(EE/EY/EF) Rear Sway Bar fabrication from stock parts

Quick show of my sway bar set-up

Parts: 88-91 si or 90-93 integra sway bar (more fit), std. sway mount, 86-87 accord sway end link. NO NEED TO REFIT AN 88 IF YOU HAVE THE FORMED SHEET METAL LCAs. You keep the stock LCAs as the holes are already drilled in the correct location for the end links. The 88 is actually easier to fabricate.

In the photos you can see the difference between std and the accord links.

I installed the std. sway mount beneath a .5" shim stack with longer bolts.
Installed the bar. The stack offers adjustability.

My initial link and LCA set-up (can be used as an option to my latest):
Cut the shaft of the accord end link in half. Tapped the cut ends of each shaft with a 5/16 18 tap. Installed a hex coupler with set nuts to each tapped end. Then drilled the original wagon LCA and mountd the link end. The connector allows you to swivel the link mounts into correct position for mounting to bar and LCA. Make sure alignments are square!

As you can see from the pictures the ends of the bar are "nuts on" to the horizontal---optimal geometry.

The latest:
I have begun to alter the end link and the photos depict that project.
The shaft is cut free of the bar connector end.

The remaining shaft section is punched out of the bar connector end.
Powder coating is removed from the two link parts.

The cut shaft can now be inserted into the bar connector end of the link and set to the desired length prior to welding. I used my previous fabricated link a a template for length of the link--adjustment may need to me made. Remember to orient the bore of each eyelet on the two link pieces so that they are at 90'--proper installation.

I used the original accord link mounting stem as a mount to the LCA threaded tab. This stem was modified by grindng (bench or angle grinder mounted to a bench--rotate the stem) or lathing the shaft so that the end link slides down completely against the hex on the mounting stem. This minimizes the lever arm and puts the link perpendicular to the ground and LCA axis when installed.

This is a top quality set-up when finished--it looks stock. It takes 1/2 to 1 day to complete.

Sorry, have not figured out how to add photos.
Will post when I do.

As a note check the edit in the parts required above.
I may swap my 89 LCA set-up out to an 88 LCA and use the strut/spring set. I was told (still need to research) that the integra strut fits.

90-93 Integra (left) and a pair of 89-91 si (right) LCAs. I used the Itegra LCAs for my installation.


Stock 14.7 and 15.5 88-91 si or 91-93 Integra sway bar, mounting brackets and endlinks.


Rear view of the sway bar bracket mounted atop five shims totalling .5".
I used the forward-most two holes on the tow hook as a template to drill the bolt holes. Longer bolts than stock were required to compensate for the shims. Note I installed the shims to allow for adequate clearance at the middle of the bar close to the spare tire well. In addition this allows for adequate clearance of the sway bar end near the spring.


Rear view of the sway bar end mounted to the end link as described above. The LCA was drilled to accept the end link mounting shaft.
The shaft was bolted to the LCA. I improved the link as described below.
But, The cheapest route is to keep the stock LCA vs. buying an interchange part, as described.


Another rear view


Side view of the installation. Note that the sway bar end is parallel to the ground = optimal geometry.


Si/Integra and 87-88 accord end links for ID.


Accord link with mounting shaft attached through the eyelet.


Cut the shaft from the sway bar eylet mounting bracket at the weld between the two parts.


Grind/remove the excess weld around shaft and bracket. Grind away the weld on the surface of the bracket until you see the circular outline of the shaft. This small section of shaft should either drop out or you may have to use a punch to gently knock it free. The arrow points to the hole left by this section.


Check for fitament of the shaft into the bracket hole.


Remove the powder coat from the link bracket and shaft. Adjust (test fit)
the length of the shaft and trim excess.


Two links ready for welding. Prior to welding position the bar bracket and LCA mount stem eylets so that they are oriented at 90' to each other.


The two modified accord end links welded and ready for installation.
They could now be called honda wagon end links.


New sway bar link mount threaded into a LCA.


The mount removed.


Grind the thicker diameter of the shaft so that it is equal to the smaller diameter closest to the threaded end. This enables the link eylet to slide up to the hex nut on the shaft. I rotated the shaft on an angle grinder to perform this task. You can also use a bench top grinder.


Link attached to machined shaft.


Finally, the link and mount attached to the LCA. A spacer/washers can be intalled to take up the gap left by the ground shaft. You can also tap the threaded end of the shaft to compensate.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The link mounting shaft attaches to a cast tab protruding from the LCA. On the stock vehicle that tab is oriented towards the front of the vehicle. The link attaches, of course, infront of the LCA. It is necessary to position this tab in the reamost position. To do this install the LCAs in their opposite positions as marked on the arm.
The geometry and dimensions are the same. Check yourself to make sure you have the correct arm for the job.


