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    I had another look/think about the radius arms and I'll borrow the mrs dads lathe and shorten the long nuts a bit so we should get some adjustment there. I'll need to get a tap so I can extend the thread
    I had enough brain power to do the timing belt, flywheel, and hang the turbo. I'm thinking the drain might be too low but I'll wait until the fittings arrive. I'll have to work out a bracket or mounting for the waste gate as the existing mountings put the outlet at the block or the ground.

    Hly shit thats a horrible photo. I'll have to find my camera tomorrow
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    I cut and squared up the nuts for the accord radius arms, ill use the chopped off parts as spacers until I can find a die in the right thread pitch. I took about 15mm off so well see how much caster adjument we get.

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    The radius arms are in, They did need a bit of filing in the bolt holes so they would fit nicely
    I got some aluminium braizing rods and gave them a hoon today. Turned out ok after a session with the flap disc. It'll be interesting to see how it holds up/if it leaks or turns to shit. I did some work on the interfooler piping, I had lots of joiners initially so have cut down slightly on them.

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    So the braising held the piping together but leaked. I was a bit disappointed but it's a learning curve. It got some more piping and have re dummied it up and I'll get it welded up.

    I got a new pre facelift bumper the other day so I'll get a lip and painting later. I like the facelift bumper but have never been 100%happy with the fitments.

    I got some 3" bends today so I can make a start on the turbo down pipe.
    I have found a rear sway bar out of a Mazda that looks like it'll clear the diff so I'll spend some time later and check it out.

    The fittings arrived for pcv lines so I drilled and got the rocker cover ready to get welded.

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    Mate, I can Tig. Hit me up if you want something welded.
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    Sweet thanks, i have a friend who usually does it but I wanted to try the braising to see how it went.
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    The rest of my fittings turned up today, steel bung for sump rivnuts etc. I was a noob and ordered -8 instead of -10 bends so I'll order some more and wait.

    I visited a friend and while I did some electrical work on his b20 turbo he welded up the rocker cover and piping which looks sweet! So much better (and faster) than braising.

    The factory pcv/breather system has this ugly separator box on the back, I turned up a adaptor so I can get a -10 weld in bung in place and to to the catch can. I lost count on a few of the passes before measuring but its pretty close. I'll cut out a retaining tab and get it all welded up nicely later.

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    I painted the rocker cover and intercooler piping, I'm not 100% happy with the pioping but I'll see how it looks installed


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    I dropped this off ata friendly panel beater a few months ago and he has had it since. I had the screen taken out last week and there is a spot of rust starting at the top of the passengers a pillar. the panel beater should be sorting it this week.
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    Still got this and I've done nothing except pick it up from the panel beater and put it in storage
  • Need motivation to finish? I've got a few Kiwi friends near Auckland if you need motivation lol. You might know them. Byron with the turbo ZC CRX is a good friend. Just lost interest or time or money? Here's to hoping you get it all back together!
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    Need motivation to finish? I've got a few Kiwi friends near Auckland if you need motivation lol. You might know them. Byron with the turbo ZC CRX is a good friend. Just lost interest or time or money? Here's to hoping you get it all back together!

    Yes I need motivation, its been a mix of lack of time, motivation, money and prioritizing other projects over the shuttle. Its been 10 years and counting so I really need to get working on it. No I don't know byron or his crx. I havent really been very social in the car scene for a long time.

    I've spent too much money on the motor and am too emotionally invested not to finish this. The plan was to do some work on it after tidying up my other projects this year but they are taking up way more of my time than I expected
  • Small portions first. Finish something that's minor, but get it completed. It really has snowballed for me in the past by doing a few little small tasks that ramped up into getting the whole project done. Cheering you on!
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    What do you do when you have no job and are saving the money you do have for a holiday? Buy a new turbo. I bought the nissan one years ago as a t28 but i'm not too sure what it actually is, Suspect its off a RB of some description but its going on trademe. The new one is a GT2860RS it should be perfect for my power goals. The motor is probably capable of more but I'll need to get braver for more power and it'll be interesting to see how the driveline holds up. I have the the mfactory lsd on pre order but still waiting for them to be manufactured. Apparently there is a delay in manufacturing

  • Love this! I run a GT2860RS on my DOHC ZC Wagon. First suggestions: run a Kinugawa adjustable waste gate actuator. Get the one that comes with 5 springs so you can adjust boost easily with a manual boost controller. I use a GFB Atomic manual boost controller. I sourced boost pressure pre intake manifold off of the air to water intercooler I use and get very consistent boost levels. With it run to the intake it was not as steady. Also, make sure your oil return is properly angled and in the right spot on the oil pan. Mine was not to start with and I didn't see full boost til 5k. With the oil drain fixed, I'm seeing full boost (18psi) at 3500 rpms and its making boost at 2200 rpms from a dig.

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    Thanks for the tips!

    I'm planning on running electronic boost control but will look into the adjustable actuator. The spool sounds exactly like what I wanted so I'm happy there.

    I'm tossing up if I go D17 individual coil packs and aftermarket ecu or stay with stock dizzy and neptune. I like the simplicity of the stock setup but the features of a new ecu (wideband input, closed loop boost control, flex fuel etc) are really tempting.

    Ef8 has gone to its new home so I can focus all my attention on the shuttle in the new year

  • Its great to see you pushing through on this build. My wagon has been in the garage for a year and a half now and its hard to keep working on it when the budget was gone months ago, and you feel like you're stringing it together one part at a time. I'm sure there are a bunch of wagons on this site in the same spot as us. ;)

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    Yeah it does feel like things are dragging on a lot but I'll eventually get there.

    Ive just completed a 3 month 10 thousand mile solo roadtrip around the US in a van. Got home just in time to be locked down with the virus stuff.

    I've been thinking about a cam for this build since I've had the motor built. Shipping was akways a killer to new zealand so I never committed. I had to return the van to ohio so I stopped off at jegs and picked myself up a comp cams 59300 and aem cam gear.

  • Nice stop in Ohio for a cam! Thats a great travel story. :)

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    I drove from ohio to New York, Niagara Falls, Toronto and across the northern states in winter across to Washington and then back again. I had a bit of money left over so figured I'd get a cam lol

  • @rti intrac damn sounds like a great trip/experience one day I’ll go to Toronto always wanted to go

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    Yeah it was a amazing trip!

    I ordered some valve springs from a local supplier before the virus stuff hit. They are finally on the courier and I should receive them this week.

    A fab shop here in nz does DIY steam pipe manifold kits so I've ordered one and will have a go at making my own. I've not seen any 'off the shelf' manifolds I'm happy with. my current adaptor is off a stock manifold sits the turbo far too low and is the wrong flange for my new turbo. I'll make provision for a external waste gate but run with the internal for now

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    I fitted the cam and valve springs the other day

    As I was torquing the head back down the helicoil pulled out. So its all apart and back to another engine shop to get that fixed. It'll need to drilled out to a larger cap screw but it should work

    We have been in lockdown here in nz with the virus stuff. I was one of those people who went straight to the junk yard when it opened. I got a d17 rocker cover and coils for the coil on plug conversion

    There was a shuttle at another so I went and grabbed the heater core and the controls. Mine originally came out with the Japanese lables but I swapped/lost it for some reason

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