What WHEELS look GOOD on a WAGON?



  • No pic of the car yet, waiting to get some tires, but some Ole Skool Enkei EK83's....
    **Note** I need to repolish the lips and clean em up some more, but they are all orignal, and I need center caps!! But I will post pics of them on the Wagon once i get tires.
  • DRMORTYDRMORTY Council Member
    ^ I like those...
  • DRMORTY wrote:
    ^ I like those...
    Thanks....If you know where I could find any original center caps for em that would be awesome!! I have searched and searched!! They are 13x5.5 Enkei EK83s.
  • ommarc44ommarc44 Wagonist
    I personally like work equip 01s or 03s
  • Does anyone have any pictures of a wagon with a set of GSR Blades?
  • tonytonestonytones Band Wagon
    The Stance Emotion or XXR's have to be my favs so far. This is great stuff guys! Thanks for all the great pics and info. It's all coming in handy when looking for what kind of wheels to put on my wagon. =)
  • deee39deee39 New Wagonist
    15 inch enkei rpf1
  • TogTog New Wagonist
    wagodizzle wrote:
    deep dished RT4WD steelies, 15x8....



    These are actually steel wheels!? It is just LOTS of polish and paint? Look different to mine - can i get them to look like this (mine below)

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    89ac_EE2 wrote:


    Could you please tell me the ET's of the 15x7's?
  • NZ-DB8RNZ-DB8R Moderator
    Dude, search. They are sportmaxx wheels, go to their website. And try not to quote pics
  • piperottopiperotto Wagonist
    I Like my 15" Konig Megarace's (NR reps)
    Or even the 14" webs
  • demodulardemodular Band Wagon
    I love this thread. So many great car/wheel combos. I'm not gonna have a wagon for a little longer than wxpected now...but I'm refinishing and painting some 14" bbs ra's for my ef sedan. No pics yet...but hopefully soon.
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    peskyo wrote:
    sixbelow wrote:

    Umm if cant tell bro its already lowered on FF type 2s, I can only go 1 inch lower than it is now. Right now Im scraping flaps everywhere. I do need to roll front fenders and then go maybe 1/2 inch all around lower. Plus i drive this thing all day everyday, im not looking for a frame draggin lowrider tucking 17s

    I drive mine everyday my flaps drag and there rubber they drag them self away you don't need to have 17 to tuck I'm tuckin 14
    Front flaps

    Tucking 14 on 155/55 tires

    what wheels are these???? they are badass
  • 731.jpg

    These are some MB motoring 15" rims that the previous owner picked out for my car, I bought it with them. I've thought about getting them redone in a bronze color, to go better with the military rat look (to me.) I like them, but if I get a chance, I'm probably going to try to find some bronze Watanabe style mesh's.

    Only thing I really don't like is the 2 piece look "bolts/rivets" - they make the rims a real bitch to clean up.
  • lakaylakay Wagonist
    anyone tried 13x8 or wider on their wagon?
  • How to wagons look on GSR blades? I'm gonna get my baby some shoes and I've always liked gar blades.
  • JDMWago666JDMWago666 Senior Wagonist
    ^^Couple of people have put blades on a wagon. Look through some build threads and check them out.
  • adamEFwagonadamEFwagon Senior Wagonist
  • black_89gt wrote:
    Does anyone have any pictures of a wagon with a set of GSR Blades?

    Ask and you shall recieve. My old wagon, and my old wheels - didn't own either at the same time.

    Now my friend's car:


    I should note that they've been beed blasted and left like that for now. He does plan on polishing them when he finds time. They still look better than when the clear coat was flaking on them
  • 949949 Senior Wagonist
    everyones cars looks really nice!!!
  • www.civicwagon.com

    I'm happy with them for now.
  • ZachZach Band Wagon
    My old wagon

    Some 14" Enkei mesh

    15" rpf1s

    I liked the RPF1s, but I think the mesh wheels fit the styling of the wagon a bit better.
  • American Racing AR-24s

  • 14" Civic Hx wheels, black with polished lip, 11.8 lbs each

    195/75-14 BFG All Terrain KO's

    Stock suspension and stock height for now.

  • I've tried a few different sets of wheels on my rt4wd, they all hit the brake caliper causing me to have to run a spacer. Anybody else had this issue?
  • JoshGNJoshGN Band Wagon
    15inch Chrome LS wheels...
  • Before i set the suspension on the car. On its way to the dyno..49.jpg
  • wyld kardz ee2wyld kardz ee2 Senior Wagonist
    I want to see some De Lorean wheels on a wagon.Anyone?
  • pdcpdc Band Wagon
    Kosei K1's
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