my 89 turtle

This is my pride and joy

She sat in my mechanics shop for a couple of weeks because the clutch pedal was broken and I had to switch the entire pedal assembly, after that all was good until I got her insured and drove her for a day, she decided to not turn on when I got out of work the next morning so I brought my mechanic to take a look at it, at 1st he said it was the alternator, my father luckily went to the junk yard the same day it didn't turn on and was able to get me a alternator. After installing it, turned on for about 5 mins then turned off again, he didn't bring the machine to check the battery so he checked the distributor and the spark plugs, turned out that the spark plus weren't giving out any spark, at 1st I was goin to buy a new distributor and spark plugs but then we found a small wire that wasn't properly connected inside the distributor cap, finally we got her running and drove her back to where I live, she drove well for a entire day then when I was out with my girlfriend looking for a nice place to have a party at for her sister and daughter ( baptism, all wagonist are welcome lol). Yea u guessed it she turned off again this time i was sure it was the battery, when I went to open the hood and I noticed the handle to release the hood was jammed so I went out and tried opeing it and I saw the cable that releases the hood, so I pulled it and just my luck it snapped so now the hood locked and my battery is dead and to top it all off it was pouring out, called my mechanic and my father to come and help me get the hood open took us about 3 hours to get it open.

This was how my hood ended up looking after opening it, so now I jumpstart her and buy a new battery, as I was driving home my girlfriend noticed white smoke coming from under my hood, I thought it was the heat from my engine that made the hood hot and the rain was just evaporating, I was wrong my radiator broke and started leaking so I take it to my dads house and waited till the morning to get it fixed, when I woke up I bought a new radiator and after the mechanic installed it he noticed the reason why it broke my thermostat was plugged, bought a new one and till today she's running great.

I after all these incidents it was time for a good bath



  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Here are some little extra stuff I bought just to make the inside look a little better(I'm sorry if I keep calling my car a her or a she lol its just that Iove my car :p)

    I'll take other pics when I install my mirror and shift knob sry for the phone picks I don't own a good camera and I forgot to barrow my girlfriends camera
  • Nice looking wagon!
  • TerminusVoxTerminusVox Senior Wagonist
    I've seen worse pictures... I've taken worse pictures! Just use what you got and post the pictures so we can follow along!
  • sonnyyangsonnyyang Band Wagon
    nice to see you already showing your wagon
    some nice love =]
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Thanks the previous owner didn't take any type of care for her, so I had a rough start but here are some pics of how bad the outside looks

    This is the fender on the rear passengers side

    This is the drivers rear fender

    This is the rear door on the drivers side :[

    This is the back door

    Sadly this wagon needs a lot of love but no worrys by the time I'm done she'll look like a model

    Also I bought this item because the t.v commercial looked so appealing, so I gave it a try

    This is how my headlight looked before, I just applied it on today and directions say to let it sit for 24 hours, I would of took a picture but its dark outside so ill just wait till tomorrow, i gotta say I'm very impressed on how good of a job it did, ill also put the pics of my knob and 5 panel mirror (word of advise, I'm the type of person that for some strange reason I'm curious on how things smell DO NOT SMELL THE WIPE NEW it stings like hell lol)
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Sry forgot to post the pic of the product, I'm using my cell phone so I couldn't see what pictures I posted
  • H_civic66H_civic66 Senior Wagonist
    Looks like a nice little project. Strip the inside out and clean everything, carpet floors etc. If noone took care of it youll be surprised how nasty it is and love it more when clean.
  • Did you use a buffer with the wipe new? Or just simply apply , sit, wipe off?
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Did you use a buffer with the wipe new? Or just simply apply , sit, wipe off?
    well I 1st wet sanded it down with the green paper it came with, after that just clean and let it dry and apply the wipe new

    yea i already took out the carpet and washed the inside heres a little look on how disgusting the back was where the spare tire sat


    i forgot to take a after pic of it but i guarantee it looks way cleaner...

    this is how my head lights came out after the whipe new sat over night



    mugen shift knob


    5 panel mirror

    also added a new decal :]
  • sonnyyangsonnyyang Band Wagon
    haha i like the sticker,
    nice wagon
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    sonnyyang wrote: »
    haha i like the sticker,
    nice wagon
    thanks i got a few more decals but im not gonna put them on until she looks a bit more "fixed" (dont want people calling me a ricer)

    what are your thoughts on this wheel? the size i would get would be a 14x8.0J (not sure what 8.0J stands for so if anyone can educate me on it, would really appreciate it) heres where i found them at

  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    so last week we had a hurricane here in NY (sandy). My entire neighborhood had no power for 1 week, due to the hurricane it made my muffler loose and fell off -.-, im pretty happy thats all the damage it took compared to other cars that were smashed by trees and what-not.



    during the week i also sadly sold my 1st car.

    called it my batmobile :P


    with the money i got for the vette i bought my new exhaust


    here is the end result hope you guys like it

  • crx_arturocrx_arturo New Wagonist
    I like how the end result came out from the exhaust
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    crx_arturo wrote: »
    I like how the end result came out from the exhaust
    thanks man, im not sure if i want to paint it or just make it shiny or i could just leave it as is....

    seems my battery is losing power every time its standing still and when i turn the car off i have to jump start it some times, so i bought a new alternator and a new battery hopefully that will be the end of my problems...
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    a little update, i ordered my cross drilled password jdm rotors. I also bought the rear drums,shoes and the hardware kit, since Im gonna put a new alternator and battery i also bought me some spark plugs and a distributor kit, tomorrow im buying both doors on the drivers side, hood, valve cover, window knobs, and side trims. Im pretty excited that shes almost ready for me to start adding cosmetic stuff like quick release steering wheel, racing seats, rims etc...
  • I like those wheels a lot. Sorry about Sandy all my family is from back east my papa John lives in Yonkers on Bronx river road he wasn't really affected by it. I'm in for more looking forward to seeing whats next .
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    I like those wheels a lot. Sorry about Sandy all my family is from back east my papa John lives in Yonkers on Bronx river road he wasn't really affected by it. I'm in for more looking forward to seeing whats next .
    Oh Well that's good to hear about your dad, I live in the south side of Yonkers close to the Bronx. Thanks about the wheels but I think im going to end up selling them or just use them as snow wheels.

