Suspension reviews and recommendations

I would like anybody willing to put a bit of their time into posting their setups and how they either like or dislike them. People don't want to search and this will give everybody one place to go and get an idea on what is out there.

THIS IS NOT FOR ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT SUSPENSION SETUPS, this is only for posting your take on your particular setup.


Cost: (what they cost new or used)

Ride quality: (road quality, track quality, what you use your suspension for and how you like it)

What they came off of: (as in what car crx, teg, you get the idea)

What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup (lca, adjustable aftermarket parts, top hats, anything else):

Any additional thoughts on the setup: (would you keep them, buy another setup, anything else you would like to add)

If there is anything I am missing just add it to your post.

I just want a true honest review on the setup you are running on your car so we can compile a list of setups so people can have one location to go read about them. Thanks to all who contribute.


  • NZ-DB8RNZ-DB8R Moderator
    Great Idea

    Brand: Koni "yellow" sport shocks, with King Springs

    Cost: Irrelevant to most, different currency

    Ride quality: Soft and smooth, could be a bit stiffer but nice and comfortable for daily use. With the Braces it handles great, not too much bodyroll and gives a decent height

    What they came off of: EF3 Honda Civic Si

    What additional parts are you using: Front, Rear and C Pillar Brace

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: Would definitely buy them again, though will be adding extended tophats to the rear for additional shock travel and to keep from hitting bump stops

  • Brand: Tein Type HA

    Cost: 600 USD Used

    Ride quality: Very good for daily use and track use as they came off of a CRX track car in Japan. Fully adjustable and easy to adjust.

    What they came off of: 1990 CRX SIR

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: Required using a set of 88 rear lower control arms. They also came with upper pillow mounts, but if you aren't careful the adjustment ring can seize onto the shock body. You can literally put the mudflaps on the ground with this setup as well. A very nice amount of height and dampening adjustments.

  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Brand: KYB GR2 with H&R springs. Springs cut to level ride height. Approx 2" drop over stock.

    Cost: Full setup $175 barely used

    Ride quality: Use for daily hwy driving. Nice smooth ride. scrapes a little on driveways & bridges especially with other people in the car. A nice everyday setup on a low budget. I wouldn't track the car on these, but I'm happy with them They close the fender gap nicely.

    What they came off of: Setup was for CRX I do believe.

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup : None

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: I am going to keep them, I want to add some adjustable upper control arms and shim the rear to prevent wearing out my tires.

  • Stance:



    Eibach Pro Street Coil-overs (utilize KW dampers with Eibach matched rate springs)


    Click HERE for more info and pricing.


    MSRP of $972.00 - I paid $730.00 or so due to a friend working at Eibach.

    Ride quality:

    Absolutely excellent for daily driving on roads and highways. They are what I would call "soft" for a lowered set-up. They literally ride stock-like, but a little firmer. I would not attempt to auto-X or road race with them as there is more body roll than I'd like for those applications. These would be what I call literally the perfect daily driver suspension.

    What they came off of:

    These were purchased for a 90-91 Civic Sedan/Civic - no wagon models offered. The ride height adjustments are very limited though being that the wagon had very different shocks/springs in the rear when compared to the hatch/sedan. What you see for ride height is about the only way you can sit if you want it level. See my note towards the bottom about height settings.

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup:

    I would not call the extras "necessary" but they are if you want to have street-able camber settings and factory spec rear toe at the same time.

    Skunk2 front upper control arms for EF/DA allowed front camber to be a more tire-friendly -1.7 degrees instead of the -4.0 degrees it had before:


    Shimmed the hell out of the upper control arm in rear to bring rear camber to -1.0 or so rather than the -4.5 it would have otherwise.

    ...and finally SPC rear toe links to allow the factory .08 degrees of rear toe to be adjusted. Once you slam the wagon, and fix the rear camber with shims the toe slot in the frame doesn't allow for enough rear toe adjustment. I replaced the fixed rear toe arm with an adjustable one for much more toe adjustment range.

    Any additional thoughts on the setup:

    Here is the biggest issue with the Eibach Pro Street S coil-overs on a Civic wagon:


    If you want your ride height like mine, which is pretty much a 195/50/15 tire sitting just off the fender arches then this suspension is perfect. It rides great, sits nice and low, and is absolutely durable.