The final installation of sway bar, brackets, shims, end links and LCAs.
Note: This set-up will mount directly to a 1988 LCA.
Additional information will be edited into this information using
stock LCAs with the same accord links--fabricated to fit.
In this set-up does not require an interchange LCA and the link
mounting shaft is not ground to fit--less expense.
If you are unable to fabricate the endlinks, I may be able to assist you.
Feel free to contact.



  • oOoOoo i wanna see the pics!!! i have DA GSR front and rear sways in the garage.
  • duckie8310duckie8310 Senior Wagonist
    nice write up! post some pics up and i'll make this a sticky
  • www.photobucket.com or some other photo hosting site...

    Driving impressions?
  • minimini Band Wagon
    Most cetainly worth the installation. Presently, I have a 14.9mm bar in the car. The car shows improvement in balance! I also have the bigger Integra bars to test.
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    heck ya cant wait to piece my own together.
  • look for the code under the pictures that should say forum or something. Anyways, the text in the box should be like img]
  • mini wrote:
    I have the photos in Photobucket. Now how do you get them into this site?
    Sorry, Tried but failed.

    Click on the IMG Code (it's the last option of the four available under every picture) and it will be copied automatically, then paste it into your post. That will do the trick nicely.
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Bloody nice work. Stickied.
  • Thats what I'm talking about....

    Excellent post!!!
  • quartersquarters Council Member
    impressive, nice write up.
  • Since my wagon is lowered on hatch suspension, I shouldn't have to worry about the ends of the bar clearing the bottom of the spring. How bad of a clearance issue is there for the spare tire well? If I don't need shims, I'd rather skip this step.
  • minimini Band Wagon
    You may not need them depending on you drop.
    Start by mounting the bar on the brackets with no shims.
    See if the bar arm positions itself horizontal with adequate
    clearance. The tire well should not be a problem.
    Also, since the car is lowered try the stock endlink.
    The set-up is easy if you have all the parts to try different
  • Thumbs up!
    I bet it would make 4WD waggy ride like its on rails....
    I need to find teggy sway bar and start this mod!!!
  • I have an 88 rt. Will this work with the 4wd? Doesn't look like it would fit.
  • I have an 88 rt. Will this work with the 4wd? Doesn't look like it would fit.

    It can work, I'm trying to figure it out right now. Have to extend the ends of the swaybar.
  • evol911 wrote:
    I have an 88 rt. Will this work with the 4wd? Doesn't look like it would fit.

    It can work, I'm trying to figure it out right now. Have to extend the ends of the swaybar.

    Will aftermarket LCA work on the 4WD
  • Yeah, same as all other 88-91 civic/crx
  • 949949 Senior Wagonist
    so just to be sure, this will work on the 4wd wagons?
    is there a reason why you prefered the integra LCA's over the civic's?

    also where can i get the thickest and the most stiffest sway bars for the front and rears (once the rear is done).
    i kinda dont want to use oem sways as it might be too soft for my personal taste.

    what car year and model should i look for ?
  • DarthevoDarthevo New Wagonist
    Sadly all the pics are broken :( I wanna get a clearer picture on what is involved with my 89 wagon to get a rear sway bar :(
  • 949949 Senior Wagonist
    someone fix the pix!!!!
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    so noone makes aftermarket 20mm+ sways for the civic wagon 4wd?
    how can we fab one just likke this or are 4wd wagons different
  • befbef Band Wagon
    Yeah, really would like to see the pics!!
    Allready got me a Crx EE8 swaybar, and Civic MB6 Lca's :)
  • marmar206marmar206 Band Wagon
    Would love to get pics!!
    I have DA LCA's, mounting brakets, and swaybar in my garage!! Kinda stoked!!
    Has anyone tried this on the RT??
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    This was posted in 2007 and the photobucket account is now inactive. Good luck getting pics.
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Why didn't i think of that. :x

    I saved the images and rehosted them.
  • minimini Band Wagon
    If any one needs the original post I will forward or repost.
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    wasnt there a discussion about what rear sway bar works from suspension techniques?
  • moff3ttmoff3tt Band Wagon
    Did you drill holes to mount the sway bar mounts like you have to for a DX CRX? Or is that where the rear tow hooks used to mount?
  • 559wagon559wagon Band Wagon
    well im more concern about the endlinks being shorter then what MINI used. i have the complete LCA, swaybar, mounts and enlinks from a da sedan

    it will work right guys or do i have to get a longer endlink?
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