QtippQtipp Band Wagon

Here is my 89 wagon edm build. I purchased a shuttle in the Netherlands and had the front half cut and shipped to me. Currently it is torn down for rebuild and paint. Full shaved bay and gsr motor Simi built skunk2 internals stage 3 cams. It also has a legacy ragtop 35"x55" to let the sun in along with a ton of other goodies any questions just ask...


  • Welcome, Nice looking wagon the engine bay looks real nice specially with that Gsr engine, ITBs, headers and the polished valve cover love the rag top.

  • QtippQtipp Band Wagon

    Thank you sir! Been working on it way too long gotta finish it

  • ZombieMikeZombieMike New Wagonist

    This thing is just too rad...Cant wait to see it finished.

  • TadasTadas Wagonist

    MPC forks and German coilovers? I can't wait to see this thing move

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