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  • way2slowway2slow Band Wagon
    I would love to see how the chargespeed one works out.
  • JDM DriverJDM Driver New Wagonist
    yes me to I i'm love also in for a Chargespeed wing.
    can you get some pics?
  • I see a lot of post on here for the actual duck wing for the top, but Im looking for the Mid Wing that goes across the back and has the gap where the Honda emblem is, anyone know where I can find one of those???
  • waldolokowaldoloko New Wagonist
    wagon<3 wrote:
    i have a buddy working on a chargespeed style wing

    So is he still working on it?
  • where can i find one of those mid wings this is such a must for me??!! n e help is help needed
  • where can i find one of those mid wings this is such a must for me??!! n e help is help needed

    ebay. $160+ship, if this was 2002 these would be everywhere
  • Are the mid wings on eBay after market and are they good quality I they are?
  • JesseCRXJesseCRX Council Member
    Bumping this thread to ask if anyone has had the chance to test fit this rear visor for the CRV on the Wagon. ... 40-S9A-100
    "Aerodynamic design helps to reduce dirt and debris build-up on the rear window while enhancing the vehicle's sporty image. Black weather-resistant plastic blend is good looking and long-lasting. Rear air deflector to individualize your CR-V."
  • moebiiusmoebiius Wagonist
    Hey Jesse! That kinda looks like yours!
  • JesseCRXJesseCRX Council Member
    Kinda does, but it doesn't hang over the top part of the glass but still does the same function basically.

    I like the look of it. I bet it can fit with some modification.
  • SiWagonSiWagon Council Member
    Just go measure the CR-V width.You'd probably better off getting a EF Civic SiR rear wing/spoiler & grafting it on.It'll look way better.Another one to consider is the rear wing off a WRX sedan.I did a rough measure & it should fit.
  • lafwagonlafwagon Wagonist
    I have a Cervini mid wing for 88-91 EF hatch
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    i still have a civic hatch spoiler i should try it since im ditching this hatch for a new one and if i destroy it and it looks like ass it wont matter
  • xpikenzxpikenz Band Wagon
  • lecoqlecoq Wagonist
    Nice. The sides need to be squared off a bit though...
  • hobbit_01hobbit_01 Band Wagon
    What wing is that??
  • wagonef8wagonef8 Wagonist
    Suzuki Swift wing
  • lecoqlecoq Wagonist
    What year Swift is it from?
  • wagonef8wagonef8 Wagonist
    94 Suzuki swift Gt
  • Cajun WagonCajun Wagon Band Wagon
    That is a clean look right there...I like that!
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist

    I've gone through the thread and noticed some people running EK wings I think I've asked someone on here before but don't know what thread it was but, how well do the ek wings fit and how do they line up to stock spoilers 4 10mm bolt holes?

    I'm thinking about getting an adjustable ek wing if they do in fact fit well just trying to get some guidance before the buy
  • Here’s a wing off a 89 civic si hatchback. I was in luck that it was stock oem Honda red ??

  • @little_red_swagon is that just bolted onto the black "wing" that comes on the wagon or is that piece removed?

  • I'm doing the same thing to my wagon i just haven't had time to mess with it. how did you mount it to the wagons factory rear wing thing i don't know what its called

  • thats what i've been seeing people do to make those ef spoilers fit they leave the factory wagon spoiler trim piece and just mark holes to fit i think

  • I have a red EF wing, but I don't really like the tacked on look. I think the EF wing would still need some modification to fit but I'm going to hack this one and then ideally make a mold and make an OEM looking wing.

  • I'm going to start messing around with mine in couple weeks to see what i can come up with i definitely want that ef wing to fit in my opinion its just the right size not to small and not to big, also i really like they have a 3rd brake light

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