Rear diff bushing mod. get rid of that "thud" sound.

I have not done anything yet to my RT4wd transmission, however I have made some upgrades to my rear diff bushing!!! there's a slight "thud" that EVERY RT wagon seems to have coming from the rear, good bushings or not! This can be heard under hard acceleration. At least this is my personal experience with this car! I have come up with a cost friendly way of fixing this. I have driven the car well over 2000 miles with this rear bushing mod. This includes a 600+ mile round trip to Spokane WA, so there was plenty of snow! So the 4wd was active several times and no more


  • CharbCharb Administrator
    Very nice

    look forward to attempting once said snow goes away :)
  • Ohh and here's my build thread for more info about my RTWago...
  • GeNXGeNX Wagonist
    This is awesome. I just replaced the rear bushings and was about to do a write up soon. I still got the clunk with new bushings but it is way less extreme.
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    thanx man i hope this fixes the sound im hearing n my rear-end :oops:
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    just sent my $35 PayPal...
  • this is so good of an idea. i will try this is soo good of an idea. i will try this as soon as i have time.

    thank you very much. :D :D :D

  • good write up, im going to do this when I get mine
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    I received my Tracking Number for my package already ...
    Good Customer Service....
  • looking to get these after holidays!
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    I received mine in the mail yesterday........
    and thanx for the VIP sticker ( that will b proudly displayed on Scrappy's nissan xterra roof rack ..)
  • I'm seeing it like this:


    Is that correct or incorrect? I feel like a dunce for asking.
  • superhatch wrote:
    I'm seeing it like this:

    Is that correct or incorrect? I feel like a dunce for asking.

    Due to the thickness of the bushing I'm only adding the top one, that seem to take up all the slop.

    Here' the pick installed one more time. bushing on the top
  • 1988rt1988rt Senior Wagonist
    I was just looking around for this specific issue thanks
  • Dash-N-CarsDash-N-Cars Senior Wagonist
    That's a very good idea. Love innovative parts, I'll keep this in mind while I'm rebuilding my rear end...expect a PM from me before too long...I'd like to pick a set of these up. Should help take the slack up during hard accel from AutoX.
  • Just got my bushings. Quick shipment, sticker, and smiley faces. I couldn't ask for more! :P

    Thanks again for this write up!
  • I just used hockey pucks. Cost me about $3.
  • JDMWago666JDMWago666 Senior Wagonist
    Very good write up. Too bad I don't have a RT but when I do this'll be priority 1.
  • I just used hockey pucks. Cost me about $3.

    how effective did that work for you? If thats all it takes i like that idea, the cheaper the better lol
  • nwWagoRTnwWagoRT New Wagonist
    Ordered mine the other day. Doing it mostly as a precaution. One less thing to worry about lol.
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    in for the hockey puck idea lol poly bushings what diameter are they?
  • nwWagoRTnwWagoRT New Wagonist
    Super fast shipping ftw. Thanks mang.
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    do you happen to know a part # for the strut bushings? are they the same as the ones included in Civic shock kits or are they for a wider shock like mustangs or something? your talking about the part that does inside the top hat right? because i looked at the bushing size in the wagon and the bushing size for the top had bushing and their totally different lol
  • Did this today in less then 20 mins love it feel a million times better thanks for the DIY, The drag launches feel way better and solid
  • I thought my wagon was the only one that made that sound! Thought my rear end was going out :lol: Might have to pick some of these up off you ;)
  • Is this for RT wagons only or can it apply to any of them? My wagon loves to make the "chunka chunka" in the rear end whenever I accelerate from a dead stop such as at a red light due to a combined lack of bounce (shocks are going) and too much slack.
  • FakeJDMEF8FakeJDMEF8 Senior Wagonist
    installed mine yesterday, and drives SOOOOOOO much cleaner. drives like new (or how id think a NEW RT would drive)......

  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    wheres the OP ! i need some! whats a good diameter bushing anyone?
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    ordered mine, ill post results ! thanks dude!
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    got my new mounts yesterday just gotta drill my holes (i cheaped out and got undrilled ones ) and slap them on ill post up after i do it thanks for the fast shipping and tracking # VIP! got my vouch
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    wow that is all i have to say. it didnt get rid of all the vibration but the difference was noticable from the very second i took off the rear end is much tighter and you can feel the power going to the rear wheels straight to the wheels not as much of a loss of power with the motion of the shift .
    im replacing the subframe mount tomorrow probally and that should finish the job .. thanks again VIP!
    much reccomended to get the ones that are pre-drilled i didnt have the right drill bit off the top so i had a shop do it for 10$ lol super redundant just pay the extra 10$ unless you have a drill press laying aroud and a HUGE drill bit.
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