jeff's 1935 ford rat rod

well im trading my 1987 isuzu pup to a friend for a 1973 volkswagen squareback( no pictures yet), and this truck. the cab is a 1935 ford pickup chopped between 2-4 inches, and channeled about another
4-6 inches. the bed is from a model a ford, just with no fenders. and the grille is from a 1947 (maybe)dodge power wagon and a custom cow catcher that is not finished yet. the truck is on a 1956 ford f100 frame set up for a small block chevy. it has a 305 out of my old 1982 camaro. the transmission is a th250, and a camaro rear end. the front end is from a 1930 model a with original mechanical drum brakes ( they will be converted to juice disc brakes eventually). i am either going to make the truck a roadster or put a cab on it from a 1949 ford f100, because there is a lack of headroom.58.jpg59.jpg60.jpg61.jpg62.jpg63.jpg64.jpg


  • moebiiusmoebiius Wagonist
    a lot of work is what i see....then again to each their own and good luck to you sir
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    like it says in my dune buggy post, the trade fell through, but i still got this truck, by buying my friend a radiator he needs for his 1949 international milk truck. i havent made up my mind about switching cabs yet(i most likely wiil put on the 1949 f1 cab). but i finally got a set of spindles from a 1937-1948 ford car, so now i can use the 1956 ford f100 hydraulic drum brakes that my friend gave me.
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    i installed my new king pins on the axle. i had to use parts from different cars to make it all work together. the axle beam is from a 1930 model a, the tie rods are from a model a, the spindles are from a 37-41 ford car, the kingpins are from a 42-48 ford car, and the drums, hubs, and backing plates are from a 1956 ford f100. i still have to get coversion bearings to mount the hubs onto the spindles.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse044_zps7abd5629.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse043_zpsc4d6f44d.jpg
    i two-toned the drums black, and chrysler blue.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse041_zps3e486b69.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse040_zps1af9f9b9.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse042_zps6acc1a6e.jpg
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    i got my spindles, and hubs installed, along with a new steering arm. we also took care of the headroom problem by cutting the roof off i just have some trimming to do. for the windshield we are eithe rgoing to slide in a window, and have no top window frame, or use the windshield frame and windshield from a vw beetle. i also added a set of jeep cj7 seats. i still have to add a floor though.
  • you upgrade that power wheels to 24v yet? that was my lil cousins first mod

    nice build and looks like fun
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    no its still 12 volt. my niece would love a little hot rod action on her power wheels. thanks, i think it will be fun, and noisy.
  • here is the roof trimmed down more. along with my bamboo bed side rails.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse061_zps24c5d98b.jpg

    i added a chevy brake booster to a set of civic pedals. the fit was close but i had to add a tab for the top bolts.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse059_zps88a9e540.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse062_zps74f51ac0.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse064_zpsf261d621.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse063_zps815ee231.jpg152.jpg
    my new gas tank from a 1953 chevy. we had to heat the filler neck and bent it. we also added a new feed line port.
    these are my tailgate hinges that we heated and bent also, because they are from a 1953 mercury drivers door.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse069_zpsebe9a3ad.jpg
  • i made my air filter housing the other day. i used an old hub cap and an old pot lid i found. they both fit perfect on a 14'' air filter. i forgot my hole saws so i used a piece of 2 1/2 exhaust and a hammer, and hit it against the hub cap to cut the center hole it worked very nicely.317.jpg[/IMG][IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse079_zpse2a2831f.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse080_zpse0d75df7.jpg
  • ^^^ Haha awesome!!
  • here are some pictures of the rat rod. my brother made the exhaust we just have to cap the front of it. 1 3/4 primaries to 3 1/2 pipe.
    these are the old spot lights that used to have the handle on them, that i am using as headlights. it originally had a 6 volt twist in bulb in it, so i had to trim some of the inner bucket to fit a sealed beam 12 volt bulb.they are mounted on d series connecting rods, i heated and bent.i also added some cab marker lights as my turn signals.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse081_zps69854f20.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse082_zpsc19e0576.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse083_zps16b5035d.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse084_zps0048e67e.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse085_zps830882ea.jpgthis is an old mirror that i got at a swap meet that i thought looked cool, but i dont know what its from.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse089_zps2291c0e6.jpg
    old door handles from a building that work with the original striker.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse088_zps2dc83aa6.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse091_zpsa855de92.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse094_zps76f6633b.jpg33x12.5 from my old toyota that i mounted on 15x10 chevy wheels.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse095_zps9af6293a.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse096_zps5c7a52f5.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse097_zpsa9e170f9.jpg
    my new drag link that i have to cut down.
    and these are the taillights i bought at the swap meet in englishtown n.j. from a 1958 chevy bel air.
  • cwin13cwin13 New Wagonist
    Really cool build, I love rat rods!
  • ChaseChase Wagonist
    awesome build man, my girlfriend actually has a 33 ford truck were putting together with her dad... wayyy different then the honda word to say the least, thinking sbc maybe 383 stroker but not 100% yet, still awesome rat man, Big Daddy Roth would be proud! lol
  • thanks. 33s are cool looking trucks. good luck with it.
  • here are some more recent photos of the rat rod. i was driving quite a bit last summer, and fall. it took a little getting used to, because its the first suicide front kingpinned car ive driven. but not too bad.
    this is my radiator overflow bottle an old teapot.