    I've had this set-up for over 2 years now and they still ride like new. The dampers are KW variant, which are top quality, and the springs are Eibach which again are top quality. There's no reason why these shouldn't ride great for for years and years longer.

    I'll be back later to post a shock/spring combo I installed on my mom's former 1990 Civic wagon. It's much more budget-oriented and was also great for daily driving.
  • Brand: Skunk2 Coil-over sleeves, Tokico Blue struts for 91 hatch.

    Cost: Coils came with car, Blues were $248 shipped.

    Ride quality: Good for smooth driving, not great for moderately bad roads. Would not recommend this combo unless you were trying to save money while saving for something else. These are better than the blown struts that came with the car bot not ideal. Blues are just too soft for anything but sport springs and very moderate lowering.

    What they came off of:
    4G Hatch/CRX

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup:
    Blox rear toe adjustment.

    Any additional thoughts on the setup:
    I've found that it's always better to try and buy a matched set of springs/shocks or a full coilover even if it means waiting a bit longer for a suspension. Mixing and matching rarely works out.

  • superhatch wrote:
    Even at this height I got really bad wear in the front w/o any ability to adjust the camber.

    Did you get an alignment after lowering the car? The toe will be off by quite a bit with lowering. Toe is what will kill the tires. I ran my EF hatch with about 3 1/4 degrees of negative camber on the front, but the toe was properly adjusted and I got about 20,000 miles before I started noticing the inside of the fronts starting to wear more than the outsides. Even at that point, it was just a small small difference, nothing that was worrying at all.
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    koni yellow + gc
    Extended top hats by GC on the rear
    suspension technique rear sway
    suspension technique rear lca w/ camber adjustability
    front ls rotors w/ legend calipers ceramic pads
    cost = 1300 lol fuucckk
  • Jaker wrote:
    superhatch wrote:
    Even at this height I got really bad wear in the front w/o any ability to adjust the camber.

    Did you get an alignment after lowering the car? The toe will be off by quite a bit with lowering. Toe is what will kill the tires. I ran my EF hatch with about 3 1/4 degrees of negative camber on the front, but the toe was properly adjusted and I got about 20,000 miles before I started noticing the inside of the fronts starting to wear more than the outsides. Even at that point, it was just a small small difference, nothing that was worrying at all.

    I had an alignment when I first picked the car up, and had it raised about 0.75", then I drove it home from Seattle and saw some slight wear. I raised the car up another 0.50" or so but did not get it realigned (too busy with work, 1 hour commute when Im home = no time for anything). I was running star specs and just ended up writing them off after one summer of use, likely due to not getting that second alignment. I do have a set of skunk 2 UCA's which I'll put on when I change to my winter tires.
  • I have Progress Technology's ( Time Attack coil-over kit on my '91 CRX Si Race Car.

    It will be getting transferred over to my '91 RT4WD once I find a suitable replacement for the race car.

    Ride quality should be much better on the wagon (~2500lbs) vs. the race car (~1850lbs), but will probably be a little too harsh for those that like a more plush ride. With 450lb springs in the front and 650lb springs in the rear, the car will have a very neutral feel in the corners. ...and the Progress shocks are shortened, so you can keep optimal suspension travel...even when lowered.

    Progress also makes non-rebuildable kits that are more affordable @ >$600, and have lower spring rates.



  • SonicSonic Band Wagon
    Brand: Ground Control coilovers, Koni Red shocks

    Cost: GCs are $400, Konis were about $400 as well for the set...I forget though as it has been 10 years. Spring rated 350 front, 250 rear.

    Ride quality: decent, firmer than stock, but I have poly bushings too. It is a little under dampened, should have used Koni Yellows

    What they came off of: all parts were for a 91 Civic

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup: Poly bushings all around, that's it.

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: I would have Koni Yellows and slightly firmer springs in the front, significantly firmer in the rear, and with a rear sway bar.
  • adamEFwagonadamEFwagon Senior Wagonist
    *brand - PIC selects 10k front, 14k rear
    *cost - $1350 shipped
    *ride quality - they are stiff, but rode good. definately would track them.
    *what they came off - 88-91 civic, not the type-r style
    *what additional parts - skunk2 front UCA, no name brand rear UCA, and ES bushing master kit
    *any additionl thoughts - they are pretty stiff for daily driving, but i love the way that is. the bushings started squeaking after prolly 5 months, but that was my fault from not using a lot of grease. wverything worked well together and the car handled amazingly.
  • Brand- Godspeed type RS one pieces. adjustable dampener with pillow mount. 8k 10k
    Cost- 599.00 shipped.
    For- 88-91 civic

    Personal review-

    I love this suspension, It rides amazing from the soft setting to the super stiff setting this suspension doesn't disappoint. I can go ridiculously low and it still doesn't diminish ride quality. I also beat the hell out of this suspension hitting corners super fast and accidentally hitting bumps going 100+ and it still holds like up like new.

