my 89 turtle



  • Loving the Wago..... Do u by chance still have the wheels that were on the car when you bought it?
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Loving the Wago..... Do u by chance still have the wheels that were on the car when you bought it?

    Thanks fellas, and yea I do I'm planning on selling them. I just don't know how much they are worth...
  • rbwdrivenrbwdriven Senior Wagonist
    color looks amazing after it was buffed.
  • i like the build and the wagon.....

    but please do me a fovor and get rid of that harness bar behind your seats. in a accident without a roll cage they can be dangerous. people died because of those bars.

    i do like safety and cars that look good. the bar looks good but its unsafe.
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    i like the build and the wagon.....

    but please do me a fovor and get rid of that harness bar behind your seats. in a accident without a roll cage they can be dangerous. people died because of those bars.

    i do like safety and cars that look good. the bar looks good but its unsafe.

    ive been looking into what you said and i found this
    I found other places that say it is dangerous. I dont track my wagon or plan to and i rarely go over 60mph, when i lower my wagon even more i dout ill even go 50mph but i appreciate the heads up.

    some-what of a update

    posted a small video i took on instagram

    got me some more stickers ;)




    tomorrow im going to start preparing my car for honda day, which means im going lower and more negative camber. Ill also be installing a ktuned short shifter! pretty excited on how this is going to come out. I also ordered a 10 row mishimoto oil cooler that will be mounted outside for a meaner look, sadly it wont get here until after honda day. Lastly my birthday is next week and im praying to the honda god for some parts :p. Ill update tomorrow when everything is installed (hopefully if everything goes as planned).


  • crx_arturocrx_arturo New Wagonist
    I love seeing your pictures on Instagram. When you lower your wagon more tag me. (im_arturo) since I might be going lower as well
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Thanks man appreciate the love, if you lower your tag me as well!
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Time for a update...
    i had time before honda day to install my oil cooler and ktuned short shifter :encouragement:, also cambered my wheels more for more panty dropping action.






    honday day last min adjustments





    i bought some blackworks lower control arms so they'll be going on soon but lately a problem occured, out of no where my car just started to rev by itself and over heat, i dont know whats the problem but i filled up the radiator with some more antifreeze and it hasn't done it again so hopefully everything is good. wont be updating for a while after this until i buy my seats and complete my rear suspension.
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    ok i havent updated in a while so ill just jump right to it.

    installed my LCA


    also lowered it more


    i recently been on a hunt for some bucket seats and i came across some tenzo r, i got them for a pretty good price and decided to sell to a friend because they just werent what i was really looking for, didnt lose any money on them so i was back to the drawing board, here are some pics of them



    only had one flaw which was this...


    ever since i got the wag ive wanted some sparco fighter seats ( if you look all the way back to the beginning of this thread you'll see lol) but i sorta gave up trying to look for them and started saving to buy new ones, then my boy sends me a text of CL post and wouldnt you know it... found me a pair of minty fighter seats with eg rails and sliders for a steal! i was so happy jumped right on it! since i have no welding experience tomorrow im going to check how much it would cost me to custom the eg rails. but enough talk check these babies out lol.






    here is the most major flaw it has


    these other flaws are on the paddings which are removable and replacable



    hopefully they wont charge me much and ill have them installed tomorrow, thanks for looking.
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    mounted my seats in, welded the EG rails to my oem ones but the quality of the welds the guy did could of been way better (or so i feel like they could of) but heres some pics. ill have my friend take some good pics with his camera in a few days hopefully will bring out the true beauty out of my wag.

    i only took pics of the drivers side , here's the front left side


    front right side


    rear left side


    rear right side





    still haven't bought my seat belt harnesses hopefully ill have enough money by next week..... till next time
  • jongsrjongsr Wagonist
    Nice wagon, it has come a long way!!
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    jongsr wrote: »
    Nice wagon, it has come a long way!!

    thanks man but this is only the beginning

    i literally tried my hardest to take decent pics and this is what i got -_- ( i used a Nikkon Coolpix L810) some of them were edited a little but any advice on how i can improve would be appreciated....