    we used a jeep slave cylinder and master cylinder for the hydraulic clutch setup. homemade brackets, and a shortened pedal setup from an old ford i believe.


    brake master cylinder is from a 55 chevy, no power brakes.

    door handles

    front shock mounts


    these are my gauges mounted in exhaust tail pipes


    gas tank

    old milk box for a battery box


    this is my shifter handlethat a friend gave me from an old chrysler with a console. they are pretty rare, but i figured the car needed some flash. it had no wood in the handle so my grandfather made them and did a design in it with his old leather working tools. he used a stain that was frozen at one time and he tried wiping it off, and i love the way it looks. it makes it look weathered.

  • this is one of my new air cleaner lids, a drum cymbal.555.jpg
  • PopPopsGaragePopPopsGarage Council Member
    pretty neat build!
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    i put a 4 barrel holley and edelbrock intake on the 305 motor, but i blew the tranny on its first test ride with the 4 barrel. it s my second saginaw tranny in the rat rod. im on the hunt for a muncie, or borg warner, or another saginaw if need be.
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    well i got a free 3 speed tranny from my brother and it is holding up very nice so far. i drove the car to a car show with about 250-275 cars maybe 10-15 rat rods about an hour away from home and won this trophy. best of special interest. class included rat rods, tractors, drag cars, etc. so i was pretty happy.


  • ChaseChase Wagonist
    Awesome looking build man, loving the way you are going with this.
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    thanks. appreciate it.
  • i clearcoated the body of the rat rod. (i used a lacquer spray for wood),and decided to write lockjaw on the back to go with the whole rust thing. added an anchor to the back with an ''i'd rather be sailing'' plate cover(never sailed a day in my life, it just sounds funny).


    i took an old green mailbox and painted it with duplicolor ground coat and red metal cast. than took some spider web lace from michaels arts and crafts, covered the box and sprayed it with satin black then clear.
    added a flange and a filter, and i have a new air cleaner.

    i replace the old brass door handles with glass ones.


    also a glass know as an oil cap.

  • heres the newest idea for the rat rod. my dad had a spare 63 dodge 880 for parts, so i cut the back off of it. im going to use it as a bed. not sure what taillights i want to use yet. its only sitting there on boxes but i do like the height so the tire is at the molding line.
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    i finally mounted the dodge 880 back end on to the car. i might put the trunk lid on it too, but im not sure yet. i had to narrow the back about a foot and a half. i even kept the flip up license plate center part. i braced the sides and made a little frame for the bed. so it comes off with 4 bolts. i added a filler piece to cover the gas tank and used some chrome door edge guard to go around the filler neck hole. the next thing i have to do is cut down the bumper, and possibly the trunk lid.


  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    i spun 3 rod bearings in the 305 so i pulled the motor. i never had such a hard time finding a cheap small block chevy , used to be all over. so i bought a pontiac 400 from a friend at work. i know its a good motor because he got it from my dads 67 catalina that got hit. so thats been the new project of the week. trying to get it to fit in the frame rails. motor is now sitting where its suppsed to, but now i had to get a smaller steering box from an f1 pickup, to fit in the framerail.
    i have a 4barrel intake for it, and i got a set of header flanges because we have to make a set of headers since theres not enough room inside the framerails.
  • sohawksohawk Wagonist
    LOL the mailbox is so good. Right on!
  • thanks. when i take it too car shows i put the paper they give you in the mailbox since i cant put the paper under the wipers like most people. the only thing is i forget the paper in there and it gets pushed to the back of the mailbox.
  • i got it all together.i drove it to the rats nest run in show in east durham ny. about an hour and a half away. i took the thruway got a lot of looks, mostly good some bad im sure.i even won a trophy. its an actual rat trap that they have pinstriped.really cool show a lot of fun. cool cars and a burlesque show at night. this was the first real ride i took with the car since the new motor. we were actually working on it the night before. runs great, and a lot of power.

    this is my brothers model a he brought. he started out with pieces of a 4 door sedan body and made a 2 door roadster pickup. the things awesome.

  • this is the new grille i made.i bought a lotos plasma cutter that works great, so ive been using it for every thing i can so i can get used to it. i took the front trunk lid/hood from an old vw beetle cut off the part that is closest to the windshield, and cut the centers out of it. i flipped it upside down and welded the bottom to a point.i had some old fog lights that i frenched into the grill using 5'' exhaust pipe. im not sure what ill be using as grille mesh yet, i have some ornate fencing for a garden i might use, but for now im calling it done. i also mounted 7'' headlights mounted right to the frame rail, because the old ones were mounted to the grille and they shook while driving, pretty annoying.

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