rear wing



  • rasrx7rasrx7 New Wagonist
    put the chargespeed ek wing on mine....trying it on...thinking of selling it...


    for adjustability and stability...???
  • adamEFwagonadamEFwagon Senior Wagonist
    i very much dislike the way that one looks as well as the spoon EK one.
  • I want one of those mid wings! Where do i get one? Looked on ebay, but those ones aren't the right look. Plz help me out. :D 8)
  • will a eg spoon duckbill fit like the ek
  • ThaClutcHThaClutcH Senior Wagonist
    Never seen it. Doesnt hurt to try. Try it out and let us know. :D
  • JDMshuttleJDMshuttle Senior Wagonist
    the mid wing is a wings west or honda access factory 88-91 civic hatch
  • kamanari1kamanari1 New Wagonist
    does anyone have a front pic of the wagon with the ek duckbill and blue wheels?
  • so thats a ef rear wing??
  • ThaClutcHThaClutcH Senior Wagonist
    so thats a ef rear wing??

    The mid-wing is.
  • Swipe'dSwipe'd Wagonist
    Double sided mid wing tape? How does it stay on?
  • JP PatchesJP Patches Band Wagon
    i do not like wings on wagons...
  • leWolfleWolf Senior Wagonist
    JP Patches wrote:
    i do not like wings on wagons...
    Nor do I like green eggs with ham! :lol: I think a little wing looks fine.
  • udubrx7udubrx7 Senior Wagonist
    I saw a Pontiac vibe the other day at Bojangles that had a weirdo roof spoiler, and a mid wing. It was definitely stock parts. Somebody try and find that shit in a junkyard!
  • 789.jpg

    Piiiimp. :lol:
  • leWolfleWolf Senior Wagonist
    superhatch wrote:

    Piiiimp. :lol:

    DEAR GOD!!!! :shock:
  • udubrx7udubrx7 Senior Wagonist
    Yeh that's what I saw!
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    about a week or two ago i saw a wagon with what looked like an OEM spoiler. it was a beagle but i cant find the pic on here. looked awsome if anyone know what im talkin about post the pic up or link me to it.
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    here it is
  • udubrx7udubrx7 Senior Wagonist
    Stock EF hatch spoiler!

  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Yeah looks to be the same as SiWagons rear wing mod.
  • jordy75jordy75 Band Wagon
    ive seen some people use a crv wing.
    i think it looks pre neat.
    i plan on doing it soon. ill post some pics up when i do :)
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    heck ya easy to find and from what i remember its not hard to make it work either.
  • jordy75jordy75 Band Wagon
    Haydz wrote:

    mmm i like the look of that lol
  • udubrx7udubrx7 Senior Wagonist
    Personally I think the Hatch wing looks better, sleeker and more like a stock look. CRV wing is ricey! If anybody wants me to take the wing off my hatch and see if it's an easy install on the wagon let me know I might be convinced to try it out even though my wagon is totaled....
  • lecoqlecoq Wagonist
    Any other options out there for the wagon in terms of rear wings?
  • I have yet to see a wing that really appealed to me. Nothing that seems flush. :cry:
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    picked up a white hatch wing today for someday when i own a white wagon. maxwell (fakejdm) is having me pick him up the red one sitting right next to it for my wagon im selling him. got hooked up too we are paving there parking lot and the guy is hella cool. even worked a deal with my boss and the car sales part of the junkyard to get my woman a 2002 chevy Z24 cavalier. i hate them but for what it is i actually kinda like it 2.2 eco tec, fully loaded, lip kit, spoiler sun roof blah blah blah makes her happy and its an auto which is nice since all we own man trans vehicles. sticker price was $4200 im basically paying about $500 in the end so about 3 days work haha
  • i have a buddy working on a chargespeed style wing
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