New lip question, CRX strut fork question.

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Question No.1

I have Weitec spring and strut kit installed in my wagon from a 5th generation civic. I also had to switch to 5th gen forks for the fatter shock to fit.

It is super uncomfortable to disassemble the suspension and I was told that 4th gen CRX had a shorter fork (like 4th gen) only wide, that would accomodate my shocks from 5th gen car.

I should get more low, and more comfort if I switch to such fork, my question is can anyone confirm this information?

Question No. 2

My lip is kind of a bit large at the moment, and flimsy in the middle. I found a picture of a wagon with a PERFECT lip in my eyes, what lip is it, where can I get it?

Here is a picture:



  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    That is the EF facelift lip. It only fits the facelift bumper.
  • TadasTadas Wagonist
    I looked all over the place for such lip named EF facelift, but I could not find any hints. Do you know where to get one, the part number or on which vehicle it went?

    Was it an OEM part?

    Also, any info on CRX forks?
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Because most people call it an 'EF9' bumper. Even though it is not EF9 specific.
    The items in the image are OE parts, not after market.
    You'll probably need to source it from NZ/AU/Japan/EU.
    You will probably label it as 'EE9'.
    When fitting the facelift bumper you retain the upper filler strip from your original Shuttle bumper.
  • ricards2ricards2 Band Wagon
    You can try ebay also, though shipping cost will be a bit high.
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