Wagon 1/4 Mile Records

Wagon 1/4 Mile Records

OK so post up your timeslips for 1/4 mile runs and i'll add them in below. Its not a record unless you have proof (i.e. a timeslip).

ogwagon's Civic Wagon LS 13.5 @ 101MPH


honda>*'s Civic Wagon LS 12.1 @ 108MPH

VIPwryann Civic Wagon RT4WD 12.4 @ 110MPH


  • sic944tsic944t Wagonist
    d16z6 single over head cam vtec swap fact rating 125 horse
    aem cold air but.... stock dual point 1.5 exaust so it is even or worse i assume
    im not sure where to shift i know it is higher than the stock redline i am shifting at around 7,100 i dont wanna hit red line and it is my beater so im not trying to kill it
    also i did not shift it like a madman i am not comfortable grabing nasty gears like you do with the normal linkages those cables spook me plus i want to baby the trans and the drive train
    with the stock exaust im sure large gains would be found at these high rpms with a larger motor i mean this is up about 40 horse from the dual point motor .....

    i got in 3 runs
    the first run i had just drove in and my car had bad heat soak my first time down a track launch low about 3,000 and soft bogged off the line car ran ok

    rt. 630
    60 2.600
    1/4 17.769
    mph 78.32

    still heat soaked better launch about 4 grand then i missed 3rd

    rt. 452
    60 2.499
    1/4 17.670
    mph 76.18

    i had my hood up let the motor cool abit and i launched real hard about 5,000 spinning the fronts a tiny bit off the line my shifts were not the quickest but precise

    rt. .330
    60 2.375
    1/4 17.442
    mph 78.65

    i was racing at that point and i broke out i dialed in a 17.6 oh well ....

    this is a full car no ac no power steering
    trailer hitch random shit easily an extra 100 pounds so the verdict
    i think with the exaust and get the extra shit outplus maybe some generakl love a 16.9 could be done maybe better depends on how you want to treat the ol girl
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Ah i see that you did add the info in, do you have a slip?
  • 88 RT4WD wagon
    no muffler, no A/C
    otherwise stock

    Its been a while since i raced it but my best time was a 17.1 at 77mph i think. No time slip but heres a video:


    My car comes out towards the middle.
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    do u happen to remember your 60 foot time?
  • So the fastest time to beat right now is a 17.4?
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    1/4 13.911See lower posting 4 update.
    88 RT4WD turbo
    log mani
    t3 42/48 turbo
    380cc injectors
    walbro pump
    B&M FRP
    100% stock d16a6 with 180+k miles
    38mm WG
    2 1/2 DP
    act street performance clutch
    blits BOV
    obd1 conversion from rywire
    p72 running crome pro

    I ran this with my alighment so out of whack that my was pushing the front tires so bad i could actually feel them slowing it down. since then i changed my inner tie rods and got a 4 wheel alighment and its a lot better now so i am positive next time i go that i will get a 13.??

  • mvmmvm Wagonist
    Ill post mine soon !! :wink:
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    So far turbo_teg is the only one with proof of his run but i know theres a wagon out there that has done a 13.0 ;)
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    ya but is it a 4wd turbo? or just FWD turbo?
  • turbo_teg wrote:
    ya but is it a 4wd turbo? or just FWD turbo?

    A wagon is a wagon.
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    No he's right to ask that, the title is broken down into the four as above. My comment was in regards to overall fastest, i belive it is a 2WD allmotor.
    H22 WAGON!......Found this one on Honda-tech...... He claims he runs so far: 13.3 @101...1.89 60ft

  • Someone posted pics of that on my local board and thats what got me going towards wanting to become the Worlds Fastest Honda Civic Wagon!
  • akiraboyakiraboy HondaCivicWagon.com Founder
    thats 1qwikef, he's a member on here already. He had a fast B series setup in his wagon already. Sick man, just sick! :twisted:
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    Went to the track again tonight and managed to pull off a 13.9 woo whoo!! and i almost pulled off a triple 0 reaction time. ive got one of my 13.9 runs on video ill try to post it up tonight if i feel up to it but i realy need to get to bed.

  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    heres the vid its kinda crappy i used a digital camera.

    Good stuff!
  • jdmonthewayjdmontheway Band Wagon
    i'd like to see more of these wagons rippin the tracks. i like to see a wagon eat a v8..that would be nice........keep up the good work
  • i'm working at making mine a mid to high 13 with p/s and ac. 8)
  • Wagon MikeWagon Mike Band Wagon
    Im in Vegas.... i have a OBD 1 90 Wagon w/ stock 98 LS, type r FW&PP 6 puck SIR 1 B16 LSD taction bar AGX W/ Skunk 2 DL Springs........ Best ET 15.2 @87 Mph....OBTW im NOT a "NEW WAGONIST"......lol
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    welcome along anyhow 8) get some pics up.
  • Ran a 12.1 in my turbo LS wagon DX today....will post up a pic of the timeslip tomorrow.
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    12.1 is mad.

  • Garage808Garage808 Band Wagon
    honda>* wrote:
    Ran a 12.1 in my turbo LS wagon DX today....will post up a pic of the timeslip tomorrow.

    ^^ will vouch. watched it run. watched it be built etc.
  • honda>* wrote:
    Ran a 12.1 in my turbo LS wagon DX today....will post up a pic of the timeslip tomorrow.

    wagovan FTW!
    Garage808 wrote:
    honda>* wrote:
    Ran a 12.1 in my turbo LS wagon DX today....will post up a pic of the timeslip tomorrow.

    ^^ will vouch. watched it run. watched it be built etc.
    Thats impressive!!! Nice!!!
  • RESPECT 12's! slip...?
  • Here's my setup. 90 wagon 1.8L LS/VTEC all motor. Full body and interior.
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Nice time, updated!
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