1990 RT4WD Build Thread



  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    Well, I little update. I finally got some rims other than the stock RT's which I don't really care for. I also lowered the car again, back to where I want it, I just need to make myself a set of tophats cause my rear struts are bottoming out. I'm also looking at getting some 87-89 accord struts from somewhere to replace the crx ones I have. Here's a pic of the car as it sits right now.

  • The BlockThe Block New Wagonist
    THe wheels look good! What are the specs?
  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    Don't know the specs on them. Just 15's. I just did some more work to the suspension, installed 1" front tophats, 1.5" rear tophats and 87 front accord struts. Made the car ride way better. I also put on new brakes on the front. 11.1" ITR front rotors and calipers with adaptor spacers to space the calipers out. Car stops and rides so much better. Just needing new siped tires for winter driving.
  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    Just build a new header for my wagon. Damaged the old one more than I cared to drive it on. Had a cheap 4-2-1 header laying around so I modded the lower half to fit the RT. Turned out pretty good. Can't wait to get the Y8 intake manifold and zc cam installed to get the full potential of the header.
  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    I finished up my header today, ended up welding the upper and lower sections together. When I squeezed the two pipes together I tweaked the flange and I ended up having a nasty exhaust leak. All fixed now. I also installed some Wicked Tuning rear toe adjusters cause my toe wouldn't go in far enough to get the tires straight. And did a manual alignment using some string and Jack stands. Drives much better now.

  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    Got a few more updates. Spare valve cover is at the paint booth, I'm color matching it to the car. Its been sand blasted and is just waiting for paint.


    Then I have a few parts awaiting install here soon.

  • driftin90driftin90 Senior Wagonist
    how is the wicked toe kit working out for you? I've read that they were too short for ef's. i'm maxed out as well. be nice to get a little more adjustment.
  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    I haven't had a problem with them yet. Still waiting to get new tires and a full alignment done though.
  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    Got a bunch of updates since I haven't been on here in like FOREVER

    Got the valve cover painted and the ecu cover

    Custom obd1 distributor adaptors

    New rear camber arms

    Got the new exhaust done

    Hit a mile marker

    Helped a buddy move

    New Y8 Intake manifold bored out to 60mm to match the b18b1 throttle body

    Snapped my timing belt

    Ended up having to replace the cylinder 2 valves, put in a new cam seal (oem honda). I'm still waiting on a new fuel rail and cold air intake for the y8 intake manifold. I'm running full obd1 now and have been tweaking the tune for the last month or so getting the high compression running the way I want. They are a lot more difficult than turbo motors.
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    Glad to see your still around Stampern ... Nice to see you still have the wagon
  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    Well, it's been forever since I've been on here. I still have my wagon. Still doing lots to it. I T-bone'd a 04 Stratus last week with it and took out my bumper, but totalled the Stratus. No frame damage on the wagon, found a replacement bumper and impact beam locally so I'll be getting that stuff on this next week along with some new paint to freshen the body up and fixing some dings/dents. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

  • t9wagont9wagon New Wagonist
    Damage on the wagon looks minimal! Glad to see a stratus totaled and not a wagon
  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    Yeah, I got really lucky. I already have the new bumper and impact beam, so it's about halfway through the paint process. Body work sucks. lol
  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    Updates on the wagon. Paint is finally finished and car is back up and running.

  • broken image link. Looks like that site generates unique urls per user for some damn reason.


    Looks like you have some overspray to clean up. I like the color though. Get a white roof rack and it'll be a smurfmobile.
  • DjuhnkDjuhnk Band Wagon
    With the 12:1 compression what's your gas mileage like? Also are you running e85? If 91 how are you controlling knock?
  • DjuhnkDjuhnk Band Wagon
    With the 12:1 compression what's your gas mileage like? Also are you running e85? If 91 how are you controlling knock?
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