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  • 90 RT4WD (Cody)90 RT4WD (Cody) Senior Wagonist
    So here is my suspension I installed today, I didn't want to go to low, but i wanted a sporty feel..

    -H&R sportline springs for 94-2001 integra $200ish

    -88'-91' civic hatch struts $200

    -Godspeed rear lower control arms (waiting for them in the mail) $75

    -92' integra 4 door rear sway bar (not installed yet) $22 at pick n' pull

    -Upper strut braces front+rear $25 Ebay

    It rides great! here is some pictures:cool:
  • r8edmr8edm Wagonist
    Brand: OEM EF Crx shocks and Lowering springs (Front: Jamex, rear: Lovel)

    Cost: Irrelevant to most, different currency

    Ride quality: Smooth and comfy on the motorway and suburban areas. Maybe a little bit to soft at the front, would be nice if it was a bit stiffer. Handels well for what is a quick a cheap setup, although does still lean a bit.

    What they came off of: EF Crx, unable to confirm which specific crx model i.e si, sir etc.

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup: none, would recommend the basic bracing just to stiffen things up a tad.

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: The front personally I think is a nice ride height. The rear is still a inch or 2 too high, making the car look a bit unbalanced aesthetic wise. Might be a good idea to use extended top hats at the front to assist with shock and keep the shock in the optimum range.

  • superhead91superhead91 New Wagonist
    Brand: Function & Form Type 1

    Cost: $600

    Ride quality: Stiff but not uncomfortably so.

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup: None, but planning on replacing other suspension parts such as LCAs, UCAs, camber kits, etc eventually.

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: Wish they went lower. This is as low as they will go without messing with the preload, so I'm probably going to take out the lock rings to lower it further.

  • Bilstein/H&R OE springs (Referencing Cody's setup because I love the way his wagon sits.)
    I've always been a fan of bilsteins, since I like the way the H&R springs make the wagon sit, might as well pair those German made springs with some German Made Struts.

    Bilsteins cheapest at 100 a pop for the rears and 112 for the fronts. Most other places I've seen selling them want at least 150 a piece.

    H&R springs, right around $200 on Amazon. I used the 94-01 Integra OE height springs.



    And how it sets. I love it. Lowering is not my personal preference so if you're looking for some stock ride height that's nice and solid. I'd give this setup a glance.

  • Brand: shockworks

    Cost: $2000 aud

    Ride quality: better then a benz on full soft and track ready at full hard. Takes pot holes and speed bumps with ease

    What they came off: made for ef to ek, custom valved and sprung for individual models, so these are tailored to be civic wagon specific. Front and rear are 45mm pistons, spring rate 7kg front and 6kg rear. Base height adjustable.

    Additional parts: eg front drop forks and eg rear lcas

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: not really, its perfect for my daily/spirited driving. I also have the same coilovers in my wifes forester and my ae86. Can go low but its not my thing so I wont bother with a ride height pic
  • 91 RT4WD91 RT4WD Wagonist
    Brand: Yonaka

    Cost: ~$500

    Ride quality: Amazing road quality

    What they came off of: EF

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup: None

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: Definitely keeping them, would buy again.

  • quartersquarters Council Member
    Springs: Spoon Springs for DC
    Rates: Spoon Progressive 358F/303R (Progressive/Progressive)
    coming from my ITR springs (250/250), i feel like the progressive section of the Spoons is only about 50lb softer. so not a lot of progression but enough to take the bite outta a lot of bumps.
    Struts: Koni Yellows.
    Front Swaybar: OEM
    Rear Swaybar: 22mm Mugen




    It's lower than I was hoping for, but when you are mixing and matching, it's a guessing game. The koni perches are set to highest in front, and middle in rear.
    handles like a mofo.
  • vrmouseyvrmousey New Wagonist
    Skidmark '89 2wd wagon.

    full coilovers from (no-name EMUSA) $360

    moog style (EMUSA) front upper control arm camber adjustment bushings $30 (had to notch fender well for control arm clearance)

    Rear camber adjustment "turnbuckles" also EMUSA $30

    Before (NOTE before pic had flat tires):

    This is how she sits after:

    This is after the after with 17" rims and 205/40/17 rubber:

    All parts are supposed to be for an 88-91 civic crx. LCA's, UCA's, and all other bushings are still stock.

    I like the ride, It's a little stiffer than what I assume a GOOD stock suspension would be, but it soaks up the bumps pretty good around town. Highway cruising is real nice. I can hear the rubber "click" over seams in the pavement and it feels and sounds very nice and smooth.

    It hugs into the turns pretty well now, and cloverleafs are a lot more fun since the suspension upgrade, body roll is greatly improved.

    WOULD NOT: autox with this setup. for that, I'd probably go with front& rear sway-bars/ stiffeners first.

    Prolly ok for straight line on a track like this.. Works great for my "normal" driving, which does tend to include taking turns at speed sometimes or "destroying" an on-ramp here and there!!

