Spotted civic wagon in movies

I was sitting here watching Season 2 episode 13 of "The Shield" and low and behold there is a white wagon in it. About 26 minutes into the episode.

I know I know not a big deal but when you see a wagon anywhere it is rare. Just thought I would share.

I would post a pic of the frame but I have no way to capture it.


  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Theres also a very brief flicker of a wagon in the new movie "Hot Fuzz" (really funny if you like it dry).
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    theres also a flicker of a wagon in "our lips are sealed" .... i havent seen that movie in years though (thank God) :lol:
  • ThatDoodleThatDoodle Council Member
    In the movie the transporter they drop one off of a car transporting trailer.
  • @ries@ries New Wagonist
    there was also one in the movie "autumn in new york". i know its a "chick flick but damn i love winona ryder!
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    haha thats awsome. 2 of my buddies that travel over the mountain pass to seattle a lot always tell me about the wagons they see. every time i see one of course my neck breaks to check them out and every wagon i see in a parking lots get a walk around to see how clean they are.
  • same here. I have seen maybe 2 wagons since I have owned my wagons. Both on the Autobahn none every sitting. Usually I will pull up next to them, check it out, give them a thumbs up and kick the nissan back up to Autobahn speed :twisted:

    Wagons are the best!!!!
  • davensdavens familEE
    One speed flipping session was stopped cold by a young Heather TJ Hooker.
    I watched for a minute, and then a wagon passed behind her.
  • Well about 20 min in to the movie there a car chase and he drive his car off a bridge and land on a muti car trailer and behind him is a euro civic wagon.

    He shoot the chains the wagon go loose and a police car kills it.
  • ThatDoodleThatDoodle Council Member
    Yea I remeber that. A white one right? When I saw that a few years back i was like "OHHH SH***T"!. I must have rewinded like 7-8 times and playing in slow mo. My lady was shaking her head like "OH BOY".
  • Hilarious!!

    Follow the above link to the movie.

    The wagon gets hit broadside and the rear hatch flies open...

    So sad :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    On the Amazing Race: Asia they go to Queenstown in New Zealand and one of the couples (the couple from New Zealand) follow a lady in a Beagle to their pitstop.
  • Civic Wagons In Movies/TV

    I don't know if anyone's posted this before or not, but it's cool nonetheless.
  • There was a thread where we all had said where we had seen a wagon in a movie but no website where they were grouped like that.
  • Thx for that great find.

    You should see how many pages they have for Ladas. :twisted:
  • there was one at the season finale episode of prision break being searched at a police chek stop.
  • nice link, T140568.
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    donbito74 wrote:
    there was one at the season finale episode of prision break being searched at a police chek stop.

    i saw that i started freakin out
  • Thanks! I thought you fine folks might enjoy it! :D
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    The Amazing Race: Asia.

    When they come to New Zealand and go to Queenstown a lady in a Beagle-X gets the kiwi team to follow her to their destination. :lol:
  • There was a 84-85 on an episode of TJ Hooker...
  • astutoastuto Wagonist
    i also saw a wagon on a movie as background( passing by). i dont f*Y&*^in remember the name of the movie but i think came out on 2002 o 2003... i remember was a Christmas movie. Dani DeVito was on the movie as one of the main characters. the wagon is white....
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    there is a blue wagon in the background of the movie Billboard Dad with the olsen twins wayyyyy back
  • SweetOhSweetOh Wagonist
    There was one in the transporter. In the bank job scene. Though it got droped off a truck.
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    SweetOh wrote:
    There was one in the transporter. In the bank job scene. Though it got droped off a truck.

    And then smasssshed.
  • Youtube Link

    ~22sec into the clip, I'm pretty sure it's a wagon.
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    LOL it is too, 84-87 Wagon. Who can tell what domestic market it is? Lets see how detailed the director is... :lol:
  • quartersquarters Council Member
    In 'You've Got Mail' there is a wagon parked on the street behind Meg Ryan. It is within the first 10 minutes when she first leaves the house for the day. Don't ask.
  • T140568 wrote:
    Youtube Link

    ~22sec into the clip, I'm pretty sure it's a wagon.

    OMND*... they blew up the wagon with an RPG !!!!!

    *Oh My Non-existent Deity
  • OGWAGN1OGWAGN1 Wagonist
    That is pretty sweet. I think my parents have you got mail im gunna have to check it out next time i go over there. I cant belive they blew up that wagon poor thing :cry:
  • just a random thread i thought of im not sure if its ben done.
    but i was chillin and i seen a wagon in a movie so just to start it off im not sure how far it will get .
    but numer 1 would be in the beging of transporter 1 when he jumps his car off of a bridge on to a semi with a car carrier when he shoots the cains off the cars the car that rolls off into trafic it is a wagon a french wagon at that

    1. transporter (about 20 min in to the movie)
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