    Only con is that the powder coating on the struts started chipping off.

    here's my stance

  • Updated suspension

    Brand: Koni Shocks, Skunk2 Coilover sleeves, keeper springs, custom extended tophats

    Ride quality: Awesome, nice and smooth, absorbs the bumps and loads up nicely in the corners

    What they came off of: Civic Hatch

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup: Custom Tophats, Adjustable rear Camber arms, front and rear strut brace.
  • Brand: monroe sensatrac for EF sedan, skunk2 drop springs for DA integra

    Cost: 200 for struts new, 100 for springs?? i forget honestly

    Ride quality: pretty stiff..

    What they came off of: civic EF sedan struts, integra DA springs

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup (lca, adjustable aftermarket parts, top hats, anything else): front struts lowered into forks, front tophats extended 1.5", rear 3"

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: front springs were cut 1 coil each, rears cut 6.5 coils each (yeah yeah bad idea), i wanted to lower the car ASAP and being on an island makes my options very limited, just thought id post this in case anyone else has thoughts of running this setup.. i usually drive alone or with my gf and dont really load up the car so i have EF springs on the side..
  • OldmajorOldmajor Band Wagon
    I just picked up a wagon again and have gone through 2 different coilovers in the past week hoping to sell the set I'm currently riding on to pick up something different I'm still not happy with the hieght.
    Brand:k sport, skunk 2 pro s,

    Cost: ksport:$700, skunk2 $600,

    Ride quality: ksports: rode extremely well, the wagon deffinitly felt like a go kart. The only problem with them is I just couldn't get them to go low enough. So I threw them on my track car.
    Skunk 2: the ride is pretty bouncy they allowed me to go about in inch lower but the bounce just isn't worth it. Im pretty much ridding on bumpstops they would be decent if rode a bit higher. I still don't consider them to be low enough for my taste.
    What they came off of: ksports: ef, skunk2: eg

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup: skunk 2: eg lca's And forks.

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: k sports have been my favorite set up on any car iv owned I'm extremely happy with them can't wait to take them on the track. None of these have gone low enough for me though, i had a set of function form that went pretty low on my integra looking to pick up either those or a set of black works to try next.
  • 769.jpg

    Check out my link if interested viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5191

    DC Integra Blues and Neuspeed "Sports"

    Cost about $350 for all
    Using DA Integra Knuckles but otherwise stock Suspension
    Dropped about 2" over stock, not too low
    Ride Quality is way too relative; I like it

    Additional Thoughts: I did a lot of reading and playing around with different setups. Tokico Blues have a great reputation for price/performance and absolutely deliver on the wagon. I went with DC Integra units as my wagon carries weight usually, whether its my dogs, towing a little or just regular gear in the rear. As much as I like this suspension I wish it handled this way in stock height form. I will be removing all this soon to go back to stock height.
  • JesseCRXJesseCRX Council Member
    H&R Race Springs(CRX - One dead coil cut in the rears to even out the ride height) $180
    Tokico Whites $380 shipped(got a hell of a deal on these)
    GC Tophats(fronts only)($80-used)
    Generic upper control arm camber kit($50
    Rear camber spacers/washers(free)
    Suspension Techniques Rear Sway Bar(CRX)(free)

    This setup is a bit soft and makes the fat wagon feel like a cadillac. I have the front shock set to stock settings because I accidentally overtorqued one of the front mount nuts at the tip of the shock. So the shaft cracked down the middle and ruined the shock(doh!) So my fronts are running ONE Tokico white and one OEM honda strut. So I can't adjust the front at all til I get the shock replaced. I am sure once i get the shock replaced and stiffen up the settings it will feel like a different ride.

