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    Sorry in advance for phone pics
    1" booster don't fit, Its too big. I started pulling all the ALB wiring out today and pulled the fusebox loom out and will continue on with the wire tuck. Man the interior is dirty and needs a massive clean. I bolted up the turbo too but didnt get a pic of it
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    Those were/are terrible small photos. Ill charge up the camera batteries and get better pics. I pulled the rest of the ALB loom out this afternoon and also the engine loom that is not required any more. I have also got some Recaros out of a euro R accord which are heals nicer than the mitsi recaros. My friend has a accord and I love the seats in his.
    Here is a rubbish cellphone pic of the wiring I pulled out today
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    man I'm slack with pictures. So I still have no job and am thinking about just getting this running N/A untill I have some (a) income as holden drinks the fuel.
  • you r making more visible progress then i am sir... I work in a paint and body shop and getting my car in to paint is like pulling teeth. Good progress keep it up. And, Good luck in the job hunt
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    Done more on the wiring today and fitted a shorter Ek throttle cable. I have probably gone a bit overkill on the headlight wiring but better to go too big than small
    Ef Vs Ek throttle cable
    Sorting the wiring out
    Through the hole and taped up
    Wiper wiring all done
    Ecu wiring is messy so I'll re do that tonight
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    Soldered heat shrunk and staggered the messy ecu wires with the help of a drink or three. Bring on tomorrow so I can get the dash to engine wiring sorted
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    Engine loom is all taped up. I am not 100% happy with it but it as good as I can get that loom without re doing everything. I finished off soldering the ECU wiring up on the inside so just need to run the dash and starter wires and that part will be all done

    Engine loom

    Messy ecu wiring

    Slightly less messy

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    So rear Konis were leaking so I took them out and swapped with the mugen shocks I had so rear will be road legal. Took the front shocks out and swapped them with some damper adjustable konis that came out one of my other shuttles. Found the left side wheel bearing was toast to took the hub off and dropped that off to get done today. Ordered Mini rotors so they should arrive next week then I can bolt the front all back together. Permanently mounted the midwing too this week but no pics yet
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    New Dizzy cap turned up

    sorted the passengers side recaro today, Got all the rails mounted
    [IMG]http://i986.photobucket.com/albums/ae342/rti_intrac/Shuttle/P1040155_zpsfc092ff9.jpg[/IMG Attempted a pedalbox reenforcement as it was flexing when I Disengaged the clutch (Ignore the terrible flux core mig welding)[/img]P1040154_zpsada3fa4c.jpg

    I am still waiting on the front rotors to turn up so I can get it rolling again
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    Rotors turned up and got them on quickly. Bled the brakes as best I could by myself. Dummied the wiring up enough to test everything. After sorting out a few missing earths Everything I needed was at ecu plugs so plugged it in. No priming of main relay. Tested the relay and it was good. Double checked alll the wiring and Couldnt find anything wrong. checked all fuses and nothing blown. Ecu was getting warm so I unplugged it. Found some spare ecu plugs and just gave it power and earth, Nothing else. The voltage regulator is getting quite hot and there is no 5v output to sensors so I tested and found there is a short somewhere in the ecu. I havent got the time right now (going away soon) to trace the tracks so will ask my friend to look at and hopefully he can fix it
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    Still got this still useless at taking photos, its on the road (finally) and I've been dailying it
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    You need to come down the hill and catch up. I'm not at all very far from you!
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    That I do, I need to to some more work on this too!
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    I just had a quick look through this and all My pictures are gone or stupid. I have replaced the front and rear LCA bushes and found one front shock is bent. I'm waiting on a replacement shock and I can put it together.
    I have replaced the mitsi recaros with Euro R accord ones and they are my new favorite seat. So comfortable and supportive.
    My engine is still getting built. It needed a over bore so its going to 0.5mm overbore with vitara pistons and my big rods. I believe its getting balanced soon so hopefully I can replace the Smokey Zc thats in there now. My friend and I (I mostly got in the way) made a 3" exhaust for it. Its pretty raspty/drony at certain revs so I need another resonator in it and I am hoping the turbo will shut it up a bit

