DA vs EF front LCA

Has anyone had DA lower control arms measured/compared to EF LCAs? I was wondering if they were longer or the same as the ef units? Reason being I have tried to put dc front struts in my ef5 with DA6 hubs/knuckles and the spring perch & spring hits the hub. I could of been a noob and had the forks wrong but I doubt it. Looking at it with Ef struts in it the spring is extremely close to the knuckle also. I was wondering/hoping the DA LCAs were a tad longer which would give me the clearance I need.


  • I'm running a DA hub but using the Civic LCA and Civic Skunk 2 ProSII coils. I don't have any issues currently but I'm also using the S2 UCA which is adjustable.

    I do note that the S2 coils have two different part numbers for the DA and Civic coils, though I'm not sure whats different between them.

    There is some good info here: http://winhpde.com/tech/civic/ef-honda/EFhybridsus.html

    This makes it sound like the LCAs are the same: http://www.d-series.org/forums/suspension-corner/69445-88-00-civic-integra-parts-compatability.html

    This also says they are the same: https://www.civicwagon.com/archive/index.php/t-3002.html

    Best I can do.

    Maybe some adjustable UCA's would work?
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    Thanks for the links, I think I found most of them when I was looking. everyone says they SHOULD be the same but I have never seen a side by side comparison

    I Did get some DA LCA and compared it to the ef5 LCA and the DA looks a tad longer. I have them on a bit of threaded rod and will have to measure them - any suggestions on points to measure to/from?

    I eventually got the struts in, the knuckle was hitting the perch only at full droop then the car was on axle stands so when I wasn't being lazy and used a jack it worked nicely

    I was thinking if the DA lca was a tad longer would you get a small amount more negative camber?
  • rti intrac wrote: »
    I was thinking if the DA lca was a tad longer would you get a small amount more negative camber?

    One would think so, but I don't know a ton about geometry...here, have a suspension geometry calculator. heh.


    I would imagine you would just measure in a straight line from bolt hole to bolt hole?
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