    The rears are set to 2, so it keeps the ass from bouncing. I don't wanna set it too hard in fear of throwing off the balance of the ride. I have yet to bottom out on this set up. And I have hit some serious potholes and bumps. The ride is low in the front but it's the perfect height imo. I never use my wagon for aggressive driving, so I can't comment on how well it will do in competition. But for daily driving I really like it. Soft like an air pillow

    It's a good cheap setup for those on a budget.
  • ragenasianragenasian Moderator
    This is for AFTERMARKET suspension setups. Nobody cares what your stock suspension feels like because most of us have already had that experience and opted to remove it so your review on it is pointless.

    Any BS crap post in this thread will be removed.

    For all those who have so far contributed helpful posts to this thread I appreciate it. Please keep the reviews coming if you have a different setup. :mrgreen:
  • mtbikerTimtbikerTi Band Wagon
    KYB GR2 shocks (for 89 Civic CRX) ~$200
    Stock wagon springs, a few dead coils removed from the rear to fit the shorter CRX shocks.

    Rides good for a daily driver, not too firm, not too soft. Only problem is the rebound damping in the front shocks isn't so great and they top out with a good clunk going over speed bumps and such.

    The rear of the wagon was sagging pretty good with the original shocks/springs, but after cutting a bit it rides nice and level.
  • XiongXiong Band Wagon
    Brand: Function and Form

    Cost: $280 used

    Ride quality: a lil bumpy, but smooth. Daily driver, but did a S turn (curvy road) at about 30mph, didn't feel like the car was going to flip like the old stock ones - very stable, stuck to the ground pretty good.

    What they came off of: eg civic

    What additional parts: eg front forks, function7 lca

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: energy suspension bushing coming soon, along with da sway bar so hopefully it'll only get more fun.

  • flipside1212flipside1212 Band Wagon
    Function forms type 1
    blox lca
    ebay front camber kit
    spc rear camber kit
    wicked tuning rear toe kit

    rides great for a daily, these are from an ek civic so i think from it being a heavier car it helps out alot with the wago

  • Brand: No Name Ebay Adjustible springs Tokico Blue Struts, both for integra

    Cost: Traded around (think the springs are $80 shipped and the struts are $350 shipped and the stock teg forks maybe $30 a piece used)

    Ride quality: Good and bad, little bouncy but way better than stock, draggin mudflaps gives me mixed feelings (now i have a extra set so i'm less worried)

    What they came off of: Integra

    What additional parts: Integra front forks

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: ended up switching to stock teg springs and the car does not bounce and does not lean like stock, but is more harsh then either stock or lowered. thinking about putting the lowering springs back on for a while...
  • 250a3f1b.jpg

    Brand: Ebay

    Cost: $50.00 Shipped New

    Ride quality: A bit bumpy but was going for the look until I can save for real coil overs.

    What they came off of: These were for a 91 crx si

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup: NONE

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: For the price to get the look is cool but saving for a real set up!
  • Andy TFAndy TF New Wagonist
    I run Meister R (None of you would have heard of them as they are more a UK Brand).

    They are twin perch and have good adjustability.

    Spring Rates: Front 7kg / Rear 5kg

    Bump/Rebound adjustment of 16 clicks (Which actually work quite well)

    A very good street coil over, can be adjusted for a hard bouncy ride or a soft comfortable ride.

    Spring rates are good too, i just need to upgrade the anti roll bars to help with the weight transition, when cornering hard and i thing the set-up will be pretty good.

    These rate much better than the likes of D2, TEIN, BC, Cusco for what i use them for.

    Most Japanese coilovers have really hard spring rates, which don;t really suit the roads over here in Ireland.

    Will post pics up tomorrow!
  • Function form type 1
    blox lca
    ebay front camber kit
    j-power rear camber kit
    wicked tuning rear toe kit
    great for smooth roads but gets a little rough on not so nice roads. could be my bushings though. I dont recommend the blox lca's as the bushings tear out (will be replacing soon)

    Coilovers still have another 2" up front and 1.5" out back of play room to go lower. These are also off an EK. Basically this is flipsides old car with minor differences.
  • ZachZach Band Wagon
    My old set up, in like 2003.

    Tein basics. I paid about $800 back then.
    I did autocross on these a few times and they were a little soft for that, but I thought they were great for daily driving. Very comfortable.
    I did always wish they went a little lower. These pics are with the coils all the way down.