  • unc25unc25 New Wagonist
    Brand: Truhart Basic Coilovers (Re-Use OEM Tophat)

    Cost: ~$400 (USD)

    Ride quality: Car is a daily/weekend/grocery getter cruiser. Spring Rate 8kg Front / 7 kg Rear Overall pleased with the ride quality. Not overly harsh and somewhat neutral feel. I dont feel like thespring rates are too soft or too hard.

    What they came off of: Theyre made for 88-91 Civic/CRX

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup (lca, adjustable aftermarket parts, top hats, anything else): No additional parts as of right now. Just new OEM tophat bushings.

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: Bought as a budget setup and Im pleased with the quality of parts and ride compared to the money spent.


    The fronts in the picture are about half way and the rears are almost maxed out. Plan to add extended top hats in the rear for added shock travel just for piece of mind.

    Side note: I received the wrong spanner wrenches for the setup and was able to modify the ones I had to work. I contacted Truhart and received a response immediately. I also asked them about a recommended operating height. Truhart customer service was great,they sent out the correct wrenches and some decals.

    Are these $1k quality, but my wagon isnt a $20k vehicle either. For the money I think theyre pretty hard to beat. These are very basic and do exactly what I needed them to do. I dont plan on autocrossing them or running them in any motorsport event ever. For DD/weekend/grocery getting these will do just fine.

    Truharts has a 2 year warranty on them from the date of purchase. Only time will tell if they hold up...I dont have any reason to think they wont.
  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    Brand: Koni sport shocks part no 8041 1200 for the front can't remember the back and neuspeed race springs

    Cost: Can't remember, shocks have been repaired/resealed and springs were off a friend for a deal

    Ride quality: Pretty comfortable but felt a little soft with the extra weight of the wagon. They feel loads better when I had them in my old crx, Time will tell how they feel in the ef8. I used the shuttle daily for years and have no complaints other than feeling a tad soft. Did a few 'spirited' drives and was happy.

    What they came off of: Ef hatch/crx

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup: Stock everything else. except for front and rear strut bars

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: (would you keep them, buy another setup, anything else you would like to add). I'd like a bit firmer damping (possibly I could adjust them more) as the wagon is heavier than the hatch. I highly recommend them for a crx or ef hatch as they feel fantastic. They are loads better than stock and i'd buy another set in a heartbeat.

  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    Brand: Mugen Showa Damper Adjustable with H&r springs

    Cost: $550 NZD

    Ride quality: I havent been for a drive yet but around he back yard it feels stiffer (in a good way) than the koni setup. It sits a tad higher but thats not a bad thing

    What they came off of: Dc integra

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup (lca, adjustable aftermarket parts, top hats, anything else): I have replaced most of the bushes with energy suspension nolethane. I had to grind/file the eye mount so it would fit in the shuttle control arm

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: Back to back with the konis in the driveway these feel much better but they are designed for a heavier car after all.
  • Neville suspension update.







    Brand: [FONT=&amp]Skunk2 Pro S II coilovers[/FONT]

    Cost: 779 New from Skunk2

    Ride quality: So far just road driving but I love them. I've had a variety of spring/strut combos, and about 5 different coils over the years most around the same price or more expensive and these are top notch. The quality is really high, and the ride is really great. Being able to adjust the ride height while keeping the spring compression at X really increases the versatility of the coil and allows for a smooth ride while being lowered nicely.

    What they came off of: 89-91 Civic

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup:

    Skunk2 Pro Series Plus front upper control arm
    Skunk2 Rear camber kit
    New L/R Moog lower ball joints
    New L/R inner tie rods (aftermarket)
    New L/R outter tie rods (aftermarket)
    '93 DA Integra front knuckles (bead blasted and coated)
    '93 DA Integra front calipers (bead blasted and coated)
    EBC Stage 2 'Green Stuff' brake pads and rotors
    Goodrich braided brake lines

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: I would 100% buy these again for a street/light auto-x setup. For the price and the ride quality I think they are at the top of this price range.
  • 5SpeedEJ65SpeedEJ6 Band Wagon
    Brand:D2 (Super Lows)

    Cost: US $900

    Ride quality: Amazing. I am into slamming every car I've owned, so I've gone through many set ups for going as low as physically possible (on my old 97 Civic). So in comparison to all of the other slammed set ups I've had, this one is by far the best. Too stiff for most, but the dampening works perfect for me. All the way up (as in the picture) I soften up the dampening, all the way down I stiffen it up for less rebound and scraping.

    What they came off of: 1997 Honda Civic LX

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup (lca, adjustable aftermarket parts, top hats, anything else): MPC EK Drop Forks (flipped inside out to clear the axles), aftermarket rear LCAs

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: (would you keep them, buy another setup, anything else you would like to add): I'd definitely buy again. 14k up front and 8.5k in the rear may seem stiff but it's perfect for those looking for extreme drops. The picture is the suspensions ALL THE WAY UP. I still have another +3 inches to go down. If you're looking for good a good ride and not slamming, get the D2 RS which are the same as these but they don't go as low.

    Sorry for the crappy picture, I couldn't find any recent one with the new suspension.


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