Revmaynard's 1991 DA



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    Either way this is going to look much better than the OE cover that's basically stripped itself over the years. I'm just ready to get these top end leaks fixed so I can make sure it's not leaking elsewhere.
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    Here's how it turned out. My cousin swapped it for me while I was at work since he's been out of work for 2 weeks abs super bored. lol....he did manage to scratch a few spots on the bottom. Whateves


  • Not bad at all, I see what you mean by some flat spots, but definitely better than it was before. I have a couple points on mine that I marred up. Hell did the same stupid thing on the MG cover, trying to work the details before everything was dry and end up moving some of the paint around, sucks!

    Are you gonna clean up the lettering? Like I've mentioned elsewhere, taking a fine file to it gives it a lovely machined finish that is just so much crisper looking than sanding the letters.

    I'm trying to get a hold of someone at to try out some of their finishes, they have a ton of colors of wrinkle and crackle and various other things.
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    Yea I plan on shaving the lettering, it was just dark by time I got home last night and we've had so much rain lately it's tough to find time to work on it. Drove it into work today and didn't find any leaks so that's a plus! Here are some better daytime shots. The billet cam cap is a lot better than the OE caps I've used in the past. In the end I'm just happy with how much better it makes the bay look overall. Now I need to spray my heatshield!


    Don't mind the rain drops near the center.

  • Yeah it's amazing how much cleaning up that valve cover makes the whole engine look better.
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    This thing ended up needing a halfshaft bearing and cv axles at some point (appeared to be OE axles) and I couldn't get the damn axle out of the driver side hub or half shaft no matter what method I tried. I also needed to install lower balljoints at some point so I went ahead and put hubs and bearings in a spare set of spindles I had along with some moog balljoints. I had the rotors I put on last year turned and threw new pads on. Swapped out the halfshaft with a brand new DC Integra one (couldn't find a DA style) and a pair of new axles and axle seals. The lower speed/rpm acceleration is much smoother. Now I just need to get the motor mounts I bought installed and do my control arm bushings! One thing that sucked after all of this is the 150 miles I drove after just swapping spindles had apparently thrown the alignment off so much it wore the drivers side front tire out to the point I either needed to put a pair or a set on. I got a ridiculous deal on 4 tires ($172) so I went ahead and put a new set of tires on it. The previous ones were 50k mile tires and had about 37K on them.

    All in all it got -

    New hubs
    New bearings
    New balljoints
    New cv axles
    New axle seals
    New halfshaft
    New tires

    Next up -

    LCA bushings front and rear (they're shot)
    Motor mounts
    Tie rods

    Aside from that stuff it shouldn't really need any other major work anytime soon. I have a set of RTA bushings for it but they honestly aren't bad compared to my wagons.
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    Over the weekend it got a rear engine mount and four coolant hoses. It got the heater core hoses and the bypass hose since they needed it once I got in there. Also cleaned the throttle body and intake manifold out a good bit. It was completely filthy.


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