Shannon the 3rd gen Shuttle

This is my NZDM 3rd gen AK Shuttle "Shannon"
She is standard at the moment apart from being low, got a really good deal from my mate SiRge who has an EF shuttle. The original owner owned it from new until early 2011 when SiRge acquired it, so I am the 3rd owner. Dont have any major plans for her at the moment, im just cruising and enjoying.
Some nice old school wheels are on the cards and maybe tinted windows...maybe

And some pics


  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Since I bought it, I have had to modify the wiper control arm that attaches to the wiper motor as the original one's plastic joint had worn out. I had a look around for a replacement off another shuttle but nothing popped up quick enough so I got one from a 3rd gen sedan and cut & braised it on to the original arm.
    Its winter here in NZ and it rains alot so wipers are a need to be able to cruise around during winter.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    I swear I've been following this wagon all around this forum.
    I think its really cool.... It makes me want a 2wd just to slam it and mob around in... lol
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    is that front little fascia decal OE or is it aftermarket?
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Chaife wrote:
    I swear I've been following this wagon all around this forum.
    I think its really cool.... It makes me want a 2wd just to slam it and mob around in... lol

    I love it, I had only seen pics of it before I kinda did the deal to buy it and I am stoked that I did buy it.
    Chaife wrote:
    is that front little fascia decal OE or is it aftermarket?

    I am pretty certain it is OEM afaik.
  • DRMORTYDRMORTY Council Member
    I love it! Digging those wheels & that Hood sticker...
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    The wheels are steelies with oem hubcaps :shock:
    I like them too but I want some old school 14" or 15" mugens or similar, undecided what I want for sure so the 13's will stay for a while
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    I agree, I love these little hub caps, totally wish we had them in the US.
    (maybe we do, at-least I've never seen any of them)

    but some wheels would really make this old wagon pop. IMO
    I'm definitely subscribing to this thread.
  • I really love the red 3rd gens :(
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Cheers for the positive comments, as I said I dont have a hell of a lot planned yet but I am certain that I will start modifying something soon since my imagination is already running wild with ideas.......
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Hello Shannon, nice to meet you.
  • ef001282ef001282 New Wagonist
    awesome buy! I love how the headlights look recessed but with a flush cover over them. that decal on the front looks cool too.
  • rosewoodrtrosewoodrt Band Wagon
    We dont see old civic's that clean here in new hampshire. Good buy.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    No updates or pics but I am enjoying cruising in the old girl, the heater cranks hot and she purrs like the under powered kitten she is.
    Loving every second of it.

    Going to a meet tomorrow night so should have some relatively decent pics to post
  • JesseCRXJesseCRX Council Member
    Wow. This project looks good! Really diggin the accent to the hood and those wheels are pure 80's gold. Can't wait to see more pics. Keep up the good work.
  • P WizzP Wizz New Wagonist
    Fuuuu, passenger side wipers on my Shuttles are both fucked. Hoping to fix one up this weekend, sucks without wipers!!

    Is this a common problem? Where the wiper spline comes up through the cowling, has a little reinforcing plate , and that has snapped off on both of them, mean the spline has nothing supporting it.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    That sucks bro, mine was the actual plastic ball joint that attaches to the wiper motor that had worn out so kept popping off and I had no wiper action at all.
    How are you looking at fixing your one? Post pics etc when you do it man
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    So Yesterday I changed the rear springs back to un-cut standard items and wound the front torsion bars back up so I am now riding at monster truck height BUT I can finally go and get it legal and drive around without getting in the shit from the police.

    And some interior pics

    I am gutted that its riding so high but the ride quality is soooo much nicer now, I am going to look into how I can have a nice comprimise between ride quality and a lower stance.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    On Sunday Afternoon I was going through a pile of car parts and tool boxes and came across some left over tidy up bolts that I got for my CRX and decided to install some on Shannon.

    Inevitably I ran out so I am getting some more this week, but here are a couple of pics to show the potential


    And this evening I took my kids for a drive and on the way home stopped at the beach 2 mins away from home and took a couple of pretty average pics


    I really need a decent camera and someone that knows how to take good pics to get some nice quality photos but I will wait until I have wheels and a bit of slammage I think.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Took it in for a WOF inspection on Friday and she passed with no issues so she is almost completely legal I just need to pay some regestration now.

    I also changed the rocker cover gasket since it had a slight leak, next plan is to get the rear sitting a bit lower and maybe put the watanabe look-a-likes from my CRX on for a few weeks until I acquire some new wheels.

    I am going to need to replace the clutch in the next month or two as she is starting to slip a little.

    In other news, I took my CRX out for a drive yesterday and it feels like a rocket compared to Shannon so I am seriously contemplating an engine conversion on the shuttle.

    Any of you guys with any conversion ideas?
  • NZ-DB8RNZ-DB8R Moderator
    GoldTop DOHC ZC with Twin 38mm Side Draught Carbies ;)
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Here are the 14's from my crx on shannon, I like it but really needs a wash and a bit of drop asap.

    I am still looking for some wheels for long term but this will do for a little while
  • WOW!! very nice
  • GeorgieGeorgie Wagonist
    NZ-DB8R wrote:
    GoldTop DOHC ZC with Twin 38mm Side Draught Carbies ;)
    I second this motor suggestion.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Georgie wrote:
    NZ-DB8R wrote:
    GoldTop DOHC ZC with Twin 38mm Side Draught Carbies ;)
    I second this motor suggestion.

    I do really like this idea, so it is in the probable basket so far.
  • JDMWago666JDMWago666 Senior Wagonist
    Looks very nice. I like how it blends in with the front graffic.
  • SiRgeSiRge Wagonist
    Shannon and my beasty should have another photoshoot, they've missed each other. 27th if you're rolling up to the Burgerfuel meet brosef?

    Also, car looks heaps nicer now man. You got my B16a1 and box for cheap if you want it too :)

    +1 for B16a with weber carbs....
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Small update....

    Went on a bit of a road trip up the Island and back last weekend and managed to crack my windscreen & that has pissed me off a bit.
    Bought an aftermarket steering wheel so waiting paitently for that to arrive and I have decided the engine conversion is going to be put on the back burner because I want to spend some time and money on my much neglected EF7 that has been sitting waiting for her turn.
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Here is the steering wheel, brand new and only paid $30nzd which is cheap! waiting on a bosskit now :D
  • you just gotta love rhd wagons. looking good
  • 666DAN666DAN Wagonist
    Here is my new steering wheel


    I like it I think, I also went for a look around the local Pick-a-Part wreckers yard and found this front lip from an EF civic hatch


    Its going to need modding to fit so I am unsure at this stage if I will use it or swap it for an AV Integra one SiRge got for his Shuttle.
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