  • PavementwagoPavementwago Senior Wagonist
    Dam dam dam. Wagons stance is sexy. Love your touches you have done.
  • datwagondatwagon Band Wagon
    I abolutely love this wagon. not the first time i read it and it reaaally makes me wish i had some moar $$. im with ya on those welds though as i weld everyday. <- no joke Very nice build though.
  • SWEET, LOVE IT!! keep up the good work
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Thanks for the support fellas! I really appreciate it, I recently scored some fenders from someone that comes/is a member of this forum so big ups to him. On my way up to pick them up my passanger side tire decided to popped due to camber wear 2 hours away from home around 10pm, luckily the guy was nice enough to give me a spare steelie he had laying around. Also on the way back I hit a pretty bad bump and broke my lip, I was planning on taking it off anyways for the winter so I didn't really mind.




    Next new tires came but as I was waiting for them to be mounted my wag got hit by a lady reversing, she could of just ran off but instead she went into the store and told me about it, she agreed to pay for everything so I wasn't too mad but I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to body slam her into broken beer bottles for several days non-stop.





    How I currently sit, excuse my fitment it will be fixed soon



  • Do you daily drive this thing being that low?
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Do you daily drive this thing being that low?
    Yea man I love it
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    not much of a update just some pics of the new tire fitment







    then i added spacers to the rear got tired of having so much space between my quarter panels



    got myself a roof rack, should be installed within the next week or so and I finally ordered my sparco seat belts. Next is to fix the fitment in the front and get a new lip, hopefully i get my hands on a SI one but i have others that i might try out.
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    here are some pics of the belts and roof rack





    wont update for a while until i have my new wheels thanks for looking :encouragement:
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist

    It’s been a while... a long while but I’m finally back at it. After 7yrs I’m finally continuing my build. Unfortunately my build was stopped back in 2014 and has been sitting collecting dust and being eaten from the inside-out by rodents. Starting back where I left off, i bought a motor and some wheels right before the build stopped...

    B16a1 from a CRX SiR

    Wheels are 3 piece Nitro performance, size 15x9 front, 15x11 rear I have to check the back spacing again to tell you how much the offset is but I think I got them in 3”. I’ll post the backspacing on my next post (left my measuring tape at my job)

    All this time and I still don’t know much about doing a swap and even though I would love to learn, I don’t have the space to do it or know anyone that would lend me a parking space. So I took it to a shop that was recommended by Vraceworks, I felt confident they would do a great job since one of the 2 brothers that own vraceworks used them to build his CRX (you might’ve seen it in pictures).

    The day it left to get the swap done, the front driver side tire had no air and on top of that the car is already super low so it had to get dragged out of the parking space by the tow truck(literally cried the whole time) and dragged up onto the bed. I wish I could’ve took my lip off but I couldn’t even stick my hand under the car. Just another thing to add to the list of to do’s after I get it back.

    The mechanic took 2 weeks to do the swap, he would’ve done it in 1 but the parts took a week so there was no getting around that. I still haven’t seen my car in person yet but he sent me this to brighten my day

    i love the features the admin added to upload pictures but I’m not sure how to upload vids unless we have to post them on YouTube and then just add the link.

    im planning on going to see the wagon on Saturday so I’ll be sure to document everything that the mechanic did.

    after I get the wagon I still won’t drive it until I change the brakes and make sure it’s completely safe to drive, but I’m pretty sure the brakes aren’t the only thing I’ll have to change. So here’s my next couple of things ima do before I really start adding some 1 off pieces i plan to make: 1. Completely change the brakes (rotors, calipers, brake line, pads) 2. New coilovers 3. Change all the bushings (im gonna get the complete bushing kit) 4. Add a muffler since it currently has a straight pipe (don’t want anymore tickets).

    well that’s it for the update I hope you guys are as excited as I am because I have even bigger plans than before...

