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    Here are shots of the bullish, for your entertainment I suppose.. :tickled_pink:



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    HAHAH it does need a swift kick in the ass or something... At this point, I just want my garage space back..
    Oh and I forgot.. She just enrolled for school! So I need this dirty little hoe to stop actin' up, shape up or get bitched out..
  • I did all this on a Nissan Truck I owned. I replaced over 1000 dollars worth of parts many only Nissan had. I mean everything was changed except the valve on the hose from the engine to the vacuum booster. A mechanic asked me if I had one on my truck, I looked, said yes, paid the 10 bucks, had full brakes back. Might not be it but if you haven't checked might be worth a look.
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    Thank you ragenasian, I did in fact swap the vacuum line's check valve that leads to the booster. No luck there. I neglected to mention that, Thanks again.
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    Here it is, The HONDA master cylinder adjustment tool/ gauge.
    Got it on Friday and immediately put it to work.

    Had to modify a wrench by shaving it down to fit for final adjustment.

    Bled again. No brakes. Ordered a new Master cylinder built by a different brand. at a loss...
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    Wow Chaife
    I thought I had brake issues with Odie and Scrappy but it seems you changed all components & bench tested them Only the hard lines left to swap ...
    Good luck
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    No kidding man. Here we go again.

    Round 2 with the HONDA Master Cylinder adjustment tool.
    New Master cylinder is here. I get the piston measurement from the master cylinder and move the tool to the brake booster..
    and of course it's not perfect.. so the booster comes back off, the measurement was off by about .0015(in) or .04(mm) Guess I'm being anal at this point..
    I've become very skilled at removing master cylinders and brakes boosters though... This assembly was out within 5 minutes. I kid you not.

    I would go on to make more adjustments on the bench and then check my work on both sides of the booster's shaft with the vacuum source on the car with the engine at idle. (Sorry for the hideous structure of that sentence.) lol
  • is it fixed?? VERY curious on this one...
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    It works now. I have braking pressure. I will however, be keeping a close eye on this one as it's simply not up to my standards.
    I wan't it to launch you at the windshield. The pedal travels further than I'd prefer to see, and it's braking capability is off a hair..
    I've got custom Carbon Kevlar brake pads on the front which are a fairly aggressive compound and coefficients.
  • I had a 4runner with a soft pedal it ended up being the drums were way over specs, first time I had ever had that happen...
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    I've had this little CRX in my possession for a long while without talking much about it. I used to drive this one really hard back in the day.
    But I'm about to go back through it and build it to be a dirty little track slut again, Ricer paint scheme and all...
    The car has been sitting on the side of my shop for the last 3 years or so with a blown motor (damaged ring lands). I've not really had a desire to have a fast car on the street since.
    Still not sure I'm wanting to go fast.. But I am interested in challenging myself to build a high compression single cam with an extremely skimp budget.. Guess I'm a lil itchy to do the performance thing, it's been a while... I might start a thread for this car, we'll see.

    Here she is back in the good 'ol days.. It was a relatively mean little bastard actually..

    I ordered some fresh YCP 75.5mm P29 Domed ZC Pistons, 0.50 over, I'll be using all D16y8 stuff. Should be fun.

  • I dig that paint job! Super 80s retro...
  • TerminusVoxTerminusVox Senior Wagonist
    I dig that high compression, low budget engine rebuild idea. Of course, I think my ideas of 'low budget' might be out of touch, lol.
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Hmmmm..... :)
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    I consider it a budget build, but that's because I expect a lot for what will be invested..
    Horsepower isn't super cheap... Let alone All Motor SOHC horsepower for that matter. But I also have a lot of pieces on hand after some hoarding.
    Really considering starting a thread now... Maybe I should take and gather more pictures.
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    Thanks Skittlenips, I actually have come to like it over all the years that I have owned it too.. Or I just stopped giving a shit, I donno. lol
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    Seeing this old turd on a build thread brings a smile to my face.:smug:
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    LOL thanks Frankz. This has been my main focus while I wait for CRX stuff to come back from the machine shop.
    Let me tell ya. These things are crazy. Having some trouble with it, just doing rotary stuff I guess..
    1987 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II, My buddy and I put the JDM 13B in it last week.
    This one should be pretty awesome when we are done. It has a lot of old Racing Beat stuff on it, Lots of goodies. Definitely a cool car, just wish they ran better.
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    awesome thread is awesome
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    Thanks brotha, Cheers. :encouragement:
    14 or 15 late nights in succession, and by late nights I mean leavin' the shop @ around 3-4AM. I'm honestly beat. But it's what we live for.
    Prepare to see some of the craziest shit... Currently building this, arguably the world's lowest static Accord EX-L (Accord EX) on Vette shooters.
    We converted the interior to full leather. So we are calling it an "Accord EX-L"
    This car seriously has about 1/2" ground clearance. We recently wen't through all the suspension.
    Extended Top Hats
    New shocks
    New transmission
    Tucked exhaust
    Many more pictures of this to come soon!

    THIS! I love this... It is a shitty Chinese pocket bike, turned slammed mini street fighter/ hog hybrid thing... It's got a Honda clone engine.
    110cc with a 4spd and manual clutch.. I wasn't going to share this before IA.. I cannot however, contain my excitement..
    So here it is, My Ruckus killer!

    Built a little exhaust for it
    New carburetor
    Slammed at least 5", maybe even 6"...
    Deleted the coilover in the rear.
    Notched the frame
    Chopped the transmission's chain guard
    Chopped the entire tail off
    Deleted everything that doesn't help it go or stop.. lights, mounts, fairings, everything.
    Relocated seat, fender, shock mounts, shift linkage, handle bars.
    Tucked the airbox inside a regular 'ol cone filter lol
    It scrapes everywhere. It can be funny to see a 200-300 lb. dude riding this thing.

    This is what it started as... Can you believe these little bastards were $1,000 brand new...? You're kidding me, right..?
  • VladiVladi Senior Wagonist
    I really like the stuff things you're doing man,

    I wish I had a bigger/more complete working space where I can develop myself into the creative/technical mastermind you are.
    I'm a fan.
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    Vladi wrote: »
    I really like the stuff things you're doing man,

    I wish I had a bigger/more complete working space where I can develop myself into the creative/technical mastermind you are.
    I'm a fan.

    Thanks man. :encouragement: That is a huge compliment.
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    is that Josh's accord..???

    Ruckus Killer looks like alot of fun ..... hoping to make IA to see it
  • That bike is freaking sick. I would love to see you burn some ruckus hipsters on it hahaha
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    Thanks guys. The Ruckus Killer was a huge hit locally.. Couldn't get anywhere near a Ruckus at Freshwise 2014...
    They scattered like cockroaches once I pealed the mini bike from the back seat of the Rat sedan..
    And they were all parked by the time they heard the motor fire.. (you can hear it way before you can see it)
    Should be a bit of fun in ATL at the end of the month.

    Here is a wider angle on the Accord. Still just cell phone pics for right now though..
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    :miserable: :hopelessness: :nightmare: :grief: :( :dejection: :topsy_turvy: :chargrined:


    New hood is here for this one too...
  • Love the vette wheels on there.
  • Favorite thread ever... :encouragement:
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    Thanks Greens!
    Fixed up the little brother's Integra last week. Been busy with a move. So updates are a tad scares.
    It's a shit picture but you get the idea. All better.
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    Here is a better shot of the Accord as promised. Taken at Import Alliance, Atlanta.
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