Hello from the Czech republic with RT4WD

Hello everyone,

I just bought this piece yesterday with mirrors and windows all electric, automatic transmission and the 4x4.

It is quite mint for 30 years old car she has only driven 82k kms

I just found this forum and mostly I am looking for places where to buy parts.

Currently the only issue is bent front-left control arm and disconnected muffler so Ill have that fixed next week.

I like the 4x4 very much so I found this yt channel (https://www.youtube.com/@vanilllamint) and the lady there did a lift kit so I am thinking about that, I am not stance guy so no lowering in my case, I am definitely getting 14 or 15 inch wheels very soon and also steering wheel, I hate the OEM.



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    @Mojson welcome, your shuttle looks great condition love the color. Vanilla mint/her channel is good but she hasn't posted in awhile except on her Instagram, many people in the U.S.A either use a mix of accord/integra suspension to lift there shuttles or people use a lift kit by HRG. https://www.hrgoffroad.com/lift-kits/honda/civic/1988-1991-civic/ check this link out, technically its a body lift but still will operate like it should

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