need brake advice

1991 wagon 2wd: the brake light stayed lit - fluid low
Honda dealer found passenger rear cylinder leaking
Brakes were replaced 6K miles ago at different shop and have lots of life left
Dealer says I need complete rear brake job because of the one leaking cylinder $368
Do I really need everything redone??


  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    It depends if the leaking fluid has contaminated the shoes, If so then yes unfortunately you'll need to do the whole lot.
    It is recommended you do brakes on the same axle at the same time to keep everything even
  • Yup, if the shoes are wet, they are done. Did the previous shop also replace the wheel cylinders and brake hardware? If not, then nows the time for that and to check drum condition. As mentioned above, don't just do one side. Good luck...
  • Thank you both!
    I am going to check the complete manual I have on CD and see if it is something we can do.
    If so I will order all new parts including drums (instead of turning these)
    Looking at online parts, there seem to be a lot to choose from, but I guess I will just go for the ones marked "premium" for not much more, and hopefully they are higher quality and last longer.
    Would you think that's true or should I be choosing according to brand?
  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    Rock auto? If it were front brake stuff I'd go for a "premium" option. Since its the rear and they don't do as much work I'd personally go for a cheaper option
  • Yes, Rock Auto. I see that there really aren't that many choices for the 2 wd wagon so glad it's not that important. On Rock Auto, some of the wheel cylinders specified Right or Left and some didn't. I suppose I could wait until they open tomorrow and ask the salesman why...
    Also, would you repack/replace wheel bearings while you're in there?
    Thanks again!
  • If the wheel bearings are not making noise, I would leave them for another day. You can bolt the wheels up and and rock them back and forth to see how much play you have in the bearings.
  • Great. Thanks again.
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