My $350 wagon project (NEW PICS 12/26/11)



  • Fuel system with Fcs Race fuel cell twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps.

  • I forgot how fun it is searching for parts. It’s definitely one of the best parts about building a car. Came across RDX injectors with injector plugs.

  • Came across an RSX Type S Header on offer this weekend. Not gonna work for my swap but fortunately it’s going to go on my buddies car I thought it made a cool pic.
  • 14759ABE-AE67-49FA-B778-9BD15D3B1086_zpswfcbxm8a.jpg

    Here’s my parts list for my k20a2 swap so far. Things may change but for now this is what I would like to do.

    1) K20a2 with ep3 trans
    2) k20a2 harness
    3) chasis jumper harness (hybrid racing or rywire)
    4) k20a2 or Ep3 half shaft
    5) axels k20a2 (I think I will need to outer spline to an Integra spline
    5) May change oil pan to a ktuned oil pan for more ground Clarence
    5) crv passenger side engine mount btacket
    6) hasport mounts allow two heights
    7) kpro pnd, pnf or prb ecu (must be manuel transmission ECU)
    8) shift cables ep3 and may use Hasport ef bracket and 90-93 accord shifter (still to be determined)
    9) skunk2 swap header (no modification needed to the crossmember) major plus
    10) K series swap fuel rail (can not use stock k20a2 rail, it does not a return line
    11) Flare my fuel line and add a in-line fuel filter steel braided lines to and from Fuel rail
    12)Fuel pressure regulator and gauge
    13) up grade injectors to RDX injector (not needed) stock injectors will work, fuel pump grams 255 or walbro
    14) ep3 idler pulley since I will not have power steering
    15) New k20a2 timing chain, tensioner and guides water and oil pump ( not needed but since the motors out might as well replace these)
    16) Skunk2 pro series manifold or RBC manifold (stock manifold can be used)
    17) skunk2 Throttlebody ( stock throttlebody can be used)
    18) Intake, hybrid racing makes say specific intake for a K-series swaps but I think I may just modify one myself
    19) Throttle cable K20a2
    20) Radiator, hasport has a excellent write up and install video on VTEC Academy. Part numbers for the (radiator OPL HPR045) radiator hose lower gates 23368, upper hose gates 23340. Hybrid racing and Ktuned make hoses but cost around $80-$90 for both.
    21) May also upgrade to a 2007 TSX intake and exhaust cam (not necessary) from what I understand this is a simple drop-in no valvetrain upgrades are required. Must be re-tuned to see full performance.
    22) exhaust, from what I’ve heard 3 inch exhaust no cat, provides the most horsepower. Not sure if I’m gonna do that I live in California and the police are very strict.

    My hopes for this car is to Dyno around 230 hp ish
  • Looks like it’s going to be a long weekend

  • Looks like a serious (and expensive) build. I'll be following...good luck.
  • Picked up a skunk K-series fuel rail on offer up for $40!!

  • Definitely not going to be cheap but should be a lot of fun putting it together.
  • Definitely not going to be cheap but will be a lot of fun putting it together
    arries289 wrote: »
    Looks like a serious (and expensive) build. I'll be following...good luck.
  • Decided to clean the cam assembly and inspect the cams for any type of wear. Only thing that needs to be replaced is the timing chain, it’s stretched about half a chain length.

  • I had to give the valve cover some attention. My plans are to paint it crinkle black. Cleaned it with aircraft stripper and went over With some sand paper. It was a bit too cold to try to paint it today so I’m hoping I’ll have some time in the next few days if the weather cooperates.


  • The weather was great today so I decided to spray the valve cover VHT crinkle black. I use Chapstick on the parts of the valve cover I did not want to painted. The Chapstick makes it much easier to wipe off the paint. After doing about five passes at different angles I let the valve cover dry for about 30 minutes and then placed the valve cover in the oven. This was the first time I’ve ever actually used an oven to help cure the crinkle paint. Needless to say it worked great, I left the valve cover the oven for 10 minutes at 280°. Super happy with the results. My next goal is a valve adjustment.




  • Valve cover looks great. You going to take a file to the face of the letters?
  • I plan on taking the paint off the lettering
  • Been a while since I’ve been here. Still doing the k20a2 swap. Does anyone have any experience with the AC compressor clearing a innovative traction bar?

  • sorry, I haven't seen anyone with AC with a Kswap in there wagon yet

  • No problem thanks for the response. Open the hear from someone let me know

  • I have started my K Swap wagon In Ireland, actually a Swiss left hand drive car

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