    My rotors came in

    this coming week I should be able to install them. I also added a few new stickers check them out


    heres another little goodie I ordered just came in!

    the following month or 2 ill be posting up some big updates since I bought a shell and now time for paint and cosmetic stuff :] super excited ill post of the pic of the shell when I go pick it up
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Time for a long over due update. Ill let the picture do most of the talking.


    Didnt come out the way I wanted it to but I still like it.

    I got the short hub and gen 2.0 quick release

    Painted my muffler and the back trim

    Old floor mats looked really bad

    New floor mats

    Didnt fit as oem would but they do the job with a little folding



    I been trying to get my wheels aligned but every time I went it was 1 problem after another but finally after installing this I should be good to go

    New front speakers, I bought two 3 inch speakers because on the drivers side door I had it replaced and it came with a hole so I figure I'd just put a speaker there but my radio isn't strong enough to power 6 speakers, or so I was told. Im going to hang on to them and see if I buy a newer radio, I would really want the one that the screen flips up.

    I also changed the hood and painted it black for he mean time ( it used to be blue)

    And finally the coolest update (in my opinion) MUGEN RACING III STEERING WHEEL





    Here's a picture with a little added effect, if anyone would like to follow me on Instagram it's vlxturtle, I usually post updates there 1st


    I still haven't gone to pick up my shell that I'm goin to use to replace all the rusted spots, but hopefully if everything goes as planned ill be picking it up today ill be sure to update once I have it. Also I know my door and hood look stupid ugly but it's only for this month I'm getting it painted this following month, I'm going with desert sage metallic green. And lastly I'm also in the process of buying a new motor my friend said one of his friends has a b16 type R motor with new axels, clutch, mounts, and transmission for 1500$ so hopefully ill get that I would only need to buy the ecu and the wire harness....

    Here is the paint code

    She's getting old ��


    This is how everyone's trunk should be
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Oh I also forgot to mention I bought my front password jdm 3 point strut tower and rear password jdm strut, while I was buying struts I'd figure get my c pillar bar and NRG harness bar. I'm currently waiting for them, they should get here by next week.... Hopefully
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    I don't think anyone is following my thread, so for who ever is bored and wants to look at some pics here they are

    Got the shell about a month ago


    Started taking off all the doors


    Came with hids!


    1st big snow storm in NY barely made it to work that day lol


    The aftermath lol




    Getting ready for paint. Decided not to go with my original color plan, a little hint on the new color is that it came off a 2005 Audi a4




    soon to be rust free



    Currently she's still in the shop I should be getting her back next week, after I get her back I have all new parts that are gonna go in. Needless to say I'm pretty excited, here are some pics of them

    C pillar bar


    Front and rear passwordjdm strut bars


    NRG harness bar


    Front and rear skunk2 camber kits


    Godspeed type rs


    Ap1 cluster swap


    I ordered a set of bassett racing wheels 14x8 4" backspacing (-16 offset) should get here next week along with a mk3 lip and my headliner I got off eBay, tires will be 155/55/14. Other few things I have done: new alternator belt, new brake master cylinder, new starter, led dome light upgrade.

    future plans:
    D16z6 engine + tranny
    klutch wheels
    sparco fighter seats
    function7 LCAs
    extended top hats
    cupholder lol, tired of holding my drinks I know I'm super late. Should of done this a loooong time ago.
    upgrade my alternator, my lights always dim when my foot is off the gas pedal.

    I know I take pretty crappy pics and not enough of them to fully show everything but I always forget to take one before I start and right in the middle of everything is when I remember. Anyways I hope these pictures entertained you for a little while till next time.
  • TerminusVoxTerminusVox Senior Wagonist
    Looks like the Honda bunny got to your house early this year! Awesome load of gear!
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Looks like the Honda bunny got to your house early this year! Awesome load of gear!
    thanks man! stay tuned in my next update might add a few extra things i didnt mention.
  • SPWSPW Senior Wagonist
    Like the progess man! Can't wait to see it painted.
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Like the progess man! Can't wait to see it painted.
    I'll post up pics once its ready!
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Here's a little teaser of my headliner, haven't put it on yet due to the weather, snow snow and more snow.


  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Little update, body is painted all I need to do now is paint the trim... Here are some pics.








    Also put the wheels on





    I put my mk3 lip on and I managed to break it in stock ride hight lol I need to learn to slow it down... Way down, you'll always see me going 80+ everywhere I go and to make things even worse is that the roads around here are horrible.



    shes still on stock ride hight, hopefully ill be lowering her in a week or 2
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    I finally lowered her here are some pics

    My two beautiful ladies


    Shout out to my mechanic anthony for all his help




    Tire rubs against the fenders, I have to get them rolled a little


    By now you can clearly tell I'm not a photographer so I apologize for the crappy pics and for being out of order. I'm planning on going lower but for now this is ok. Thanks for looking.
  • JDMWago666JDMWago666 Senior Wagonist
    Wagon looks good, I love the color
    Maybe I missed it somewhere but what size tire and rims are you running?
  • VLxTurtleVLxTurtle New Wagonist
    Thanks man, there 14x8 -16 offset on 175/65/14 federal
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Paint looks like it turned out fantastic! More crazy tips...Awesome
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