Suspension Techniques ST Rear Sway Bar 51140

I couldn't find enough info but what do I all need to install the Suspension Techniques ST Rear Sway Bar 51140 on a 90-91 Civic Wagon FWD? And is it a pretty big improvement on handling? My car is a daily driver and I just enjoy zipping around the mountain roads so anything that would help tighten up the handling would be great!

Really appreciate any help as I've read a ton but couldn't get an exact answer on what parts I need to install this bar.


  • Hello @GymLeaderTaylor if you buy the ST rear sway bar new it comes with all hardware and brackets maybe you’ll need to buy longer bolts, I have one but haven’t installed it. From what I heard from it’s definitely noticeable and worth buying/installing. Also need aftermarket rear Lower control arms cause of the mounting holes for the sway bar

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