Lifting a wagon for dummies



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    G.dedmore, lmk when you do, I'm interested in the figment because there are 14"winterforce that are .4" smaller than that that I would rather use on the RT wheels.
  • G.dedmoreG.dedmore Band Wagon
    bkmc24, yea i will make sure to post some pics when i get to it. probably gonna be a bit tho. got to many projects goin on and not enough cash.

    toy n joys, idk if the front on the suspension on the integra would lift it or not. i personally havent compared. im assuming it will tho so long as its longer then the stock wagon suspension.

    also i figured now would be a good time to update the Brake portion of this lift.

    So not to long after i picked jane up from 503wagon i lost ability to brake. the pedal would go right to the floor. this was pretty sketchy considering i found out about this in a parking lot.. nearly ran into someone lol.... so for the update.

    the stock wagon rear soft brake lines are relatively short if i say so my self. when i would flex out the line would be stetched. i dont have a picture of this as i wasnt thinking when i started fixing it. both my rears were torn and leaking heavily do to this dummy lift.

    so what i did to fix this was simply went to orielys picked up 2 maybe 3 inch hard lines and a adaptor piece. (sorry for my newb vocabulary. still learning)
    i went ahead and bent the line in a S shape for if i am to ever flex to hard in the future instead of pulling on the rubber line it should just bend my hard line a little.

    heres a couple pics i remembered to take
    on jacks. had to do this in the pooring rain.
    here you can see my hard line bent in the S shape on the driver side
    aand heres the passenger side all hooked up.

    since i did this upgrade i have not had a problem. i can be fully flexed and still have slack in my lines. as far as the front my front like broke to however this wasnt due to stretch. i think i may have pinched it in my spring? idk. but figured id add this as i feel this is veryimportant if your gonna lift your wagon make sure to extend your brake lines if needed for saftey.
  • AbideAbide Council Member
    I'm now at 16" axle center to fender in the rear and 16.25" up front. It can drop about 2" rear and 3" front.
    I ended up with some k sport gravel coils when i couldnt decide on what to try bilstein hds out of. Rides fine. Handles dirt at speed just as well.
  • bkmc24bkmc24 Senior Wagonist
    Has anyone noticed a difference between the auto accord/manual accord springs? RockAuto has both and the auto springs having a longer length, and I don't want to have a bad rear rake...
  • bkmc24bkmc24 Senior Wagonist
    Has anyone used all accord stuff yet? You can get all new springs and shocks for them and not the DA, which is what I would prefer to do...if that doesn't work, I plan to buy H&R OE springs for the DA and CB so that it will be a stiffer ride but still lifted. I don't need to offroad it, just want the snow clearance. I have a Land Cruiser on 35's with lockers for offroad....
  • bkmc24bkmc24 Senior Wagonist
    Anyone fit a 27 inch tire under their lifts? I have been browsing tire sizes for a few days and wouldn't mind trying out some grabber AT2's or something similar. I would love snow tires but I don't know if I want to burn through those consistently and if I boost, I would like a little bit of handles from them as well.
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    I finally got mine done.

  • BeanpickerBeanpicker Band Wagon
    Hi y'all! I started another thread with questions, but please , never mind posting that one, moderators. I decided what I need is the accord/integral combo. But I do have a question for you all that have this installed - how reliable has it been? Have you been munching axles and other things?

    The reason I'm asking is I'm a grandma - sort of "the little old lady from Pasadena" type, I do my own repairs, and this little job certainly doesn't scare me. I just do not want to be stranded on my 9 mile rocky, rutted, washboard driveway to my house in the middle of nowhere - cell phone service is very sketchy out here - you have to climb to the top of a hill to get service. Doing that in the desert heat would not be much fun. So I'm wanting to know how reliable this lift has been to you all.

    i may just end up making skid plates and putting armor on the bottom of my wagon, and calling it good. And the smallest all-terrain tire I can find. I really love that car! Thanks, Cody!
  • I'm planning on machining some strut spacers to give myself a lift similar to what Ryanthegreat1 did. Something like this:


    Any advice is much appreciated. Thinking of doing these at about 3/4" to 1" thick. I was leaning towards flipping the rear LCAs and just using a spacer up front, but now I am considering doing spacers for all 4 corners. Anyone have any thoughts?

    I'm planning to lift one (or both) of my '88 RT4WDs and would like to get 2-3 in. of lift. I intend to use a combination of spacers and reversing the LCAs in the rear. I would like to make the spacers before I disassemble everything to minimize the downtime. To do this, I need a few dimensions. Hopefully, someone can provide these. I need:
    1. The OD of the spacer
    2. The ID of the center hole
    3. The center to center distance of the mounting studs

    Everything thing else I can figure out.

    My plan, at this point, is to use 1.25 in. spacers front and 1.00 in. rear, combined with reversing the rear LCAs. From what I've read, this should get me approx. 2.5 in. lift.

    Do I have this figured right, and are there any other things I need to do?

  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    For the front, that's pretty close. The ratio of spacer to actual lift is more direct in the rear. On mine I have 1.5" spacers front and 3.25" rear PLUS flipping the LCAs.

    Sorry I can't help with spacer dimensions, but mine are welded from extra tophats and 4" tubing. I recommend the method if you have a welder and not a lathe!
  • I have a stick welder, picking up the lathe and mill on Tuesday. I'm a good machinist, so-so stick weldor. So, I gather that 4 in. will work for the OD. Did you have to make any other changes to accommodate that much lift? How do the axles hold up?
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    4" tubing just fit inside the front tophats, the rears are a bit bigger. I'm not positive whether 4"stock is enough for machined spacers. I'd suspect yes, maybe someone who has done it will chime in.

    I did relocate the brake line retainer tabs lower, but that may have only been necessary because of the body lift. Added a Russell's braided line kit.

    Shaved the back of the front knuckles to stop spring binding.

    Used D-series head bolts with spacers for front swaybar end links.,

    Adjustable camber and toe links on rear.

    Complete Energy Suspension kit. BLACK, red squeaks.

    Yes, I have gone through 6 RF axles and one LF. Stick with your 1.25" plan and I think they'll last better.
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