'AK Shuttle' on Google images it comes up with pretty much only yours and pwizz's
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Choice thats pretty cool :)
  • P WizzP Wizz New Wagonist
    Ahhh damn you have a foot rest!! neither of mine have that.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    ^ X2, neither of mine have one either... :|
    I better go hit the junk yard...
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Got anymore pictures of that center console unit?
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    A pic of the foot rest for those that dont have one :lol:

    And the center console as requested

  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    That center console is awesome! Wish the Efs had one like that
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Yeah man it is awesome, but EFs have certain things that I wish AKs had so it cancels out the awesomeness :P
  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    Like what?
    Re engine swaps, A friend in highschool had a old AV integra with a gold top dohc zc carby so that may be a option if you could track one down
  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    There's always AK's and AH's at pickapart so the options are endless as people never want them... funny that!
  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    There are sometimes some mint cars at pick a part! Want me to keep a eye out for anything up here when I go?
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Very cool, wish I had access to something like that.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    No progress to report, still just cruising and loving it. A couple of pics of Shannon covered in snow, I know to alot of people its no big deal but I have lived in my part of New Zealand for the best part of 30 years and have never seen it snow until 2 weeks ago which was a tiny little bit and again last night which was amazing!


    And here is my EF7 CRX sitting in the snow

  • lakaylakay Wagonist
    where abouts do you leave in nz bro?
  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    Wellington (It's where all the cool kids are)
  • NZ-DB8RNZ-DB8R Moderator
    I even got snow on my Shuttle in Whakatane! First time in history it has snowed here. Only a 5min dusting
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Yeah I am about 25 km north of Wellington in dodgy old Porirua and we have never had snow out this way!
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Shannon tried on some new shoes today 8)





    I dont own these, but I am seriously contemplating buying them. I usually hate them on ANY car but for some reason im really feeling them on Shannon.
  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    I have the caps too ya know ;)
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Bring caps to the meet weds :D

    I have scored 2 tyres for them so I might have to "borrow" them for a little longer ;)
  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    Looks nice!

    Whens the DrRubber special being added on? :D
  • Still pretty slow on the updates cos nothing interesting is happening.

    It looks like the Advans are mine so they will be staying on the car for a while yet!
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    So today I went to the local Pick a Part wreckers with SiRge and there were three AK Shuttles!

    Not too many goodies on them but I did manage to get an OEM front lip


    It needs a tidy up but for $6.30 its a steal!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    3 pc. AK lip... wow, LUCKY!
    can't wait to see it all dolled up.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    It should look nice with a bit of love.
    I am going to take the front and rear bumpers back to black aswell. The paint is flaking off and I personally like the look of black bumpers more.

    I think that might be the mission for this weekend :)
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