First Civic Wagon 1991

Hey, been reading up on here and decided to join! Growing up my first car was a 91 CRX Si which started my love for the EF era of Hondas. 15 Years later and I picked up this really nice 91 Honda Wagon. It has a newly built D15Z1 for really good gas mileage. As of now I have fully detailed her and will be repainting all of the trim and touching up the rock chips and 30 yr old paint this weekend and next.

Future plans are Rear Sway Bar, Yakima fairing, paint trim, Maybe coilovers eventually but I don't mind the ride height for now.

Will be asking in suspension but also here if there is a link, I couldn't find enough info but what do I all need to install the Suspension Techniques ST Rear Sway Bar 51140? and is it worth it for a daily driver?

Anyway happy to show you guys the progress and this awesome wagon, they are so fun to drive.


  • Got the trim all painted this weekend, turned out great. Added a yakima fairing as well. Going to be doing a lot of touch up on the 30+ yr old paint this week too, nothing crazy but will make a little difference

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    @GymLeaderTaylor welcome to the forum, nice looking wagon what paint did you use for the black trim ? Came out good. Love driving mine when I get a chance too. Your wagon looks reall clean

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