  • FakeJDMEF8FakeJDMEF8 Senior Wagonist
    Ground Controls, Tokico Illuminas, Ksport rear upper camber arms, Ksport rear toe adjusters, Energy Susp full kit 9including rear TA bushings), Full Race traction bar and PWR radiator combo, Skunk2 ProII upper a-arms, S2000/{Prelude 11.1"} front brakes by Brake Expert, Stainless Russell lines, generic front/rear strut tower bars, and LS webs/Blizzak 60's....

    Love this setup. Has enough stiffness, but also completely adjustable. It's currently in "winter mode" but easily swapped out for 15" rota beat/federal 595's and lower it a bit. stiffen up the struts and good to go.

    Will be adding a Suspension techniques rear sway as soon as i find all the mounting harware (have the endlinks, but need the triangles and such (pm me if ya have them for sale!)
  • Rokkor coil over adjustable struts, extended top hats, struts braces(front, rear, and seatbelt one.)
    Sitting on enkei 92's 15x8 +25 with Yokohama 195/45/15.

    Rides pretty nice and on stock wheels freaking way nice.

    Doesn't bottom out how it used to. Worth it even though it was budget set up.

    fronts 2 1/4
  • Brand:: Function Form Type 1 strut, Skunk2 Springs, Ebay aluminum extended tophats

    Cost: Roughly $600 (stock)

    Ride quality: Depends on the road. Terrible in the city, good on the freeway. My bastard setup was to get low, and it does. (could actually go lower)

    What they came off of: F&F claims Civic "EF"

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup: Front, stock. Rear, Hardrace toe and camber kit. Skunk LCA

    Any additional thoughts on the setup: I daily drive this car in downtown Portland, its not a fun ride with our roads.
    Almost tucking rim, 15"
  • beastmodebeastmode Senior Wagonist
    Brand: Ksport CHD010-KP Kontrol Pro Damper System (F)9.8/549kg/lbs (R)5/280kg/lbs

    Cost: $700-900

    Ride quality: Bound/rebound valving feels smooth, i'm on max setting. The "only problem/issue" i'm experiencing with my current set-up is the rear sping rate needs to be beefed up(higher rate) and the front spring rate feels good but i would like to feel how a little higher spring rate would handle. I'm guaging my experience by comparing to my previous ride 2000 Honda S2000 with stock shocks on tanabe GF210's springs(spring rate higher then stock, GF=grip force). Yes i know an S2000 is in a different class but im talking bout suspension feel only.

    What they came off of: Honda Civic/CRX 1989-1991

    What year and model being installed on: 1990 Honda Civic Wagon RT4wd

    What additional parts are you using in conjunction with the setup (lca, adjustable aftermarket parts, top hats, anything else):
    -Ksport CKHD01-3 Honda Civic/CRX 1988-1991 Rear Camber Kit.
    -Ksport LCHD01 Honda Civic/CRX 1989-1991 Lower Control Arms.
    -Skunk2 51-6-05-5660 Pro Series Front Camber Kits.
    -Front sway bar came with the car but prob came from a 89-91 civic/crx aftermarket company.
    -Front adjustable tower strut brace came with the car but prob came from a 89-91 civic/crx aftermarket company.
    -no name rear adjustable c-pillar bar.
    -Megan rear adjustable tower strut brace, Part Number: MR-SB-HC88RU.
    -Suspension Techniques STQ-51140 88-91 civic/crx rear sway bar.
    - SPC 69250 toe adjustment kit
    -Energy Suspension master kit, Part Number: 16.18102.
    -VIP performance rear differential mod.

    Measurements from ground to bottom of door handle F & R: (F)25 3/4in and (R) 26 1/2in. Any lower front setting header will meet asphalt while driving at times with this setup.

    Tire size: 165/50/15 Federal Formoza FD1 with measurements above you will tuck in the front and have a 2 finger gap in the rear.

    Final thoughts: Since i'm using my previous ride as a comparison with all the suspension parts noted above "in my opinion" the ride quality regarding body roll, braking, acceleration and sprited driving whether it be in the mountains/city/freeway my experience is pretty close to how my S felt for a wagon but i haven't driven the S for over a year which has been sold so you decipher that how ever you want. Installed all items at once except rear tower strut and c-piller bar. I've noticed even less body roll with the rear tower strut and c-piller bar combo installed. Yes I would purchase >> Ksport CHD010-KP Kontrol Pro Damper System again but I would also order higher rear spring rate replacement springs just in case you feel like (R)5/280kg/lbs is a little to soft for you. Hope this helps for all the new civic wagon drivers...


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