91 FWD Auto build Ont Canada



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    Civic wagons are hard to come buy in ontario.There were 2 for sale that were sold before we could even look at them and this one came up on Kijijii , went and looked at it and bought it for 950.00.

    It looked pretty good from a distance but the rear of the body needed rust removal and side mouldings were shot. The frame under the car was very good , and the front end was good.
    It has a very good interior, and that to me was the best part of the car, no ripped seats and all dash and door cards without cracks or tears.

    Fairly new brakes, new rad, new exhaust and still licensed so took it for a ride and very happy with the way it drove, no engine codes and it even passed emissions 6 months before we got it.
    When we picked it up we went and bought a yakima rack and basket for it. My youngest son drove it back up (this will be his car when it is done).we put the basket on it when we got home and he drove it around until the temporary insurance expired 3 days later . the picture above shows how I welded up the area around the drivers side rear taillight.
    I threw a bit of paint on it so it would not rust when i had to stop for a week .there was more welding , grinding and filling done later .
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    this is a shot of the car when we first brought it home .the rack and basket really suit the car i think .it looked better in pics than in person but overall not bad for a 22 yr old car .428.jpg
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    this is a shot of the rear passenger side with the the rot and old bondo stripped off.429.jpg
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    None of the wreckers in ontario have any wagons to get parts off of as far as i know .wagon rear weld in arches are not available either .so we had to adapt sedan rear arches .they dont work too bad , you have to cut them down to match the wheel flairs and i found out later you need to change the shape of the metal that hangs beneath the rear part of the wheel arch or your bumper sliders will not work right .these arches are made by Klockerholm and are around 28.00 per side .430.jpg
    the arches where they meet to the rear doors are narrower than stock so you end up with larger than normal wheel openings but i dont think it looks bad at all .better than i could hammer out myself and the fender lines and door arch match perfectly .
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    this is a sot of the side with the bondo on and the first coat of white paint on .it is a rattle can job using rustoleum universal gloss white . 431.jpg
  • Great work! Rust sucks thats for sure
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    thanks.i have a lot more to post but going on vacation soon .i hope .all the roads are closed due to the latest snow storm up here .i wanted to work on the wagon today but the door now has a 6 foot deep snow drift in front of it .i have a snow blower but i cant get it close , too much snow .
  • vandalvandal Band Wagon
    Some other pictures from when we first got it:




    Interior shots (not stained just shadows):




  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    this is the suspension upgrades that are going in :
  • Nice!
    Another Ontario wagon being brought around!!!
    I always liked the 'polar vortex' white!
  • Nice to see another Ontario Wagon!
    I know how hard it is to find one. I needed to settle on one with some body rust. Hopefully I'll send it to the body shop in the spring and have everything fixed up perfectly unless I can find a donor car or a new chassis!

    Keep us posted
  • RobbRobb Wagonist
    Good build. I havent seen a Honda wagon in ages here in Ontario !
  • Great build and nice work with the rear arches!!!!
    Again... Nice to see other ontario wagons being brought back to life!!!!!!
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    the next post will hopefully show a picture of the BMW wheels we got off of kijijii .put a new set of General Altimax on them in the stock size of 175-70-14 .250.00 for 5 wheels in good shape from a fellow in Oshawa .
  • In for pics with the new suspension and wheels!
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    Got the coil overs installed and height adjusted and set the camber and did some clean up and painting .
    I bought new rear drums but they gave me the wrong ones, I did not figure this out until I had them painted. I will need to check but it seems the wagons have slightly bigger drums and discs. Canadian tire's parts computer asks weather you have 1.5 or 1.6 and whether you have 4wd.
    I think to get the right ones i have to say i have 4wd because they don't have a separate wagon listing.
    Good thing these parts are only 25 dollars each .i cleaned up the old drums and painted them and the trailing arm .looks like i missed a few spots : 206.jpg
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    this is a handy tool for anyone that does suspension work .set you own camber caster and toe .i always try to get my camber set before going to the alignment shop because it saves on labour costs .made by SPC :207.jpg
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    this is the side moulding we are using 3 1/4" smooth from automega .comes in a long roll and you just cut to fit and it comes with heavy duty 3M double sided tape already on it .it comes with a gloss shine finish but scuff it with synthetic steel wool and it matches the black bumpers fairly well .
  • Looking good. I just bought me some BMW E30 rims to. Still need to get some tires on them though.
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    we really like these rims .somebody must make honda logos for them , just have to do some research .the BMW logo is just a thin glued on piece of tin , easy to take off .thanks for the replies everyone.
  • Let me know if you find any of those Honda emblems
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    I contacted forum vendor Prennro and he has said he will make the centre cap logos for us .very reasonable price too .that was easy...
  • RoRoRoRo Wagonist
    where abouts in ontario are you!? im near Cambridge, and im always around the GTA for meets, very small scene for wagons around here, maybe a maximum of 7 that i know of
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    we are up in kincardine , shore of lake huron about 2 hours from cambridge .it would be great to see some other local wagons .
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    I thought i would post the bumper support that i made up.
    When we got the wagon and started tearing it down it was pretty funny how the rear bumper was held on, a combination of drywall screws in to the body, rebar wire and ty wraps and underneath the bumper was - nothing.
    The whole support structure was gone except for a couple of stubs of metal .I did a search here and got some pics of what is supposed to be there, but no luck in finding new or used parts.
    So i made one myself .
    The black foam is the shipping foam that came with the OEM roof rack for our honda element.
    There are two 1" X1" bars joined together with short angle cut bars and two verticals that bolt to the original rebar support holes in the body.
    I welded shut the top and bottom holes of the verticals and then drilled and tapped 3/8" holes to bolt the bumper to.
    Then i fitted the bumper to the car, positioned it and tightened the bolts down. Took it off and spray foamed it.
    This gives some solid metal to absorb major impacts for body protection and the foam will absorb minor bumps.
    After the foam hardened, I removed the bumper to paint the exposed steel and then bolted the frame to the car.
    Bernardi honda in MA supplied the new vinyl sliders to mount the front edge of the bumpers to the body.Pretty sure you can get these at any honda dealers though.
    But the plastic bits that attach to the bumpers i have not found as new parts. Luckily , these were still on the bumper when we got the car.
  • I LOVE this DIY stuff! Great job :encouragement:
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    And here is the almost finished tailgate with bumper installed on the new support .Still need to put the wiper back on and some badging and touch up the trim .Also the side brackets have not been installed yet .368.jpg
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    I LOVE this DIY stuff! Great job :encouragement:
    Thanks . I thought we had scored some new old stock stuff from Bernardi but it all was back ordered .This saved about 300.00 so it was a good thing .
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    Today I put on a new driver's side tie rod end and now the car is ready for its safety check .I bought a cam belt kit (new belt , water pump and idler ) and i figured why not , do everything .but i have run in to a big snag ,I have not been able to get the crankshaft pulley off .The manual says these are to be torqued at 83 ft/lbs , but I cant get the nut to budge with a 36" torque wrench .So i am going to try some heat on it .If that does not work , the belt that is on there now looks to be in really good shape , so I will reset the tensioner and put everything back together .I think it will work fine , just would be nice to have the peace of mind that comes with new parts .
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