Revmaynard's 1991 DA

Well I sold my Cherokee and pocketed some cash and bought this. 1991 LS, 5 speed, power everything (works). Chassis is at 187k and the engine was replaced with one that had 133k (previous engine used oil I was told) and they did a water pump, timing belt, clutch, and basic tune up at that time. Pretty clean overall, only one DENT. A few dings and scuffs.





I bought this armrest advertised as fitting a wagon....well it didn't. Big surprise...turns out it was for a 90-93 Accord which luckily for me fits in the DA! I need to refoam it and clean the fabric up/replace it, but I mounted it up today for the hell of it. This is mostly going to be my back and forth to work car so I can stop putting so many miles on my wagon....and power everything sure is nice!


  • Good start. Want to see where you go with this
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Thanks. I mainly plan to keep it stock and clean it up. I want to upgrade the stereo but that's about it for now. I ordered a sunroof visor yesterday though.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    ^^DITTO! ^^ This is the best color for the DA at that...
    and between the interior and exterior colors, the combo is perfect. Great start.
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    I'm hoping the rain holds out a bit this weekend so I can make a junkyard trip and grab some odds and ends.
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    I had a '90 LS once, like 7 years ago lol. 330K on the chassis, thing was a POS. this one is nice looking though! congrats man!
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Haha yea this one isn't terrible. Mechanically haven't come across a problem after 200 miles or so. Thanks man!
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    ohh ohh watch out this is a B18chick mobile ... LoL

    i hate to see the Jeep go ..... but i bet this is a tiny bit better on gas .....!
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Haha yea man, that it is! Installed a new cd player with usb and aux!

  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    I put a cheapo rear window visor on recently. I also ordered a can of OE paint to spray the roof and install a sunroof visor.


  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    That rear visor is the shit though...
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Thanks man! I've been wanting to repaint the roof but the weather over the weekends hasn't permitted me to do so.
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Yes, loving the visor!
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    It cleans up pretty well.


  • CharbCharb Administrator
    How long until it's low?

    I'm starting a pool if anyone wants to put in... my guess is July lol
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    It's not getting lowered!

    ......can I enter the pool? :p
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Of course I have to rep my set.....


    Just my friend/coworkers '00 GSR at work.


    I did a full under car inspection and found out it needs axle seals, oil pan gasket, upper p/s control arm, d/s lower balljoint and luckily that's it! The leaking pan gasket should account for the minor oil loss in between tanks.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Soooo when do we start shopping for legit coilovers?.. ;)

    Phantastic Photo of that ATL sticker though.
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    I've got another project I'm trying to finish up at the moment, and then I'm going to sell it. Once that happens I'll probably do some stuff to the Integra but I don't think I'll be lowering it. lol
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    but but but you can fit a regulation, NFL sized football in that front wheel gap.. lol
  • VladiVladi Senior Wagonist
    These cars are pretty rare over here in the Netherlands, friend of mine is thinking of buying one in the exact same color. Sweet ride, love the color of exterior and interior!

    Is it hard to find parts for them in the US?
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Vladi wrote: »
    These cars are pretty rare over here in the Netherlands, friend of mine is thinking of buying one in the exact same color. Sweet ride, love the color of exterior and interior!

    Is it hard to find parts for them in the US?

    Thanks man, I really like the colors too! It's not terribly hard to find parts for them here, the hardest stuff to find are OEM accessories.
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member

    Scored a sweet OE sunroof visor at the junkyard for $6! One of the best investments I've made on this car, it makes using the sunroof on the highway much more tolerable. (don't mind all the tree jizz on my glass)
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    I forgot to mention when I went to do all that work it needed a few weeks back the drivers side axle was seized in the hub and the halfshaft. After mushrooming a good bit of the axle just trying to remove it I had to pull the entire half shaft to get it out of the way. Luckily it didn't mess up the threads past where the nut would phiycally thread to, so I filed the tip down to a taper and created a new starter thread and was able to reuse the axle. I basically got rid of the threading that goes past the threads inside the nut so I was able to use the lock notch on the end. After that it turns out the axle seals I was told were right...weren't....just like the balljoints O'Reillys supplied me. And at this point it was 10:30, O'Reillys was closed, and the only thing left to tackle was the pan gasket....well guess what! The exhaust manifold had a stripped bolt we couldn't get out, so instead of having a super terrible exhaust leak I drove it back as tight as I could get it for the time being until I can get a new manifold. So I effectively managed to change my trans fluid and oil in about 4.5 hours. hahahaha It was such a shitty night I couldn't help but go home, have a beer, and laugh to myself.
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    Damn, that hella effort for new fluids lol.
    That new wind deflector though...
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Yea man, tell me about it! I'm going to get a new axle and see about separating the one I have from my halfshaft...I'll get another halfshaft if need be. Sadly the exhaust is rusting on the welded seam, so the area I've already had patched will hold for now but looking at the rest I don't think it will matter for long. This guy has a full Tanabe Touring setup I want but I need my Z6 and rebuild kit to sell first! I think the difference I'll put towards getting a new manifold/header and getting that pan gasket knocked out at the very least. The axle seals just seep a drip or so, so they will be ok for now, but after cleaning the sludge around the pan (for the new gasket install) it now leaks a good deal more so I'm topping it off every other day it seems.
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Ordered some stock replacement exhaust parts for the Integra recently, I got the B pipe and the pipe that connects at the rear of the B pipe and enters the muffler. Those happened to be the two that were rusting out on the weld seam, but I haven't had any luck finding a 90-91 exhaust manifold locally yet. I'm planning to hit the junkyard tomorrow to see what's new though. I did manage to get the drivers autobelt replaced at Acura under warranty because it wasn't retracting, I gave Charb all of the OE warranty documentation (Both Honda and Acura) in PDF format if anyone ends up needing it! I dropped it off, they inspected it and ordered parts and it was ready the following afternoon free of charge. The service tech was talking about how clean it was to be all original with 193k miles, he said most older cars he sees in there are junk surprisingly.
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    I'm still rolling in this thing. It's right around 209K miles right now. I had a coil disintegrate on it so I bought a brand new Duralast distributor with a lifetime warranty for it and then had to replace the starter a few weeks later so I picked up a new one as well. I also threw some new Maxxis tires on it all the way around and a set of rear shocks. I have new trailing arm bushings, upper a arms, and a bunch of other stuff that needs to go on, however I have come to a crossroads with this/my wagon. This thing has started burning oil baaaad lately and if it turns out it's going to need a rebuild sooner than later I could just put my wagons LS into it in stock trim. But this leaves me with what I would do next for the wagon which is the huge question. It would be the simplest to just rebuild the LS in the car if need be, but the swap would give me a good excuse to make more power with the wagon some other way.

    Just some pictures from the past year or so.






  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    Just another option: JDM B20 is cheaper than a rebuild. Mine was like 700 with a 6mo. warranty.
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Hmmm, that's not a bad call. Did you use hmotorsonline for it or somewhere local?
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    NAD in Norcross.
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