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    I found a website for Honda parts at great prices so now i am going to rebuild the engine .Vandal wont be home to drive it until late may and i am kind of itching to tear a honda motor apart for the first time anyway so i am going for it and you cant stop me LOL So there will be a brand new engine in the wagon soon....
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    It has been a long cold snowy winter this year .It has been pretty hard , sometimes impossible to get out to the wagon hanger :473.jpg
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    Not going to tear in to the rebuild just yet . I started thinking (rare for me ) what if all the parts get backordered and thats it for driving the car ? So i re tensioned the cam belt and put the wheels on and now it is ready for safety check .Here is the driver side trim almost finished :208.jpg
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    Repainted the metal corners under the rear taillights last night and got them reinstalled today .They look much better now , i did not do a good job on them when i first repaired them.I decided to clean up and start putting the trunk area back together .Dirty spare tire tub :
    508.jpgclean tub:
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    All the OEM spare tire stuff was with the wagon so that was good.Spent an afternoon putting pieces back on , cleaned and vacuumed trunk area :
    now i have to get back to removing the rest of the crappy do it yourself tint job a former owner did .
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    Removing DIY tint from PO is so much fun... haha
    I have to go through my entire engine harness/main harness and solder and shrink wrap everything since they thought using butt connectors was a legit method..

    The wagon is lookin good though man. The bumper looks great.
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    Thanks .I have all the tint off except for about 2/3 of the tailgate .I was having trouble scraping the glue residue off and then i decided to try the glue remover i bought 2 weeks ago .I was worried that it might get on the upholstery but got so frustrated i decided to try it .Worked great , should have used it right from the start .It will take about 2 hours more tomorrow to do the gate because i have to scrape between the defroster lines , but it looks so much better now .
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    We decided to paint the door handles body colour , I did one by accident and Vandal thought it looked better that way so I did them all .I got these doubled sided foam tape dots from the dollar store .Perfect for covering the key hole :

    Did the front and back winshield wipers in semi gloss black .Noticed that the wiper blades were crappy CTC specials so i called our local Honda dealers and they said OEM blades are still available .Should be in soon ,with extra rubber blades .And I ordered the plastic cover that goes over the nut that holds on the rear wiper (that wiper was still OEM ).Really surprised that was available .
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    Been doing a lot of cleanup and little things .I got a couple of new H badges from Bernardi honda for 13.51 each . The diagram says you also need 4 plastic stabs that fit the badges tight in to the mounting holes but save your 12 bucks because the badges already have them on .Before you give some one 30.00 for a new one on ebay , check your local honda dealer , they can probably still get these .Part#75700-SG0-000 .The other badges are no longer available though. Our civic badge is in nice shape , but we need a honda badge for the tailgate .I still cant get the wagon out of the shed , hopefully next week i can get it out and take a few pics .
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    idk if this has been resolved yet but you can in fact fit oem honda centercaps on e30 bottlecaps. i'm sure i'm not the first person to figure this out and i know it probably costs more than replacing the bmw stickers but there ya go.
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    Thanks , I have been looking in to that .I found a website that lists all kind of centrecaps and found some that should fit .They are 16.00 each plus shipping but I have not had a reply from the vendor yet . If it looks like they will work I will post all the info .Tomorrow i will have some pictures of the modified BMW caps I am working on .
  • Yeah there are quite a few ebay sellers that take vintage parts and sell them for triple the value; here is the thing though, when you purchase items from a vintage parts store shipping is a minimum of $12-14 even if you are only getting a little emblem. Doesn't make any sense to me but when I order parts I typically order $300+ worth of stuff and shipping is only $20-25. Most local dealers will tell you they can only do a state wide search for vintage parts, this is NOT true. If you know someone at a dealership that would help save on shipping costs from the vintage parts dealers, you would be very surprised at how much old stock they still have sitting on the shelves, especially in California.. :P
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    It is above freezing here and raining .The big lump of ice and snow in front of the shed might be small enough to get the wagon out tomorrow for some pictures .Then it will swap spots with the fiero in the main garage and as soon as possible get safety check and plates .Cant wait .
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    this is what it looked like when it last saw the outside world :
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    Not coming out of the shed today .Overnight , we got freezing rain and more f@#*ing snow .So , here are some pics of what I have been doing to the BMW centrecaps . First is a pic of the Prennro sticker on the only undented cap:
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    This one of the dented caps filled with bondo and painted white .Prennro sticker beside it :414.jpg
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    Here I used the Prennro sticker as a paint mask by removing the black "h" .Really easy to do because the "h" part is a separate decal cut in to the white circle .there are a lot of different ways to use these stickers .415.jpg
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    Here is my first try at a cap with white background , black H and a black border ring :416.jpg
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    Sorry about the poor pics , my good camera is out in the shed and these are from my phone .The cap in the last post is going to be redone , I did not get it centred quite right and a scratch needs to be done away with .And I do not know if it really needs the black border .Here it is sitting on the extra rim :
  • Are you going to paint the rims?
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    Probably not .They need a lot of cleaning up but I don't think we will paint them .This cap design kind of jumps out at you in pictures but in person it looks like it belongs .All white with just the black H is a little more subtle but I need to make some different ones up and put them on a side and see what looks the best .Still waiting on the specs for the OEM honda caps I found .
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    Finally got it out of the shed .Had to take the door off to get it out .Then I got it stuck in the snow , with a little snowblowing I got it over to the driveway .Waiting for the garage to come and get it for the safety check .They are bringing dealer plates and are driving it to Tiverton to do the work , only about 6 miles from here .
  • Looking great!
    Nice work.
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    Vandal found this pic of a wagon like ours wth bottle caps painted white .We have a spare rim to experiment with so we might do the painted look :
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    painted the spare rim , I am going to paint them all .But I cant get the car back in the shed because it has snowed a bunch again .Going to have to wait for a thaw .The car is legal now and on the road .
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    I thought I could just copy and paste the pic of the rim , guess not .I will try again later when I have time to update my photo bucket .
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    Here is the spare wheel painted white:
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    Fixed seat back knob problem .Fished out the remains , ground the lump smooth ,turned upside down and threaded back in.
    Here is a pic of how the wagon sits now , we decided to go a little higher in the back so we dont destroy the flaps on speed bumps .The front is stock and for now that is low enough :
  • Love all the work you have done! Wish my dad still liked working on cars and got into like this with me. I'm glad you painted the rims... Looks much better in my opinion.
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