  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist

    A lot has happened from my last post so I’ll let the pics do most of the talking

    was having a lot of idling and reving issues so I went with a hondata s300 to fix all that, plus I plan on going turbo so it was gonna happen eventually…

    I ended up redoing my entire brakes(stop tech rotors, techna steel braided lines, and new drums and calipers, also replaced my old studs with new arp ones) and suspension (coilovers aren’t installed yet but it’s coming) just redid the rear camber arms, my last ones were modified to give me more negative camber, might put some new bushings on them just in case I wanna go back to riding tilted

    My hood latch wasn’t locking so I decided to install some aero catch hood pins , I also wrapped my headers to reduce the heat I was getting from the engine bay

    I bought some blox aluminum shifter bushings and when I went to install them I noticed the shift linkage was too long and was jammed into place (since they come with rubber bushings he was able to push it back about 2”), I forgot to take a picture of how it looked all jammed up but my shifter was out of place and it was hard to shift it into 3rd gear. I took it off and decided to make it adjustable. Fixed my shifting problem, also took out any shifter slop which made it 100x smoother and aggressive (in my opinion). Lastly while my linkage was off I took apart the shirt shifter itself and greased it all up.

    about a month or 2 after the swap my wag started to act up, it was taking too long for me to turn it on, which was weird because everything was running just fine. So I started noticing that it wouldn’t turn on unless the check engine light switched off after I turned my key to the power on position, So I checked the spark plugs, they were good. Then I checked the fuel pump, I didn’t hear it turn on so I thought that was my problem. I replaced it with a AEM E85 high flow fuel pump and wired it to a switch panel so I could know it wasn’t the pump for sure, I also made sure the fuel was reaching the motor by turning on the pump and disconnecting the port that connects the fuel rail. So I crossed out the fuel and ignition to be the problem which left the main relay, I replaced it but it still wasn’t turning on. The wagon would randomly switch off the check engine light and once that happened I was able to start the car no problem. Turned out it was my ecu that was messed up, I sent it out to get fixed and now my wagon starts up with out a problem.

    I wanted a wing, so I went off and made a 3 piece drag style wing, I still need to paint it but I just haven’t had enough time to do so. I like how it came out but I’m going to eventually make another one(maybe bigger, not sure yet) but I still have other stuff ima fabricate 1st.

  • New brakes new suspension i bet it feels great now, I’m starting to like those hood panels they look good the heat that we get in ours bays I always think it’s over heating haha my brown wagon has header wrap. I read a good amount of wagon owners with the blox shifter having the same problem I believe your the first that I know of that made it adjustable. I like the dash panel switch ready for take off also that wing looks good,

  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist

    yea bro the ride is so much better! Not sure which hood panel you’re talking about? But yea I thought the same thing when my headers were unwrapped. Those wraps really work nicely plus I think they look cool too lol. Well if people are interested on how I did the shift linkage I can explain the process, it’s really not hard but it makes a big difference since it was grinding a little when I shifted before I modified it(it still grinds a bit but that’s because I need to get new synchros. I appreciate the love man I have a few updates for the wagon but ima wait a little to post them until I take some better pics

  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist

    Before it became cold I got my tires, front 195/45 toyo extensa HP2, rear 205/50 toyo proxy r888

    Test fitted them as well

    Rear comparison

    front comparison

    im going to remove the negative camber and go for a widebody flush look…

    still haven’t finished painting my wing but I already started on some other fab parts I’m making

    Hopefully I get the time to finish all the fab work and paint. Just waiting on my coilovers to start my custom body kit stay tuned!

  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist

    Finally had some time during the weekend when the weather would allow it and added some parts, not gonna bore you with the writing and get straight to the good stuff

    painted my valve cover:

    finished the wing/cup holder:

    Vinyl wrapped the Canards and finished the mounting brackets:

    LED my entire car:

    Splitter vinyl wrapped, fender flares mounted and canards mounted:

    Coilovers installed:

    And finally to tie everything together installed my wheels:

    I’m in serious need for some body work but it will have to wait until I save enough to get it all fixed. Next mods coming up are side skirts, rear sway bar/brace, repaint all my trim and straighten out my wheels ( they’re still a little cambered, I have to mold the flares a little to make them wider so my wheels can fit. I’m gonna start posting more updates on my IG beasty_ee2 feel free to follow for the latest

  • Good work keep it up, those wheels look good the value cover came out real nice, I want to paint my valve cover black too gives it a clean look. canards came out looking good

  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist

    Thanks for the love bro, and yea the valve cover really makes a difference. You should definitely do it, it’s easy and quick

  • I’m going to paint the valve cover (wrinkle black) when I start to re-gasket the engine block. Once I find those bulbs for the cluster I’ll definitely change those still can’t find them

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