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    Shock is all fixed and MY vitara build is ready. I will get pictures of it tonight. still need to assemble everything and sling it back in the hole
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    No photos of motor yet. It got reversed into by a truck the other day and despite my hoarding shuttle parts I only have a spare guard. I'm in the process of getting quotes to get it fixed. It looks like it needs a guard and bumper/bumper support. Luckily there is little damage to the frame/chassis. I've had a few quotes and its getting quite disheartening to be honest. I am yet to hear from the other parties insurance company
    Now I have a total of zero cars I can drive haha40.jpg41.jpg
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Jebus.. that sucks. Could have been worse, but still shit.
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    Yeah a few centimeters back and it'd be toast. Been to a few panelbeaters today so I'll wait for the quotes to come through and go from there
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    I have started assembling the engine. I've done the crank and spark plug seals, fitted the head studs ,gasket and head. I've started fitting the water pump pipe and thermostat housing. Put the vtec solenoid on. I'll get some assembly lube next week and put the valve train in. The crank girdle needed a bit of grinding so the rod ends will not hit it. I shouldn't be bending/damaging those rods any time soon. I've dummy fitted the churbo (still need to sort out gaskets for it). TOmorrow I'll clean the oil lines and figure out that plumbing. I'll dig up a service manual and check out the oil pump clearances and give it a port. I have two oil pumps so I'll practice on one first.
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    I've given both my d series pumps a measure and they are too worn and for the sake of a few more dollars for a new pump it seems silly to risk the motor. Will price up a new one next week. Atleast now I have two to practice on
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    Still slowly working on this. Finally finished painting the guard yesterday and I fitted it today. It turned out fairly well considering I painted it outside with a rattle can, The colour match isn't perfect but its good enough. I still need to do a wet sand but its good enough for now

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    Got some 3rd gen accord radius arms so I'll install them and the bushes this afternoon. I'm in the process of doing the left side trailing arm bush and working out which sway bar will work and how I can mount it


    Drilled the holes out to suit the ef lca

    My engine crane is being dropped off so fingers crossed this weekend I can rope some friends over to help pull the old motor out.
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    I've tracked down a new bumper support and bumper so that's being collected this weekend. I like the facelift front but also like the factory look. I'll keep it in the hoard for now.
  • Are the Accord radius arms a direct fit?
  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    Eyeballing them they are the same length. I will confirm 100% tomorrow when I pull the old ones out (along with the engine)
  • Thanks, would be great to know! Nice alternative as opposed to buying a traction bar in order to alter your castor angle :)
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    I had a hand today so we did the trailing arm bush and some work on the crx. replaced the wheel cylinder but couldn't get it to bleed nicely. I'm seriously thinking about getting another new master cylinder or stealing the one off the crx. I had a couple of fluid leaks at the hoses but seemed to have sorted them

    Its baking hot today so I'll have a go at the radius arms another day
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    The accord radius arms look like the will work nicely. It look like I may have to extend the thread for the lock nut as the accord thread ends sooner than the ef. A rough option could be using some washers

    Edit: now that I put the crush tube and retaining washes in I'll probably get away with only using a washer

    Thought I may as well put the mg rotors on which I've had sitting for about a year. They are 282mm, the right offset for prelude calipers and even fit the stock retaining screws. I had 280mm mini rotors on before but they are slightly thinner and the wheel studs holes are larger so there is potiental for the rotor to move.

  • Looking good! It seems as if you'll need to get a machine shop to extend the thread on the adjustable side as it doesnt look like there's any more adjustment to make the rod shorter which is what increases castor.
  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    Hmm I was wondering which way it needed to be adjusted.... I'll have a look at arm that's out and see what my options are. From memory there is a taper on the accord arms. I may well end up playing with the stock arms.

    Or I could trim that massive nut down a bit and cheat a bit that way
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